IDF prepares material for indictments on assaults of haredi soldiers
Yoav Zitun
Published: 29.05.13, 21:04
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1. and what is wrong with preventing them from entering a shul?
david ,   new york   (05.29.13)
here in the US of A, there is freedom of religion, which means that i can decide who enters my synagogue and who can't. if i dont want people who served in the army, that's my right. a synagogue is a private institution.
2. #1
Jake ,   Haifa Israel   (05.29.13)
In Israel synagogues are state supported and rabbis are as well - the rabbanut are also given a monopoly on weddings which is a source of revenue. You cannot have it both ways: demand money, demand a monopoly, demand funds for capital upkeep - but keep out the public. Try taking no money - then you can be a private club.
3. #2 That's not true
Dov ,   Israel   (05.29.13)
Haredi synagogues are not state supported except for those from the Rabbanut. Israeli Synagogues are private institutions like in the U.S.
4. David and your nonsense #1
Robert Haymond ,   Teko'a, Israel   (05.29.13)
David, you sound like a bright seventeen-year old boy challenging his teacher. Well and good in highschool, David, but this is the real Israeli world where our young people are actually struggling against those who would see us all give up and leave or else (preferably) slaughter us. So try and pedal your smart Jewish questions in your own classroom and in your own classroom alone.
5. response to #1 - David you mean opposite
Tzioni ,   NY USA   (05.29.13)
here in the USA, there is freedom of religion, which means that you CANNOT decide who enters your synagogue.
6. #1 Synagogues are not private
Avi   (05.29.13)
They're public property. The property of the community. Discrimination like this is illegal. There is nothing in Judaism against soldiers either so the freedom of religion argument is void too.
7. What about Yehoshua Bin Nun ?
Raphael ,   Paris France   (05.30.13)
Yehoshua Bin Nun, who was Moshe's pupil, was also a soldier. Did the haredi forget that ? Now, would they have spat on Yehoshua if they lived in his time ? Haredi people forgot one very important thing in the Torah: Ve ahavta lereakha kamokha. Love your neighbor as yourself. Now, they act exactly the opposite way.
8. Haredi soldiers
Edouard ,   Montreal canada   (05.30.13)
Protec the one that are protecting israel and fight the one who are harming our soldiers who ever they are
9. very important to protect charadi soldiers
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (05.30.13)
from the crazy extremists. Too bad there isn't some agency out there that can protect the young men from becoming crazy extremists. Who needs a cult of schnoorers who believe that work is reprehensible even though Perkei Avot tell us to work and study Torah! Who needs these people to come to the synagogue and disturb those praying so that they can schnoor alms to stay out of the army and out of work, so that they can basically do nothing!
10. Now IDF runs the Shuls ??
matthias ,   haifa   (05.30.13)
11. haredi soldiers are heroes.
debra ,   usa   (05.30.13)
12. I dare any POS from touching my son...he will have
Al   (05.30.13)
have his head handed to him. My kid is Canadian born...he will take no crap from anyone.
13. Hatred Started by Lapid’s unconstrained Diatribe.
Mo ,   Jerusalem   (05.30.13)
This type of stuff (if true), never happened before. He should stay on holiday, in France and all will calm down.
14. #1
Why do i do this ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.17.13)
In case you didn't notice, we are not discussing the US of A; this is Israel. A different country with different laws. Furthermore, and this is the important part, since when should kicking God fearing Jews out of shul be a sacred right? Assuming that you go to shul and that you value what it means to go to shul, how can you condone such behavior? This boys want to daven to Hashem; they are not there to recruit for the IDF-they just want to daven! Why isn't that desire met with embrace? So what if they serve in the army? Even if it was a sin are sinners not allowed in shul? Rav Moshe Feinstein a'h pointed out that the source for public prayer were the ten spies, men who really messed up and yet such terrible people count for a minyan. And we're talking about boys who devoted bnay Torah and you think it's okay to kick 'em out? It's absolutely heartbreaking. What makes it stupid is that it shows how frightened these so called haredim are of good Jews; worried that their children might question the gaping holes in their lifestyle, they'd rather kick a Jew out than explain to their kid that 'tatte, is just too scared and self centered to serve in the army'.
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