Preferential treatment
Yoni Dayan
Published: 27.05.13, 10:57
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Israeli grandma   (05.27.13)
This UNRWA scam has gone on for an amazingly long time. The main reason, apart from the original false definition of "refugee" status is that there has always been well-funded political promotion of a small population of genuine refugees (65 years ago there were about 800,000 Arabs) Some of these Arabs formerly living in what is now Israel, were encouraged to return to their original homes, and quietly did so. Those who stayed in the wide lands of their Arab brothers have not been allowed to integrate normally but cynically kept as political hostages. The nations who bankroll UNRWA should look at what happened to the many more Jewish refugees persecuted and forced out of their long-time Arab region homes, whose property and assets were stolen, but who were absorbed into the cash-strapped Jewish homeland, and have helped produce a vibrant and productive society. There are no fetid refugee camps housing Jewish expellees in Israel.
2. What to do?
Rafael ,   Sydney, Australia   (05.27.13)
Yoni asks what to do? How about getting representatives from the Congolese, Sudanese, Colombian, Syrian refugees to loudly protest the inequity and favouritism showed to Palestinians. While it would look self-serving to have Israelis point it out, a well supported publicised push for refugee equality coming from the refugees themselves could provide a strong message. After all, as you say, why should the other refugees be treated as third class.
3. It amazes me everytime...
Ali ,   Palestine   (05.27.13)
I read views espoused by the decedents of the victims of the Nazi Holocaust which are filled with hatred and disregard to their own victims.
4. Like asking to stop antisemitism; big elephant in the room
Not gonna happen   (05.27.13)
The only reason the world is hugging and crying over "Palestinians" is because they have a grudge against the Jews. The Arabs they call Palestinians are really proxies they use as against Israel. So forget it, they can't let go of the narrative. World refugees who are not in direct odds/conflict with Jews are useless, so who really cares about them.
5. Refugees post-1948
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (05.27.13)
There are about 25 Arab states out of more than 50 Muslim states, so resettling the Palestinians should not have been difficult. There were 700,000 Arab refugees post-1948 and about 800,000 Jewish refugees from Arab states post-1948. The Jews have found new homes in the one Jewish state and in the UK, France and USA. The third generation of the 700,000 Arabs are in refuge camps denied new lives in fellow Arab states. Whose fault is that?
6. Internal arab apartheid
Raphael ,   Netanya   (05.27.13)
Some 250,000 palestinian refugees living in Syria fleed from their camp to take shelter elsewhere. Do they retain their UNRWA status, unlike the syrian refugees who are submitted to the UNHCR status? This blatant injustice has to be settled, unless Palestinians constitute an obvious aristocracy among the world refugees.
7. Disproportionate UNRWA aid to Palestinians
me ,   JAFFA / PALESTINE   (05.27.13)
The solution is so simple: If you can give opinion or suggestion about any UN agency because you are a member of United Nations then you MUST accept UN Resolution 194 about PALESTINIANS RIGHT TO RETURN to their homes and Resolution 3236 about THE INALIENABLE RIGHT TO RETURN OF PALESTINIAN. Then you can rest your mind about the Syrian, Sudanese, Kenian, Colombian or Congolese refugees ;)
8. Dismantling the UNWRA????
tiki ,   belgium   (05.27.13)
What is this writer smoking? Untill the ultimate goal is reached, the 'dismanteling of Israel', this bogus help organisation will not move anywhere! Just the thought of rioting ''poor Palestinians and thousands of UNWRA workers losing their fat paid jobs and than rioting, is enough to keep the Palestinian refugee saga rolling & rolling & rolling.
9. Most "palestinians" have Jordanian citizenship,
A ,   Belgium   (05.27.13)
and are not refugees. Their well being should be the responsibility of Jordan, not the UN, US, EU or anybody else. They should be encouraged to return to Jordan and assimilate into the Jordanian/"palestinian" society already existing there. Aid to Jordan from the US should be determined by the effort made by the Jordanian government ($843 million annually) in assisting the "palestinians", just as new immigrants to Israel recieve help from the Israeli government. Israel should begin annexation of Judah and Samaria, and encourage the arab inhabitants to leave. The PA should NOT be given responsibility for the UNRWA budget nor any other sources of aid, as it is has proven itself to be a non-functional and corrupt organization.
10. #9 A, Belgium I agree with you.
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (05.27.13)
Everyone knows Israel is Jewish, everyone but the pals and those who represent them the pals are nothing more than a pawn in the vicious game of trying every way they can to remove the legitimate owners of the land, The Jews. Aint gonna happen thank G-d.
11. #3 You are the victims of yourselves
A ,   Belgium   (05.27.13)
You have been buying the lies of your leaders since 1948, when they told you to leave your homes so they could push the Jews into the sea. Well, suckers, you left your homes and the Jews remained. In 1967, you believed the lies that arab armies were approaching Tel Aviv and Ashkelon, while in reality Egyptian armor burned in Sinai, the Syrian air force was destroyed on the ground, and Jerusalem, Judah and Samaria were liberated from Jordanian occupation. You believed the lies of Arafat, and now you believe the lies of Abbas and Haniyeh, depending on which terrorist organization you prefer. And all the while you STILL blame the Jews and Israel for all your problems instead trying solve them yourselves. The rotten fish stinks from the head.
12. #7
R ,   Israel   (05.27.13)
Using your logic, the solution is so simple: You MUST accept the UN resolution to recognize Israel.
13. UNWRA is a tool for fostering World Antisemitism
Eilon ,   Me Here   (05.27.13)
the Children & Grandchildren of refugees are NOT themselves refugees. UNWRA must be dismantled ASAP.
14. when the descendants of the refugees finally go back to
shadi ..Gaza ,   Gaza strip   (05.27.13)
their fathers and grandfathers hometowns , the unrwa work will come to an end an it will be dismantled ... we the refugees have the right of return to beersheva , um khalid ( now : Natanya ) um rashrash ( now : Eilat ) ,
15. #3 Ali
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (05.27.13)
So-called "Arab Palestinian's are their own victims, they should return to where the came from, mainly Egypt & Arabia Just in case you didn't know it, Fahti Hammad (Hamas) has already said they're a "Recent Invention{", his video is on Yourtube for your perusal
16. UNWRA was set up to generate hatred of israel
Jim ,   USA   (05.27.13)
UNWRA should be abolished and the refugees settled in the Arab States. End of problem!
17. me Jaffa / Palestine # 7
Arnold ,   Montreal-Canada   (05.27.13)
If you are so smart then please tell me why none of the host countries have ever allowed Palestinian refugees to become citizens ? Could it be racism ? Could it be that the countries are living off their refugees ? The UNRWA "teat"
18. Plestinian refugees
Al ,   US   (05.27.13)
The answer is simple. Give them back all what you stole from them: properties, businesses, farms, bank accounts and all all the suffering and they will not need the aid from the UNRWA. It is time for the Security Council to to act and impose a just solution on Israel and resolve the Palestinian catastrophe and desolve the UNRWA.
19. So long as countries pay their dues to UNWRA
Mark ,   London, UK   (05.27.13)
It will continue to flourish. A few years of failure to collect the subscriptions will do away with it forever.
20. #3 Take a lesson, Ali
Cynthia ,   USA   (05.27.13)
During the Holocaust, Jews were victims. The survivors lost everything. They stayed briefly in refugee centers after the war but were absorbed into Jewish communities all over the world. The 850,000 Jewish refugees from Arab lands were also absorbed by Jewish communities all over the world. Not one Jew was left in a refugee camp to beg from the UN. You have created your victimhood and elect to perpetrate this status instead of taking responsibility and building a future. No one can help you if you don't help yourselves. Now you will have to share UN funding with another 1.5 million+ Syrian refugees.
21. Right of Return
Miles ,   Ewa, USA   (05.27.13)
You wouldn't give a shekel about displaced Jews from "Arab" lands so why are Palestinians exempt??
22. Talking about "preferential treatment", Yoni Dayan
Ben Alofs ,   Bangor, UK   (05.27.13)
"Israel receives about $3 billion in direct foreign assistance each year, which is roughly one-fifth of America's entire foreign aid budget. In per capita terms, the United States gives each Israeli a direct subsidy worth about $500 per year. This largesse is especially striking when one realizes that Israel is now a wealthy industrial state with a per capita income roughly equal to South Korea or Spain.” - John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt "The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy" So it seems that Israelis are obviously getting preferential treatment, when compared with Paestinians. And they aren't even refugees! Would you want to give up your 500 dollars a year, Mr. Dayan, for the benefit of destitute refugees who really need it?! Let's hear you.
23. You can spin it as much as you wish ,...
split ,   US   (05.27.13)
... but this picture says more about you than UNRWA and that your real problem not your concern about the other refugees - In the past it was your conduct today is your conduct and your existence, people hate you more than they love Palestinians, stupid ,...
24. This is a great article, but...
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.27.13)
It really should be published in Europe and the Americas. We already know all about it.
25. 23
i really think you should speak entirely for yourself and do not include all of us as israel's haters. speak for yourself and not in our name. hameed aboughaze, iranian muslim
26. Very good article, BUT....
GR ,   London   (05.28.13)
I would argue that the UNWRA is a curse on the Palestinian people. A symbol not of favouritism, but of victimisation by the very people who claim to support them. Refugee Status is not a gift, it is a horror. Why should the Palestinians, alone of all the refugees in the world, be cursed with passing on this status to their children. Any one who claims to care about the welfare of Palestinians should argue fiercely for the dismantling of UNWRA as soon as possible.
27. the enemy killd her camel
nasia ,   jerusalem   (05.28.13)
the old woman said -i would not agree only if one of the following is done 1- to return my camel to life 2- to give me a bukett of stars from the sky 3 to kill the leader of the enmy ..after 40 years of war the leader was killed ... so the palastinians want the third option to return to their home
28. #23 You, Kowalski, are the last person to call someone
A ,   Belgium   (05.28.13)
else stupid. Now don't you have some toilets to unplug?
29. people hate you more than they love Palestinians
TaylorT ,   Earth   (05.28.13)
Exactly. Israelis had to work to be so universally hated, but they really dug deep and did it. It's something about their combination of extreme arrogance with absolute ignorance that turns people off. It's like walking by a bum on the street and having the bum yell at you and tell you they don't want your money because they're better than you. Whatever. In the 1990s, Israel had a chance to do the right thing. It would have meant Israel leaders putting a clamp on their far-right bigots, but apparently that was too great a price to pay. Now Israel's days are numbered--but they should be use to it: they spent 2000 years wandering the planet because they couldn't get a long with other peoples; in 10-20 years it will be time to do it again. Maybe then they'll learn humility (but I doubt it.)
30. #14 shadi - no you don’t have the “right to return”
solomon ,   bklyn   (05.28.13)
Read posts #11 and #12. Then read again, and again, until the facts sink in. Get on with your lives as many before you have done throughout human history, instead of wallowing in your own self-pity.
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