Compromise on draft law: Criminal sanctions only in 4 years
Moran Azulay
Published: 29.05.13, 11:48
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1. Ariel, find and follow the money trail....
the nose ,   Israel   (05.29.13)
and you will completely understand Peri's behaviour.
2. Good suggestions, Peretz!
Ted   (05.29.13)
And Uri Ariel should wake up - the Haredim integration into labour market has nothing to do this law. It is a separate issue. The secular serve their terms in IDF and get into the labour market, in fact benefited from their training in IDF.
3. Will Arabs also be criminalised?
Joseph ,   London UK   (05.29.13)
Criminalising Haredim is not the answer, even worse if a criminal record excludes them from most jobs. The newcomers to govt don't understand the complexity of the situation. Just asking, will Arabs not in the IDF also be criminalised?
4. Will secular dodge drafters also have the same "privileges"?
Dee Bee ,   Israel   (05.29.13)
If you don't serve the country that gives you everything then GET OUT! If you don't criminalize the Haredim and the Arabs then DON'T criminalize anyone. If the Haredim and the Arabs have the right to choose IDF or National Service then so do the Seculars! Israel is a democracy. That is what Prime Minister Netanyahu said at AIPAC last September. In a democracy all the people have the same rights AND THE SAME OBLIGATIONS! Ya'alon is eying the future and what the Haredim on his side so, like a true politician, he is selling his soul to them! Bibi, remember the words of Julius Caesar: Et Tu Brute but make it Et Tu Boogie!
5. ask Mr. Peri about his pension from the Shabak!
after that ask him why it was that he and his committee labored so mightly to bring forth this tiny weak mouse!
6. Will the hilonim and arabs be included in this law?
Yosi ,   Gilo-Jerusalem   (05.29.13)
Will the government also enforce these laws with them? Or will they, as usual, get away with it again?
7. What I fiond despicable about the haredi refusal to join the
Al   (05.29.13)
Army is the fact that they believe in their warped minds that were they not to sit around and BS us with their nonsense, Israel will cease to exist. They are and will be a pain the ass. They don't carry their own weight and continually play on our collective sense of guilt. Were it up to them, the Jews would never have a state and we would still be eating shit at the feet of the anti-semites. The only remedy of to yank that welfare teat out of their mouths and let them fend for themselves. They need a lesson in very tough love. They bring nothing to the table but grief.
8. A national disaster is in the making
Joe ,   Bet Shemesh   (05.29.13)
This is a terrible mistake for the state of Israel. It was completely not necessary and only done because of hate. Does anyone in their right mind think that the Heredim or arabs will serve. It will be the exact opposite and will lead to more costs and burden on the state. The PR on this one around the world is going to be just great. The laughinstock of all nations we will be. Name another democracy that has this kind of draft for the army. Dont tell more Heredi or arabs will help the army - this is a total lie. We need a professional army. This is the only answer to the secular youth who also do not belong in the army. The army is for real soldiers not make believe soldiers and forced conscripts that play on their phones all day and do nothing to defend the state.
9. #8
Mordechai ,   Beit Shemesh   (05.29.13)
Obviously you have no idea about what your saying. The only connection to the IDF is that they select from the draft who they want the rest go to Civilian national service. road sweeping or working on a building site, helping out in hospitals, cleaning, there are thousands of jobs they can do Haridim and Arabs all who are rejected by the IDF but that sort of manual work is beneath them, they turn their noses up at it, they want easy money and as little work as possible, why do you think ththat they enjoy being a schnorroh as it is not considered unbecoming, as to have to do an 8 hours of real work is beneath them!
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