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Poll: Israelis cutting down on smoking
Sarit Rosenblum
Published: 31.05.13, 13:07
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1. Please don't stop, otherwise they'll have to raise the VAT!
tom ,   tel aviv   (05.31.13)
2. Ugly habit
American Hindu ,   USA   (06.01.13)
Having lived in India, Europe and the US, what I love so much about the US is that people do not smoke as much. Also they are respectful of the rights of others not to breathe their foul second hand smoke. Believe it is all a matter of education.
3. Tax the bejesus out of this cancer causing crap
Al   (06.01.13)
It causes cancer and that's all it does. Here in Canada thanks to high taxation and non visibility of the product (it is hidden from public have to ask for it much like condoms of old), there has been a marked decrease in its use. You got to be dumb as a clock to partake in this garbage.
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