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Polish Jew celebrates bar mitzvah at 64
Published: 06.06.13, 15:17
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1. I am ferchlemt, near tears..
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (06.06.13)
Moving and sad story. I met Spanish Conversos from Spain that wanted to become Jews and underwent formal conversion not too long ago. The Evil Catholic church cannot extinguish the sould of Jews not even when they burn them at the stake or force them to convert, WE ALWAYS COME BACK. Let that be a lesson to you...
2. The Jewish soul is not an empty word.
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (06.06.13)
Gives joy and happiness of living,when nourished well.
3. Mazal tov
Yossi ,   Sderot   (06.06.13)
good for you
4. honestly, this thing just looks fake to me
Spazzo   (06.06.13)
Not the fact that he converted to Judaism, but the fact that the invented the story how his mother told him he was Jew right before the death.
5. to hide their religion and to live as Polish Catholics,...
split ,   US   (06.06.13)
Yeah right, like being a Catholic was easier than being a Jew in post WWII Soviet occupied Poland with mostly Jews at the communist regime steering wheel ,... For instance the head of the Catholic church Cardinal Wyszynski and other leaders were in prison or interned. "Beginning in 1953, another wave of persecution swept Poland. When the bishops continued support for resistance, mass trials and the internment of priests began – the cardinal being among the victims. On 25 September 1953 he was imprisoned at Rywałd, and later placed under house arrest in Stoczek near Lidzbark Warmiński, in Prudnik near Opole and in the Komańcza monastery in the Bieszczady Mountains. While imprisoned, he observed the brutal torture and mistreatment of the detainees, some highly perverse in nature.[3] He was released on 26 October 1956"
6. #4
Tomek ,   Poland   (06.07.13)
Considering that Poland was 10% Jewish not so long ago, this man's story might just as well be true. But I do not buy the narrative that his parents hid their Jewishness out of fear in postwar Poland. If it were the case, there would be no need to hide it from their own offspring. I think the parents were, for whatever reason, not comfortable with their own Jewishness and wanted to be more Catholic than the Pope.
7. My parents, too
Li ,   Malmö, Sweden   (06.08.13)
My mom was raised catholic with her 3 sisters. Her mother was the daughter of a jewish woman who, during the war, hid in the mountains in southern poland. After the war, when my grandmother was 9 years, they went to live in a village not far from Auschwitz (Osviencim I think it is called). My grandmother married a polish catholic and never said a word about being of jewish heritage, my mom and her sisters were raised strictly catholic probably from my grandmothers wish to give them a christian identity. My great grandmother later joined to Jehovas witness but before she died I had the opportunity to meet with her and she spoke to me- in Hebrew! By a twist of faith, my mom later married a jewish man and I was taught to speak and read in Hebrew. So not only is Moshes story likely, it is not unique.
8. 7 Talking Hebrew is not a proof of..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (06.09.13)
being Jewish.
9. Polish Catholic Jewish children
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (06.09.13)
Many, many Polish Jewish children were raised as Catholics to protect them. Pope Pius ruled that Jewish children rescued by Catholics and baptised could not be returned to the Jewish commuity after the war. Even in recent years the Agudath Israel asked Pope Benedict to instruct the Polish church to release documents on Jewish children who are now Polish Catholics.
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