Kerry: Last chance for Israel-PA peace
Associated Press
Published: 04.06.13, 00:41
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1. Kerry : Well intentioned , BUT Ignorant
norbus ,   Jerusalem   (06.04.13)
and deluded, to force an artificial Hudna exposing Israel to intolerable security risks. He could no more make peace between Cats and Dogs, unless he can rewrite the Koran, and History, wiping out the Khaibar Massacres and the injunction to seek the Jews behind every rock to the last ...... Kerry, We are not ready to commit suicide as a Jewish Nation. Your boss has already surrounded us with pits of snakes
2. Hanoi John is a fool.
BH ,   Iowa   (06.04.13)
Certified fool. Ignore him.
3. Last Call!
darwin ,   nyc   (06.04.13)
Umpteenth last chance for "peace" ie giving away more land to be attached from.
4. End deadly "peace talks" with terrorist P.A. NOW!
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.04.13)
The "peace talks" with the P.A. have never brought Israel anything but mass suffering. Oslo alone cost Israel almost 900 murdered civilians and more than 14,000 maimed. Even worse than the carnage is the goal of these evil talks. They are intended to turn Israel into an absolutely helpless 9 mile wide concentration camp. Now is the time to end the evil "peace talks" with the terrorist P.A. forever. This tiny land is ours!
5. We may not get another chance............
Israeli 2   (06.04.13) humiliate, annihilate and dehumanize Israel. So....let's pray they will never get another chance.
6. John Kerry is,,,,,, a damn fool, now on center stage
<+> ,   Uno   (06.04.13)
Yours trulyy,,,,,,,,,,, Ricky, the Bronx, N.Y.C
7. Sec.Kerry Your boss is Fixed On Israeli arab
Peace? The Butcher of syria has been murdering over 2 yrs upwards of 100,000 millions displaced, tehran Has carried on Enriching, Formenting, Arming Terrorist Entities, seaping tentacles through out region, Fumble and get caught internationally attempting Killing of Jewish Targets, etc... In asia n.k. Is Rogue, china is smiling While Stealing Sensitive Military, Financial and Economic info? More pressing regional issues and b.H.o. Chose a decades old stalemate? How insightful of the chief and commander. Got a go, tee time in 30.
8. Dear John
Shoshana Rubin   (06.04.13)
What you and Pres Obama don't understand are these two unfortunate FACTS: 1 The PLO refuses to recognize the Jewish State of Israel. 2 In both the PLO and Hamas charters, the number one goal is the destruction of all of Israel and in Arabic, the death of every last Jew. You may not like these top two "obstacles" to peace. We don't like them either but the PLO won't budge on these FACTS.
stude ham   (06.04.13)
10. "this is our last chance" same thing every year
Scott ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (06.04.13)
Every American sec. of state says this every year for the past 12 years. The out Israelis have already made painful concessions for peace. Now the Arabs have to learn they can't get what by just dictating demands.
11. Kerry:Go make hezboolla and Al Kaida be friends.
ROSENVALD ,   BRAZIL   (06.04.13)
12. 2 state -- oxymoron -
Chafeeka   (06.04.13)
Sec of State Kerry said: "We want so much to bring the same wonderful bloody peace to Israel that we have delivered to Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt and Libya and we're working on more bloodshed and destruction for Syria. Our strange peace will be a good vehicle to end the mistake that was created in 1948 and that is my stealth job under the guise of "PEACE". Israelis , successfully brainwashed to self destruct for our fake peace after our 93, Oslo trap are easy prey for their stealth destruction and we shall deliver up the infidels to the followers of allah shortly", and thats the ugly truth
13. How about Jordan also gives some of her territory to Pals
Asher ,   NY,USA   (06.04.13)
for the sake of peace. They also have interests in this and peace can give the kingdom more stability, so lets talk to King Abdulah and let them share some of the burden as well.
14. Mr. Kerry, you have problems in the US
Benji ,   US   (06.04.13)
Make peace with the Republicans and stop the scandals - last chance!
15. Kerry has the audacity to praise the "Arab Spring"
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (06.04.13)
the "arab spring" is in fact an islamic winter. the terror state of iran praised the "arab spring," too, knowing full well that it brought forth islamists regimes.
16. Toss the Towel
Mark of Lewiston ,   USA   (06.04.13)
Kerry should toss in the towel and admit that he and Obama want it more than the protagonists, Israel and Palestine. Both sides are hardening positions, not preparing to negotiate. A few more years of demographics and one bi-national state will be inevitable and irresistible.
17. an absolute useless FM
tiki ,   belgium   (06.04.13)
Doesn't Kerry think he should start flying to Syria, Iran, Irak, Lybia, Libanon, Afghanistan and maybe Turkey and start doing something useful, because this ''peace business'' starts to be pathetic and painful to watch.
18. Good Efforts but waste of time
Sam Sweiry ,   Eastbourne - UK   (06.04.13)
Watching all those expensive jet journies backward and forward - I am amazed at the waste of money, time and efforts - If anything to go by from past experience - it is absolute crazy if you believe the Palestinians will honour any commitments
19. The two-state ship has already sunk in a sea of flames
spyguy ,   Seattle   (06.04.13)
The hard reality is there is no possibility of a two-state solution unless Israelis are willing to have a very bloody civil war with Jews killing Jews. There is no political or military will in Israel to forcibly remove the settlers so there can be a viable Palestine state. Obama knows this, Kerry knows this, in fact the whole world knows this. I will not be surprised if Obama announces that the two-state peace process has failed after rthe US 2014 election. Then what will Israelis do? The two-state fiction will be gone, leaving Israel with ONLY ONE OPTION - make every human west of the Jordan river a full citizen of Israel just like the US did to all the humans within its borders during the 1800s and early 1900s. Dreams die hard and Israelis are going to hate seeing their dreams go up in flames, but that is what will happen. Israelis have made their choice and will now have to live with it.
20. Remember what Obama said
Devorah   (06.04.13)
From Ynet March 3rd: “Obama has made it clear to Netanyahu that his visit is not about photo-ops, but the business of Iran and a Palestinian state,” a source said. “The implication is that if Israel won’t give him something he can work with, then he’ll act on his own." Don't be surprised if Barry goes full tilt to hijack Israel.
21. # 14 LOL Funny
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (06.04.13)
You could also request of Kerry that obama make peace with the American people by first, telling the truth. And that Eric beHolder, aint he a mess?
22. #19 - Spyguy
Norman ,   Boca Raton / USA   (06.04.13)
I'm with you spyguy, the one-state solution train has left the station and there is no stopping it. I'd say that by 2025 it will become official and Israeli citizenship will be given to everyone residing within the borders of the new state of Israel. There are many bi-national states and Israel will become one more. No big deal and nothing to fear.
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