Mofaz slams Ya'alon, Netanyahu over draft bill crisis
Moran Azulay
Published: 27.05.13, 12:48
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1. smelling of political trickery
Mofaz complains about Yaalon smelling of political trickery, the same Mofaz who was elected by Likud and swore never to leave until he received enough payment from Sharon. After he stole Likud votes, Mofaz was part of the Kadima governments, known not only for being the most corrupt governments Israel ever had, but also for losing two wars. I know who smells, and it isn't Yaalon
2. Once again Likud is stabbing the public in back!
Jew1 ,   Ashdod   (05.27.13)
Again they are against personal sactions if haredim do not join idf. Disgusting. Public will not forgive Likud if we loose this historic chance....
3. Ya'alon
Mordechai ,   Beit Shemesh   (05.27.13)
He is only saying and trying to do what he said before the election, he was in the pocket of the Haridim then and he must not be allowed to get away with it. if he does the bill is worthless. it is already weak that it proposes to let the haridim enlist at 21, wrong! everyone including Arabs at 18, where and what they do the IDF decides, no one else. whether they are enlisted or do civilian national service. all enjoy the benefits of the State all can give to it!
4. Financial sanctions aren't physical force
Politico ,   Israel   (05.27.13)
Get it done or let's have new elections and see how Likud and others do against Lapid & Bennet's parties
5. It's a joke to say there is an honest wish
Ted   (05.27.13)
on the part of the Haredim have to be drafted. But it is a waste of prison space to jail those who resist. The only way is to withdraw any incentive and reduce their citizenship rights or benefits, if they will fail to report to duty. Those who are not willing are a danger to the quality of the IDF. But they can serve social duties - clean up streets, collect trash and clean public facilities.
6. Thanks Ya'alon
Reuven ,   Netanya   (05.27.13)
That also means that anyone and I mean ANYONE can resist going to the army without fear of being arrested. As by law everyone is equal, our kids will be able to stay at home without having fear that the MP's will come and get them. Thanks again Ya'alon, you just made an army without soldiers.
7. this is reality not reailty tv
Maxwell   (05.27.13)
It appears that Yaalon is the only one here who has an education. Elementry education & psuhycology states that you can cannot force an issue. this is real life; not a reality tv show. you have to gradually enculturate the haredim into the system. there have been slow but amazing changes in the haredi community. 20years ago it would have been unheard of for a haredi to have a phd. now there are over 270 & 128 candidates. If you force the grain it will backfire.. I know that Mofaz has little education, but i would have expected more from yesh atid unless they are just populists fools just wanting a golden seat
8. mofaz a lousy defense minister
alexi   (05.27.13)
the man who appoijnted halutz, an incompetent like eli zeira, remember him with his self righteous know everything who was a flop. Same for halutz and same for mofaz, who was lousy, sloppy and like barak made concessions out of fear. The haredi have to go in but yaalon wants to manage it without civil war, that is the difference. The rabbis are wrong about miilitary service, physical fitness and self defense. Thieir way for years has been the physically deprived jew studying torah at a desk with a candle. That is not enough.Tiorah study did not prevent the holocaust so get off of it. Rabbis are wrong and god does not favour one people over another- that is bunk. Good over evil yes in the long run but not one people over antoher.
9. Torah incantation
Sidney ,   USA   (05.27.13)
Torah study as practiced by the Haredim is not learning. Reading and arguing about words contributes almost nothing about our knowledge of Torah. Linguists, archeologists, and other real scholars have expanded our knowledge of Torah, what have the Haredim added with all their study? Their belief that their study protects Israel or the Jewish people is just a belief in magic.
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