Germany may soon restrict 'Made in Israel' labels
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Published: 02.06.13, 17:57
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1. Oh?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.02.13)
So the EU is growing "impatient?" Well, frankly, I have grown quite impatient with the intransigence of German -- and other European -- insurance companies that sold whole life policies to desperate Jews in the 1930s, and have refused to pay the proceeds on those fully paid-up policies. I have grown quite impatient with all the EU countries that have refused to restore privately-owned Jewish art and sculpture to the families of their owners, claiming they made "good faith purchases" from the Nazis. The EU and its member states had better learn to behave. Israel does not HAVE to share -- at incredibly discounted prices -- the natural gas from the two huge fields which Israel controls. We can charge market price. Be careful, Germany. Be careful EU. Israel is growing impatient with you.
2. Let's solve the problem
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (06.02.13)
Since the Arabs declare all of Israel a settlement - let's label everything as from the Settlement of Judea. The Europeans can then go suck an egg
3. This is NOT anti-Israel and not anti-Semitism.
Michael ,   California, USA   (06.02.13)
Germany bashers go home!
4. growing impatience with settlements
In one month, 1000 people have died in Iraq. In two years, about 120,000 Syrians have died. Libya has collapsed as a functioning state, and the Middle East is flooded with Jihadis and unlimited weapons. Expectations are that Jordan, Turkey and Egypt will soon fall. The only place in the Middle East where an Arab can be pretty certain of being alive, owning property and receiving health care next year is under Israeli rule. Despite this, the only thing that concerns Europe are Jewish homes.
5. "Precious and semi-precious stones"?
Linda ,   New Haven, Conn.   (06.02.13)
And where do these stones come from and at what cost,,, yes they come from AFRICA, the smae country and people that Israel is talking about in the Knesset right this very second about how to expell as illegal migrants. It won't take long for all to see this madness and crime that is the state of Israel. And you guys want Alicia Keys to come sing for you folks,,,,,,,,, beats me and a whole lot of other people.
6. The more I think about the better I like it
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (06.02.13)
Yes let's label everything we make as made in a settlement and I know exactly what the label should look it. It should be a 6-pointed yellow star with the word "Jude" in the middle. Then the Germans would be real comfortable about the labeling system. Of course we must demand that all German products be label as made in Nazi Germany as well
7. Bravo Germany!
Ben David Shlomo   (06.02.13)
We are starting to win against the illegal settlements and their exports. Many others will follow Germany, but Israel will only s l o w l y realise what is happening though.
8. The fact that Europe, while deep in a crisis finds time &
tom ,   tel aviv   (06.02.13)
energy to delve unstoppably into all things connected to Israel, as to present it to their voters as the next Evil Empire, is a witness to a pathological (NOT political) state of mind. Reminds one of the Nazi Reich at the end of the WW2: when faced with enormous chellenges at the front they were willing to spend ressources (that they couldn't afford) on continuous extermination of Jews. Looks like that whole rotten limb(Europe) has to be amputated and the good news is, that there is a surgeon willing to do it. His name is Muhamad/Ahmed/Abdallah.....Allah willing he shall succeed.
9. The Holocaust took place largely
desi ,   mars   (06.02.13)
in Poland, not "in Germany". Do you need me to list the extermination camps there??? seriously??? never thought i would read that in an israeli newspaper!!!!!!
10. where will they be classed as being made in
zionist forever   (06.02.13)
Will products made in Jerusalem be listed as made in palestine? Will wines from the Golan be listed as made in syria? An area that Israel has official responsibility for should be classes as made in Isreael? Area C in judea & Samaria is as part of oslo the responsibility of israeli civil and military control so why should that not be considered made in israel?
11. How about "Made by Israelis"?
Ben Yisrael ,   Tel Aviv   (06.02.13)
Not a bad idea for a compromise. The goyim won't accept it because it works for us, not them. Screw 'em.
12. This is the work of Dr Zimmerman
CourtJewsofGermany ,   Jerusalem Israel   (06.02.13)
Dr Zimmerman of the Hebrew University was just on local television spouting his eternal; hate of "settlers" as he has been doing here and in Germany for 30 years another Jew who the Germans love like Amos Oz, you can be sure he has his hand in this.
13. Well label it properly
Richie ,   Dublin, Ireland   (06.02.13)
If the EU wants to change the labelling then they could hardly object if the products were labelled as being from Judea and Samaria. That's the correct name. Maybe it's time to use the correct name and stop saying West Bank, which was only introduced as a result of Jordan's illegal occupation of the territory. Bring the real name, Judea and Samaria, back into common usage. The EU or the BDS movement could hardly complain about that
14. Only the UN 1947 borders are legal and
US vet   (06.02.13)
recognized Israeli land.
15. Israeli supporters can buy Judea/Samaria products in bulk.
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.02.13)
Leftists are always sewing fear. However, this represents a great opportunity for Israel. First of all, we could label all Israeli products a "product of Israel" including Judea and Samaria products. Secondly, we could proudly label Judea and Samaria products as such; "Product of Judea and Samaria". Jews, Fundamentalist Christians, conservatives would know which products to buy in bulk.
16. Boycott
Zyx ,   US   (06.02.13)
I will be very happy to boycott products from the WB. Chance is most of them are produced by arab owned businesses and the more we boycott them, the less the occupied territories (occupied by the arabs of course) have a chance to develop...
17. #9 desi: But but AEG, Telefunken used Jewish slave labor....
Dee Bee ,   Israel   (06.02.13)
as did many other German companies and they worked them to death! As for the Extermination Camps, they were in Poland AND in Germany (Buchenwald, Bergen-Belsen, Dachau and others where Jews were murdered by various means, and the SS, German and Aryan to the core" manned them! Before you list them, take a look "List of Nazi concentration camps" in the Wikipedia. Close the Israeli factories on the "West Bank" because they cannot export, I am sure that the UK, Germany and other Israeli goods boycotters will give the Palestinians allowances so they can buy food! Maybe the British Supermarket chain, The Co-Op" should have a charge extra to send money to the Palestinians who rejoiced on 9/11 and 7/7! I am sure that the people of bankrupt Europe would love to pay a Palestine Tax out of their unemployment allowances!
18. I agree with Sarah B.
DavidR ,   USA   (06.02.13)
Anyone who is surprised by this or who thinks that Germany is an Israeli friend or ally have had their head in the sand far to long. Please don't allow "Never Again" to become "Again." The whole world wants the destruction of Israel and the death of the Jews. It is written in the Hebrew Prophets and it is being fulfilled before our very eyes. I fear it will come down to Israel using all her unacknowledged power for her survival. God help the world if it comes to that. And, it will.
19. Boycotts
A Yid ,   Tel Aviv   (06.02.13)
Here is how to deal with the threat to label Yesha products. Announce that "labeling" products from Yesha will be considered as a boycott against all of Israel. Israel will not accept the strategy of "divide and conquer", and take all of the following steps: 1. Tell Germany and the EU that this will ignite a trade war, and that it is Israeli policy that the PA and Europe pay for this boycott. 2. Tell them that Israel has the power to inflict economic damage on the PA and EU interests in reprisal. a. Remind the EU that Israel collects a billion dollars per year in customs duties for the PA. Every euro of that money is available to pay damages, and the punitive tariffs that Israel will impose in reprisal. b. Remind the EU that Israel controls all PA border crossings. Therefore, Israel has the power to embargo all PA exports to any country labeling settlement products. It can also impose travel bans between PA territory and any boycotting country. c. Israel gas will will only be sold to countries who don't mix politics and business Israel can defeat the calls for a boycott if it acts immediately and aggressively.
20. Made in Israel
Consumer ,   Germany   (06.02.13)
Is there really just one single country between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea? I have been to an official webpage of the Israeli government and it showed a map of Israel with the Westbank in a different colouring than 1967-Israel. So obviously even the Israeli government itself thinks that the Westbank is somehow something different and not really Israel or only less Israel or ... Well, and that's the problem: What is it? Make it clear, then write it on your products and if price and quality are okay, I'll buy it. שלום.
21. @#1 Oh?
ab5678 ,   USA   (06.02.13)
Why is it that Sarah B. always sounds like my ex-wife. All I hear is 'Ka Ka Ka Ka ........'
22. talk
W nightmare ,   tel aviv   (06.02.13)
Bite your nail, snake!
23. 14
zionist forever   (06.02.13)
Israel has never really had clear and recognisable borders because if has only ever existed in the ceasefire lines from one war or another. In 1947 Israel was allocated 55% of Palestine minus Jaffa and Jerusalem. When the war of independence ended in 1949 the ceacefire lines left Israel in 78% of Palestine including Jaffa and west Jerusalem. It was never though a recognised border either in Israel or abroad. In 1967 another war left the borders as being the 22% not captured in 1948/49, east Jerusalem, the Golan Sinai and Gaza. Neither Israel or the rest of the world recognised this as being anything but a ceasefire line. In 1979 Israel gave Egypt Sinai so the ceasefire line changed again and again neither Israel or the international community recognised it as being anything but a ceasefire lie. In 2005 the border changed again when we gave upGaza so the ceasefire line changed again. If neither Israel or the international community has formerly defined Israels border how can a product made in the Golan or settlement in Judea & Samaria be any less Israel thanJaffa which was not allocated to it by the UN but is still labaled by Germany as being made in Israel. If we were going to go to the borders of 1948 we would be talking about giving the arabs 45% of what was formerly mandate Palestine not just the remaining 22% captured in 1967 and I somehow can't see even the peace nicks agreeing to that one.
24. Labeling products
Harri ,   EU   (06.02.13)
It is common in EU to label even the farm where products are produced, so why are you so afraid of labeling your products properly? Even in Israeli law Judea and Samaria are not part of Israel. You have never annexed them, so it is a lie if you label "Made in Israel" products that are made in Judea or Samaria.
25. best response is increased settlement..
bernard ross   (06.02.13)
...every time there is a boycott begin a new community is YS. If Israels bows to this euroswindling pressure by those who have cheated and slaughtered the jews for 2000 years. It will never end. Finish with the europeans, they can only be sorrow for the jews.
26. #9
Tomek ,   Poland   (06.02.13)
in Nazi-occupied Poland, to be precise. But bringing up the Holocaust in this piece was a very cheap shot.
John Robey ,   Austin, Texas   (06.02.13)
28. OKAY- go ahead and label them "Made in West Bank"
Arnold ,   Montreal-Canada   (06.02.13)
So what ? Does that mean the Germans will buy more of those products or less of those products ? If they decide to buy less then those companies will close and the people working there will no longer have good paying jobs. As I understand most of the workers are Palestinians.
29. 28
zionist forever   (06.02.13)
Will probably increase sales because to many palestinian supporters who wont buy Israeli products they will see made in West Bank and think the Palestinians made these I have to have some.
30. To: No. 14
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.02.13)
What's US recognized land? Shall I recount the hundreds of treaties with native American nations that the United States violated? How about the Marshall Islands? How about Guam? How about Okinawa? Define what you mean by "legal." Let's take Okinawa as an example. The Japanese attacked the United States .... and lost. But didn't the Arab states attack Israel .... and lose? Don't the same set of rules apply?
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