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Syrian rebels: Rockets warning to Nasrallah
Elior Levy
Published: 26.05.13, 20:30
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1. oh 4 crying out loud just send us the address we'll do it!
because it needs to be done already!
2. Terrorism says Lebanon's President
Get Real ,   UK   (05.26.13)
But not when Hezollah fired rockets into Israel or are involved in the shelling of Syrian cities.
3. arab ruminations
michael ,   zurich, switzerland   (05.27.13)
that's the arab way of bringing up an idea. Translated into English it means : "we still can't decide whether to fight Israel in Damascus or Beirut. Maybe we try both. Thanks for your attention. We'll soon meet again to discuss the matter further".
4. syrian rebels and hezbollah
nissim   (05.27.13)
rebels show they put hezbollah on guard by equalizing terror- they launch rockets at nasrollah. That is what israel should be doing, no simply intercepting via drones and then sending a plane or lobbing a shell. launch rockets to equalize terror so that shiites feel the same pain.
5. #1 Try this - from Nazrallah to Nazrallah.
Harry Wright ,   UK   (05.27.13)
Cynically injuring Hezbollah members to create an "incident". Firing rockets from inside Lebanese into Lebanese territory - Nazrallah's brainchild.
6. rockets = Israel drone attack on Hezballah
lydia ,   Brisbane   (05.27.13)
7. #6 Hence the discovery of the rocket launchers.
Jake   (05.31.13)
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