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UN rights chief says anti-terror measures can backfire
Published: 27.05.13, 16:40
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1. What about the human rights of poor soldier they killed??!
Ron ,   Tel Aviv / London   (05.27.13)
2. Teror? I thought they are Freedom Fighters
Rotem ,   Israel   (05.27.13)
Against the apartheid state - UK!
3. Quite the hypocrite, Ms. Pillay
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.27.13)
What about the grave violation of the civil rights of a British soldier? What about the grave violation of the civil rights of a French soldier? What about the grave violation of the civil rights of every non-Moslem that has to suffer through the mindless knee-jerk rioting of Moslem communities any time they feel like committing mayhem? They have civil rights, too. One does wonder if uncivilized terrorists can claim "civil" rights.
4. Navi -it is time to focus on your own people's plight
Arnold ,   Montreal-Canada   (05.27.13)
I saw a documentary yesterday about the judicial system in India. The focus was on a woman who was put into jail almost 15 years ago for "murder" .... but was granted bail. So right away the murder charge was something not too real. She did not have the USD 180.00 for bail so stayed in jail without charge and without a trial. She bore a son while in jail and that son was the one that saved up enough money to get her released. The report showed how archaic the system is with no computer systems and lawyers that work on the streets. She is just one of thousands and thousands in jail without being charged and without bail money . So Ms. Navi please work on these human rights atrocities of your own people as well.
Jorge ,   Israel/USA/Argentina   (05.27.13)
Very interesting Ms. Navy, instead of defending the victims (you never condemned the killing) you spoke to protect the perpetrators. So according to you when somebody kills innocent people the democratic government need to catch them and tell them do not do it again. By the way, why do you never speak about Hizbullah? Your words now make the world politician the urgency of closing your agency in name of the humanity
6. frantz & uk > contesting terrorism my hurt your self image
Moshe ,   Usa   (05.27.13)
and you would cry all the way towards your antisemitism.
7. another useless U.N idea
israeli paratrooper   (05.27.13)
amazing folks these U.N officials . they fail to see reality . terrorism can only be countered by force . in the 1970's europe had enough of terrorism , so thatcher , kohl backed by reagan broke the backs of euro terrorists . israel elected menachem begin who crushed arafat in lebanon in 1982 .
8. Actually one does have to be very careful
Mark ,   London, UK   (05.27.13)
This is not about defending the civil rights of the criminals who commit these acts but the civil rights of the whole society. It is based on the premise that governments can (and do) behave badly and it is dangerous to pass over some authority to them as it may be mis-used. It is often difficult to retrieve rights later once they have been handed over to the State.
9. anti terror measures that will work
tiki ,   belgium   (05.27.13)
Throwing out apologists like Navi Pillay & others like her! People who obsessively will obstruct every measure against murderous terrorists as 'anti human rights.....whatever that may be and to whom it should apply. Mrs. Pillay and her ilk, all working for organisations with UN in front of their name haven't done anything productive except blowing polluted air in the wrong directions. It's about time she took the consequences of her overpaid failings and threw in the towel.
10. I am appalled at Pillay's obsession with the human rights...
Harry Wright ,   UK   (05.27.13)
...of terrorist murderers as she totally ignores the violation of the human rights of of the victims. I am absolutely amazed at her total lack of concern, interest and sympathy for the victims of terrorist attacks. She makes no mention of them because they are not on her radar at all. But she is obsessed with the rights of terrorists. Pillay is in panic mode from just hearing about the prospect of tightening of anti-terror laws in Britain and France. She therefore dashes off to make her statement, "Measures that violate human rights do not uproot terrorism". Hasn't she noticed that the human rights laws of the UN tie the hands of governments and prevent them from dealing effectively with terrorism. The UNHRC is totally useless and should be disbanded immediately. It is incongruous with the realities of the day.
11. There is a grain of truth here.
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (05.27.13)
I also detest the idea that MY freedoms and confidentiality be limited because of others.The possibility of this is just good another reason to hate the terrorists and their camp followers. In my opinion,the State should restrict the guilty and leave the rest of us alone. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
12. Can UN get more stupid than that?
Alad   (05.27.13)
ej ,   nyc   (05.28.13)
A British Office was decapitated in broad daylight in the British capitol by an Islamofascist jihadist muslim terrorirst! A similar attempt occurred against French soldier in Paris this week. These acts of terrorism occur all too frequently even thought the UK and France- like the rest of the EU bunch, have implimented generous welfare programmes, a multicultural environment, a pro-Arab foreign policy against Israel, and only say good things about Islam- what else can they do to stop this scourge other than end mulsim immigration, limit Islamic propaganda, and curtail Muslim practices in order to encourage these people to assimilate or emigrate?!
14. Pillay
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.28.13)
Take away her fancy UN-paid digs in Switzerland, and send her ass packing back to the Durban slum which spawned her. Let her engage in her human rights stomp from there. No shortage of human rights violations in South Africa, is there? Shall we ask the families of the dead miners who were mowed down by South African police?
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