Nigeria arrests Lebanese suspected of Hezbollah ties
News Agencies
Published: 30.05.13, 20:13
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1. Caught With Their Hand In The
Cookie Jar Again? Incompetent terrorists were Foiled AGAIN and Again and again!!! More Proof for stiff neck cameron To Have No Hesitation That hizbullah Has ALWAYS been aTerrorist entity Sponsored by Nonother than tehran!
2. rusty?!
red ,   toronto, canada   (05.30.13)
3. nonsense
hasan ,   gaza   (05.30.13)
those weapons r from the first world war
4. Iran destabilising Africa
Jose ,   Nigeria   (05.30.13)
There are so many Lebanese in Nigeria working in construction and I have always wondered if they are involved in terrorism. Now we know, I hope Israel is watching, Iran is trying to destabilise Africa and we need to act now.
5. hasan #3 That's interesting
Jake   (05.30.13)
I did not know that the First World War was fought in Nigeria.
6. #4 Jose tehran Has Ambitions Of Ruling The
World and install sharia so their fictious mahdi comes and saves them. But you are right Bibi and Lt. Gen B.Gantz Has To Do What's Good For Israel and Israeli's. Period End Of Story!!! Shalom/ Baruch Ha Shem
Jose ,   Nigeria   (05.31.13)
I think Israel embassy and interests in Nigeria are targeted by Iran. Remember, thousands of Nigerians go to Israel every year Using Israel Chartered flights for Religious pilgrim. In addition, Africans love Israel technology and many Israel companies are doing very well in Africa. Iran must be stopped, we want development not terrorism.
8. 3
so are your arab brains; rusty, uneducated and totally disfunctional.
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