Clinton lecture to cost JNF, Peres Academic Center $500,000
Ofer Petersburg
Published: 02.06.13, 23:44
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1. how about giving that money to the poor and sick people
poor people   (06.03.13)
2. SHAME!!!!
Abraham Nachmias ,   Petach Tikva IL   (06.03.13)
Shame on Shimon Peres! Shame on the JNF!!! Nobody really cares about Peres birthday, we care about the cost of living and he cares about his big ego!!!
3. Lapid, better plan to raise money...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (06.03.13)
No need to shorn the skinny sheep.
4. JNF Paying Clinton to speak?!?!?!?
Mike Saslawsky ,   Albuquerque USA   (06.03.13)
JNF has seen its last tree planted by me. $500K !!! How about feeding the hungry in Jerusalem? JNF should be ashamed of itself. I’m ashamed of them.
5. mr clinton u should donate the money to charity its a shame
joe ,   kfar saba israel   (06.03.13)
what u did and u are not ashamed ?....end
6. Let this carpet bagger go back home....
JJJ   (06.03.13)
Let this carpet bagger go back home, with friends like this who needs enemies. JNF DO NOT SEND ME ANY MORE REQUEST FOR FUNDS, UNDERSTOOD? OK
7. Donate to Charity
Zechariah   (06.03.13)
Clinton ought donate a good proportion of the free to charities particularly in Rwanda.The superpower could have intervened easily .
8. Clinton is a Who!!!
Rozie   (06.03.13)
He is charging $1/2 million for a shmooze. Disgusting. Who needs him . He is the one the messed up the US and Israel's situation in the world. He acts like an angel but he brought the devil upon the world. It was during his time that the radicals planned their 9/11 terror war. He did nothing to prevent the situation. The first bombing of World Trade Center...he took it lightly. It is all his fault. I would not pay him 50 cents for his smooze. He is laughing all the way to the bank. I guess JNF has loads of additional cash.
9. 1. 2 &4 plus Mr. Piggy Clinton....
Dina ,   USA   (06.03.13)
10. Does anyone have any idea ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.03.13)
... how much Peres is worth? Financially, I mean ... not personally. Do you have a clue how much his Tadiran stock was sold for? Let me put it simply. If he wants a big fancy do, he can more than afford to pay for it. Peres is a billionaire. Several times over. Let him foot the bill, especially in view of the fact that most of the people of Israel despise him.
11. He who boasts how he almost gave Jerusalem to Arafat.
BUTSeriously ,   Sydney   (06.03.13)
12. Putting the JNF
K ,   Chicago, USA   (06.03.13)
On my DO NOT DONATE to list. If they have $500 million to give to Clinton then they don't need any donations from me.
13. Is there a better racket?
Cameron ,   USA   (06.03.13)
Clinton, I salute your ability to hustle that kind of coin for 45 minutes worth of chatter. Favored by Fortune you is.
14. Celebrate Peres birthday with Oslo class action lawsuit.
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.03.13)
The most fitting way to celebrate Peres' 90th birthday would be to serve him, and the Labor Party, with an enormous class action lawsuit for criminal negligence resulting in thousands of maimed and murdered Oslo victims.
15. constant corruption
Norm L Jew ,   Galut   (06.03.13)
All should look up the Clinton Foundation's IRS form 990--- to see how many millions it spends on salaries and other waste! Sad to see so many naive people giving money to the JNF for another such pathetic end...(who can forget their chopping down trees to distribute as "X-mas trees" in Israel each winter!
16. Disgusting
Gerge Brown ,   New York   (06.03.13)
Paying Clinton to find out why he let NorKor get nukes? The idea that this jerk can have anything to say worth paying is revolting.
17. not another penny for the JNF
Yosef ,   Boca Raton   (06.03.13)
Sorry but my money could have had better use. No more money for you.
18. donate to JNF
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (06.03.13)
they need more money to pay fat salaries to creeps like Clinton and the like. Perhaps they just have too much cash on hand. Perhaps an internal investigation could help as to where their cash flow flows?
19. JNF/Clinton
rut ,   israel   (06.03.13)
this is disgusting..I know Clinton doesn't get the money but it should at least go to Israel and not to some cause in the USA....Peres should object if he has any real love for his country.
20. This Useful Idiot should have been given -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (06.03.13)
- a rope instead !.
21. Insulting Peres
norbus ,   Jerusalem   (06.03.13)
If you have to pay to get Bill Clinton to speak at Peres Birthday , it tells me he has the popularity and friendships of a hedgehog Truly tasteless waste of money given the austerity measures Shame on you Peres
22. Why?
INDIAN in the US ,   Boston, USA   (06.03.13)
Could they not have used that money to plant a forest in his honor in Israel? I am sure a lot of people will now think twice before donating to this organization.
23. Sounds like extortion
Mordechai   (06.03.13)
Hillary was still Secretary of State with Clinton was paid this money. It sounds like extortion. Pay Bill Clinton money or Hillary goes after Israel
24. No more donations for JNF
Joe   (06.03.13)
I will no longer be giving any donations to the JNF anymore after reading about this. $500,000 for 45 minutes. How outrageous is this. It's not like they need any money from me anymore if they can afford to pay this amount. It would take me 10 years to make that much money.
25. $500 000 for Clinton
yosef ,   usa israel   (06.03.13)
is an immoral, indeed criminal waste of scarce resources and a damned Jewish compulsion to ingratiate themselves with the big Goyim of this temporal world. What a travesty !
26. Some of you didn't even read the article!
R ,   Israel   (06.03.13)
What did you do, just read the headline and then hit the keyboard? The headline was inflammatory. The article makes clear that Mr. Clinton is donating all of the money to charity, among other clarifications. Ynet's headline writer got us to read this, but I cannot respect such a low trick.
27. To all fellow Jews feeling guilt because of not living here:
tom ,   tel aviv   (06.03.13)
stop donating to ALL of these various semi-bogus organizations. It's noble of you, but we can manage without it. You create a particular class of moochers that sponge off large percentage of these donations, to provide for quite lavish life style. It is true in most of the cases.If you must, give directly to the needy.
28. Jewish national fraud
Jon   (06.03.13)
The Jewish National Fund is starting to look more like a Jewish national fraud with this $500,000 payment to Clinton for a 45 minute speech.
29. Free Speech
Joe   (06.03.13)
All along I thought that Clinton was an advocate of free speech, but it looks like he's more an advocate of paid speech.
30. $500,000
Ros ,   Tel Aviv   (06.03.13)
That is a ridiculous sum of money to pay anyone for a 45 minute speech - JNF has so much money to throw away - let them feed the hungry children here!!!
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