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Polish walkway named for savior of Jews
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Published: 28.05.13, 07:35
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1. Thank You (pothumously) to Mrs.Irena Sendler
Moshe ,   Usa   (05.28.13)
for saving Jewish children in WWII.
2. May her memory be 4 a blessing & an example of goodness!
Jew ,   JewLandia (Israel)   (05.28.13)
3. A great woman.
Sane   (05.28.13)
4. Let us not forget...
Raoul ,   Herzliya. Israel   (05.28.13)
just how heroic people like Sendler were considering the danger from the antisemitic Poles, let alone the nazis.
5. This is very, very good!
Reuven   (05.29.13)
6. #4, let us not forget
elke ,   usa   (05.30.13)
that Poles were the Nazis' first victims. Six million POLES were killed in the death camps (, only half of them Jews. And yet, I have seen comments from Jewish posters that they were "offended" that there are crucifixes at Auschwitz. Three million Christian Poles perished and deserve the same respect as Jewish victims, wouldn't you agree? Let us not also forget that Jews were welcomed to Poland as in few other places over 1,000 years -- this is the subject of a new museum in Warsaw in case you hadn't heard. More Poles (about 6,000) were named Righteous Among Nations by Israel than any other national group. And yet, there recently was a big dust-up with Jews objecting to a memorial for those saviors in the vicinity of the new Jewish history museum. Where's the gratitude for heroes like Sendler? So, let's go easy on the Polish slander. Poland was an OCCUPIED nation during WWII. They were Nazi death camps in a savaged Poland, not Polish death camps. Yes, there were incidents of anti-semitism among Christian Poles. There were also despicable acts of betrayal by the Judenrat (Jewish Councils) who helped round up their fellow Jews for transport to the death camps.
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