Palestinian leader under pressure to restart talks
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Published: 30.05.13, 00:23
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1. more la-la land
yosef, phd ,   usa-israel   (05.30.13)
The mental condition Mazen and co. are suffering is called: "Mass Paranoid Schizophrenia" In the West sufferers are generally confined to asylums - in the Mid East it seems to be part of the falastyn daily delusions, encouraged and sponsored by unlimited propaganda funds, horrible reality distortion and anti Israeli vicious incitement.
2. It's futile, but not to be blamed, we should declare
Ramzi Jaber ,   Palestine   (05.30.13)
the suspension of our demand for settlement freeze for one week until we see the map that the zionist regime must present. If none is presented or what's presented is not based on 1967 lines, then we'll stop talking, go to the ICC/ICJ, dissolve the PA, push BDS, and start massive non-violent action within and outside occupied Palestine to lead us towards 1S1P1V - one state, one person, one vote - for all citizens of the democratic State of the Holy Land.
3. A New Proposal
Dan ,   Florida - Tel Aviv   (05.30.13)
I have a new proposal to restart peace talks. 1. Increase the building of West Bank settlements. 2. The so-called Palestinians must stop all anti- Jewish propaganda TODAY. 3. The So-Called Palestinians must recognize Israel as a sovereign Jewish state. 4. The U.N. must stop funding and funneling any money to the so-called Palestinians. 5. The so-called Palestinians must all vacate the West Bank for either Gaza or the East Bank. 6. Gaza must be leveled if any further rockets are fired from that territory. Then, and only then, can any meaningful peace talks begin.
4. To the US
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (05.30.13)
Stay out of this period. You have ensured that we will not have peace for at least 100 years and the more you try the further the time frame moves. The Arabs don't want peace and pushing them to talk doesn't work
5. WHY? how about peace action not bombs
...DACON9   (05.30.13)
6. Start Invesments Arab Parts of Judae Samaria
Zechariah   (05.30.13)
The. Bible instructed the Jews not to oppress Noachide Gentiles and Islam in its Humanitarian Form is acceptable to Jews.Really the rich gulf States ought invest quiet ought be established no new settlements built and Palestinians who are willing to defer Right of Return allowed refuge in what the Arabs call the West Bank.But the Jordan Valley and it's surrounds needs Armed Masses High Tech Democratic Human Rights to defend the Holy Land.
7. Mr. Abbas has refused to return to negotiate peace since the
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (05.30.13)
last offer Israel made to him and which he refused, in 2008. He is aware of the fact that Israel will continue to insist, as it ought to, that signing a peace treaty must include the acceptance of Israel's RIGHT to be, to exist as the sovereign nation-state of the Jewish people; and, the acceptance of a treaty as the end of the conflict and the end of all future demands. All these requirements, that will come at the end of negotiations, contradict the very essence of the PLO's Charter. And, the ideas expressed in the charter, in Abbas's eyes, are of a much higher value than peace.
8. Abbas must stick to his guns
lydia ,   Brisbane   (05.30.13)
60Y of Israel chicanery and mendacity is enough. Abbas should not again suspend efforts to join UN Organizations nor continue further talks on Israel security unless and until Israel ceases ALL illegal settlement construction and return to its legitimate borders..
9. CANADA/iran
samuel tayar ,   CANADA   (05.30.13)
What, no carpets & no dates!!! USA: Can you not take ANY leader roll??
10. Israel needs leader with guts to end phony "peace talks".
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.30.13)
It is way past time to end the evil charade. "Peace talks with Palestinians" are intended to turn Israel into a 9 mile wide concentration camp and render Israel defenseless. Israel must have a leader with the guts to end these phony "peace talks" once and for all. This tiny land is ours. "Peace talks" with the genocidal P.A. are as dangerous as dangerous as peace talks between the Allies and Hitler would have been.
11. Two Drama Queens
norbus ,   Jerusalem   (05.30.13)
Should not dictate to The Jewish People what they have to do to please Obama Nor should Perez give out mixed messages about partners for peace Obama has thrown us under the proverbial bus. Indeed he has chosen to abdicate America from its role as leader of the free world. Annex C, give A&B and a corridor to Jordan to the PA., send Kerry home Keep Israel Jewish
12. Kerry GO HOME! STOP playing with peoples LIVES!!!
Father Abe   (05.30.13)
13. Pals looking for options to get everything on silver platter
Sam ,   Canada   (05.30.13)
Palestinians don't actually want to negotiate for a state. They want it all handed to them. They think Israel,the US, the UN, the ICC or whomever they can think of should just give them the West Bank and Israel proper on a silver platter. They are in for a rude awakening. It's not going to happen.Jews are not the dumbbells they were hoping for.
14. #2 Your are right 1S1P1V - based on citizenship
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (05.30.13)
Thus Israelis live and vote in Israel and Palestinians using their Jordanian citizenship vote in Jordan. The so called 1967 line is not a boarder it is the 1948 armistice line between Israel and Jordan. Thus the only 1967 line with any legal standing is the one at the end of the '67 war with the Jordan River as the international boarder. So if you would like to cross back over to your home country Israel will not object or stop you.
15. Pals looking for options to get everything on silver platter
Sam ,   Canada   (05.30.13)
Palestinians don't actually want to negotiate for a state. They want it all handed to them. They think Israel,the US, the UN, the ICC or whomever they can think of should just give them the West Bank and Israel proper on a silver platter. They are in for a rude awakening. It's not going to happen.Jews are not the dumbbells they were hoping for.
16. 10 Land thieves deserve a Concentration camp
lydia ,   Brisbane   (05.30.13)
Who asked your lot of est. euro pagans land thieves and mass murderers to come build their squat amongst 300mil justifiable angry Muslims. The 'tiny land' is yours only within Israels own self declared borders. Anything beyond said borders is Arab/Palestinian land. Not a grain of sand or a blade of grass belongs to Israel. So don't go pissing off Kerry and Obama for it's all that's protecting your lot of thieves from justice so richly deserved.
17. Abbas is increasingly looking like a WORK SHY 'lame duck'
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (05.30.13)
He would rather do PR, gripe from the sidelines, complain, whine, wine and dine, global trotting and find any excuse NOT to get down to proper negotiations with Israel...and why? Because by Not Talking and maintain this Status Quo...he can continue just drifting along merrily never to want to get down to work - lest it was 'too much effort' for his sensitive constitution
18.  Let us note that while the Palestine Liberation...
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (05.30.13)
...Organization (PLO) keeps demanding that talks be conducted based on the "1967 borders" and the stopping of "settlement activity", no such borders have ever been in existence, and both points, i.e. "1967 borders" and "settlements" have agreed by the parties were going to be part of the core issues to be discussed in the talks leading to the Final Status Agreement. In other words, the PLO demands that Israel commits to certain viewpoints before the talks even commenced, and yet the talks are to be direct and without preconditions.
19. To: No. 2
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.30.13)
Let's see, now. You people started -- and LOST -- six wars, and have engaged in unremitting violence and terror, visited against the Jewish people both in the State of Israel and in the Diaspora, for better than seven decades .... AND YOU THINK YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO ISSUE DEMANDS? No wonder you people haven't achieved anything, ever -- you are all delusional. Moreover, you will NEVER, EVER be a part of the State of Israel. Oh, we will annex Judea and Samaria -- but you will be repatriated to Jordan, country of your citizenship. Unless, of course, you'd rather move to Gaza. That can easily be arranged. But you will never be a citizen of the State of Israel. That is a privilege of which you are unworthy.
20. To: No. 16
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.30.13)
Where is the concentration camp for Australian land thieves located? It's the Arab and Moslem invaders who are the invaders and land thieves. Israel is the Jewish homeland. Israel existed and Jews authored the Bible while your forebears were swinging from trees, painting their faces blue and howling at the moon. And don't you ever forget it. The only "justice" you deserve comes at the end of a rope. Don't press your luck.
21. Okay
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.30.13)
"The Palestinians say they will not restart talks unless Israel halts settlement construction and accepts the pre-1967 lines as the basis for a future border." Sorry, that's just not going to be possible. Should have taken the deal in 1947 .... or the three times it's been offered since .... but you didn't, and the offer is no longer on the table. Cry me a river, why don't you?
22. @3 Dan - Hey Neighbor!
Norman ,   Boca Raton / USA   (05.30.13)
I'm with you points 1 thru 5. I'd change 6 to read just the following: 6) Gaza will be leveled. Why wait for "further rockets"? It's not "if" they are fired, just a matter of "when". PROBLEM SOLVED!! No peace talks necessary.
23. #14/19, You have no clue what's coming at you. ICC/ICJ.
Ramzi Jaber ,   Palestine   (05.30.13)
24. 21 Israel Jewish Stat founded in 1948 not in 1947
lydia ,   Brisbane   (05.31.13)
The Palestinians were never mandated so could have nothing to do with your delusion. It's either the 1967 borders or Israel unilaterally declared borders enshrined in 1948 UN papers.
25. 3 You should stop smokin your chillum pipe
lydia ,   Brisbane   (05.31.13)
Palestine existed long before Hitler's Haavara Agreement and your horde of squatters and pagans who descended on it from est. Europe. Israel unilaterally declared its Jewish State 1948 along the frontiers of the Partition Plan.So there is no need for the Palestinian to keep on talking Syria intends to level Tel Aviv if your lot ventures across the border again.
26. 16.Dumbo 250UN res. NOTagainst Australia
lydia ,   Brisbane   (06.01.13)
Arab have near 2000Y rule in Palestine and NO est Euro pagan ever ruled Palestine. Israel is full of deluded ignorant racist like yourself who claim Jews authored the Bible yet they are not Christians and that a Sky God came down from the heavens and bequeath them Palestine. However the Holy One forgot to leave he title deed. without which Israel claim is illegitimate and 250UN res.says you talk bs.
27. 20 No Austrailian claim they lived before
lydia ,   Brisbane   (06.01.13)
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