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Expert: Islam taking over, Europe soon to be unrecognizable
Roi Mandel
Published: 28.05.13, 00:18
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31. #26 The Lesser Sarah B
Non-Jew ,   England   (05.28.13)
Actually, Moslems comprised 3% of the UK population way back in 2001. they comprised 4.8% by 2011. That's a dramatic increase in just 10 years. These figures come from the results of the census for each of those two years. Please note: any nation's census is highly unlikely to account for any person who is in that country illegally, and the UK's border controls were notoriously lax over the period 2001 to 2011.
32. Barking Bullshit!
Boreme ,   Sin City   (05.28.13)
He should keep his stupid opinions and his prejudices to himself. No one in Europe asked for his advise.
33. "Expert: Islam taking over, Europe soon to be unrecognizable
Dian Kjaergaard ,   Hvidovre, Denmark   (05.28.13)
Excellent analysis. There is, however, one thing not mentioned that I think concerned people should think about, starting with this bit from the article: "Penniless immigrants coming from weakened and colonized countries, get housing, education and solid foundations from European welfare countries, and still express their anger at the establishment." Resentment, anger, and lack of respect are common among many long-term recipients of welfare benefits - regardless of their cultural backgrounds. It is a tragedy that the generosity of "good people" has destroyed so much goodness. The clients of this system come so easily to feel both entitled and bitter.
34. Oh, come off it
Uri ,   Estonia   (05.29.13)
You sound like someone telling a drunkard's wife if you only had behaved... It all boils down to biology. All male animals (incl men) want to live in dominant domene, or bring it down.
35. Islam in Europe
Erik ,   Warsaw Poland   (05.29.13)
Empower the women.
36. 16 Menachem.Israel will not be fine
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (05.30.13)
when Europe becomes muslim,a billion muslims east, west, south of Israel,half a Billion muslims north west, north east (Russia too will convert to islam) of Israel,what are Israel's chances ?.the future of western civilization is bleack,only china can save humanity from Islam,for China,State, comes before civil rights,human rights,constitutional rights,china will annihilate the muslims and rule the world,humanity has 2 choices,convert to islam,or pay tribute to China,i prefer to pay tribute,rather than to live under shariah.
37. great video on topic of europe
Jon ,   tela viv, israel   (06.02.13)
See Rabbi David Bar-Hayim's video on the London Beheading-A Wakeup Call
38. Is It So?
Danni ,   Washington, DC   (07.06.13)
Karma is the name of the pet chicken that has come home to roost.
39. to #4 Learn the facts please.
exUK ,   Tel Aviv   (07.08.13)
Israel's population is well over 20% Arab and they ARE citizens.including members of parliament.There is free worship of any religion in Israel.Which Arab country can provide this ? It is indeed a poty that there is so much conflict in Egypt,Syria,Lebanon and Iraq to mention a few.However taking Iraq as an example,it sjhould have been left alone.Sadam was a despotic tyrant,but if you didn't bother him ,he didn't bother you.After his downfall,the Shias Sunnis and others just slaughter each other.Islam tries to FORCE the religion on those who wish to be secular.So a dictator was probably the lesser of 2 evils in these countries. As far as the occupied territories are concerned,the Arab leaders were offered 95% of what they wanted but Arafat and Abbas refused.Also Israel firmly believes that any move of 'peace' from the Arabs would be just a small step towards trying to attack and remove Israel.That is why Israel HAS to be heavily armed.Had Israel's neighbours not threatened and attacked it,the West Bank would not be occupied.When Jordan had control including East Jerusalem they did not allow access for Jewish worship,and they desecrated cemeteries and Synagogues. All in all a sad scenario Finally as with Rabin,anyone brave enough to try to make peace is likely to be killed by his own people!
40. They can all come to Australia if they can swim
Mike ,   Ozzie   (07.14.13)
They're all welcome to Australia, but not through our airports or ports. Long distance freestyle through shark and jelly fish infested are the only acceptable modes of transport.
41. Expert: Islam taking over, Europe soon to be unrecognizable
Larbi ,   Yahia   (09.14.13)
i don't see the connection of this voilance with ISLAM, nowdays islam is labeled as a harsh and violant religion because of all the terrorist attacks who claimed to carry the words of ALLAH. you gotta know what ISLAM is before you all so called "experts" and "press" go running your mouthes about a religion that forbade violance.
42. To 14
Jason ,   Earth   (01.27.14)
America didn't steal anything. Mexico had control of California for a few years and the west was scarcely populated. War happened, US won. The only people who say it was stolen are inferiority-complex driven Mexicans, or ignorant parroting morons such as yourself.
43. opinion # 29
zaba ,   calif.   (10.25.15)
How retarded does that sound? You pretty much answered your own query.
44. Immigration into Europe
Robert Jennings ,   Hobart   (05.07.16)
European leaders could look to Latin America for labor. They are hard workers, Catholics and speak an European language. Despite what you hear in the American press most Latinos are law abiding and assimilate well into their host country. Might help ease fears of radical Islamists.
45. Kedar, Strange family name
Mahalath Basemath   (02.10.17)
Kedar was a Son of Yishmael, not Yitzhak.
46. have to wonder
ms ,   port clinton   (04.04.17)
These people have come right out and said they are going to take over yet nobody does anything to stop them. They bite the overly generous hand that feeds them and the leaders - most not all- stick out the other one. If they aren't stopped now I wish the native peoples luck. I hope they never spread to the USA. At least our citizens have guns to protect themselves.
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