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Israelis help develop new Intel processor
Sagi Cohen
Published: 05.06.13, 15:11
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1. ARM is the new competition
Abu Zibby ,   Haifa, IL   (06.05.13)
In a world without ARM, Intel's new microarchitecture would be amazing. The demand for desktop and server CPUs in dwindling, though. Intel will have to shift its attention to mobile devices that are currently dominated by ARM-CPUs.
2. "Haswell...developed by Intel's Oregon team"
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (06.05.13)
3. Will Prof. Hawking boycott Intel chips?
ScottB ,   Boston MA   (06.06.13)
The answer is "no." He and other BDS-ers will blithely go about using their computers and cell phones, regardless of the fact that core technology was developed in Israel. No worries. They can always use those state-of-the-art Syrian-produced gadgets.
4. #3
Daniel ,   Netherlands   (06.07.13)
If they would boycott 100% Israeli products, they should get back to pre-electric age... To announce their boycotts they will be paying royalties and actually supporting the Israeli economy.. We have been blessed by having such enemies...
5. And that is
Daniela   (06.07.13)
The diferece between israelis and its neighbors: the first ones work developing the world, the second ones teach their kids how to destroy it. only a sick world would boycot israel.
6. How is it possible that he's never visited before?
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (06.07.13)
One would think that - unless he's brought in from outside - a very senior executive would be familiar with the myriad branches and activities of a company before he takes on the CEO role. Yet despite Intel's long presence in Israel and the key role Intel Israel has played in developing its products, this is the guy's *first* trip to Israel?
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