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I chatter, therefore I am
Sever Plocker
Published: 06.06.13, 19:59
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1. those the gods wish to destroy they first make bored
oferdesade ,   israel   (06.06.13)
yes, i know it's Fleming and not Euripides. but no less true. the europeans and americans got bored and now look at them. it seems that we are getting to the point where only islamic or jewish fundamentalism will get us out of the rut. חבל...
2. Kind of "Back to the Future" 1955 - quote
2Mad ,   גולה בצרפת   (06.06.13)
- Then tell me, future boy, who's President of the United States in 1985? - Ronald Reagan. - Ronald Reagan? The actor?
3. Stick to economics
carl   (06.06.13)
Sever--I liked when you used to write about economics. Since you've become our new Jeremiah you have nothing to add. Do you seriously think that Israel in the 1950s was "deeper" than it is now?
4. The pot is calling the kettle black..hilarious
Al   (06.06.13)
This dude has a made a career of talking and writing crap. For him its an art form. The pathetic part of it is that certain people take it as gospel.
5. Israeli Ignorance
Dov ,   London/Netanya   (06.06.13)
This is the same the whole world over not just Israel. Here in london it's the same. What is ignorant and small minded is this author and many Israelis perception that issues such as reality TV, terrorism, materialism, religious disagreaments, corruption, war, racisim are uniquely Israeli problems. There is a whole worls out there and the same problems are everywhere
6. Jewishness
robert ,   antwerp belgium   (06.06.13)
This is the result of the influence of American sitcom values that are superseding traditional Jewish values transmitted through tradition and religion. I'm not saying that being haredi is the solution. But nobody should forsake the traditions that form the soul of the Jewish people and helped us through 2000 years of exile. The same traditions will help Israel against its ennemies through the feelings of belonging to a people
7. I asked for directions on a street in Tel Aviv.
Michael ,   California, USA   (06.06.13)
The young woman knew to tell me how to find my way by going from one corner store to the next one. She also knew to say where a traffic light was, but didn't know how to use the words right and left, couldn't indicate passing street blocks or approximate a distance. All I was hearing was "po" "sham" "kaha". It was truly pathetic.
8. #6, Emancipation made Jews wise,before they were all idiots.
Michael ,   California, USA   (06.06.13)
9. Have been having the same thoughts myself
Shachar ,   Eilat   (06.06.13)
When I heard the ad I thought OMG, they've actually found an even lower level of brain-deadness. While it exists everywhere, it's frightening to be in a country that only survives by being smart and watching it become brain-dead. Fortunately it is not everyone and even the junkies pull themselves back to reality now and then.Hopefully this "reality" junk will disappear into the garbage bin of history.
10. 7 what's pathetic is that u don't speak Hebrew!
11. Sever! Sachten! I agree with what you say...
55 & white haired ,   Israel   (06.06.13)
I also think that the commercial with "Mirit Shorashim Levanim" is just disgusting. Thanks for encapsulating the whole syndrome so very well.
12. @7 shame on u, she was trying 2 help u!
Sarita Montiel ,   Israel   (06.06.13)
and instead of being thankful for that you are making fun of the young woman. Next time bring a GPS!
13. 6 Robert, Excellent post !
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (06.06.13)
14. #6 Israel is part of the modern world
A ,   Belgium   (06.06.13)
Walk down the Meir and see how many 20 +/- 's are talking on their phones...90% maybe? And don't you DARE accidently bump into one..."allez, seg, schele ouwe!"
15. That's what I've been saying all along...
Edithann ,   USA   (06.06.13)
but if I say it, it's antiSemitic and dismissed..but if you say it it's just dismissed....hahaha and for sure you'll not do anything about it... You're all nuts! TATA
16. 14 Israel's vocation is to be ...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (06.07.13)
a light unto the nations.
17. #7. At least she probably didn't say 15 times
A ,   Belgium   (06.06.13)
18. to robert @ 6
Norman ,   Boca Raton / USA   (06.07.13)
"The same traditions will help Israel against its ennemies through the feelings of belonging to a people" Somehow I feel it was easier to have feelings of "belonging to a people" in the Diaspora than in the Jewish Nation State.
19. 7
then stay in california. no one will miss you.
20. by their chatter most TBers here r proving Sever's point!
21. 15
from someone who exhibits such poor english grammar, thought processes, comprehension and english writing skills, i wouldn't be too quick to criticize the brilliant israeli or jewish mind. better you learn a lesson from these "pesky jews" in israel who know where paris is no the map compared to most americans that can;t tell you where mississippi is or any capitals of any american states. most still think that the capital of america is n.y.
22. 8 Your interpretation of the article..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (06.07.13)
is ,that the Israelis are wise?Amazing.
23. #10, Let me know when you want a Hebrew test with me.
Michael ,   California, USA   (06.07.13)
Everything was conducted in Hebrew what I posted in #8. Israel is my second home, a home away from home for now.
24. Sever and some of the Tbackers
MR   (06.07.13)
For many centuries, those who get older have a problem with the young generations who appear "superficial, ignorant and inarticulate" to them. However, somehow the world progresses and reached the level it has now, with all the technology and advanced medicine we all enjoy. Now, this is a fact. Many older and well articulated people, with all their depth and knowledge are incapable to learn how to use a simple computer program or a GPS. Moreover, 40-50 years ago, the mature people of then were saying the same things about your generation. And this is another fact.
25. If you like tripe then I bet you loved the article!
Michael Redbourn ,   Arad   (06.07.13)
26. Whoa!
#24   (06.07.13)
' are incapable TO LEARN????? But at least we are capable OF LEARNING and using correct English. This twit and face stuff and insta something generation are not....sadly.
27. to 8 14 and 18
robert ,   antwerp belgium   (06.07.13)
Emancipation is something that was first granted by Napoleon to the French Jews. Other nations followed. What happened afterwards is on the one hand assimilation which is negative and the other the will to return to Israël and rebuild a Jewish nation which is positive. But how can one say that communities that were oppressed and could be expelled at the whim of a king or a priest ,were idiots. they were just trying to survive. The only other choice left to them was conversion .
28. Haven't seen the ad
Naomi   (06.07.13)
BUT to me it sounds like sarcastic humour, and it sadly is being taken seriously. Sounds brilliant and very funny by scoffing our shallow values. Well done.
29. Sever, whatever you wrote is very sad,
Never exaggerate !   (06.07.13)
don't forget, Facebook, The Big Brother and others are not a measuring stick for the Israeli society. I guess, neither are other societies living according to such standards. As an older guy, I see no reason why I should squander my time on such programs, but I do not deny its entertaining and communicative value for the younger generation. Meantime, I fervently pray and hope that one day, all these youngsters will make up their minds and start reading good, creative, imaginative, evocative, true, comical, tragic and adventurous literature.
30. No.15, wrong like always! I have good
ta-ta !   (06.07.13)
news for you:we have been doing a lot about it, but there is no way for you to see. You are not only blind, but contemptuously blind. The author presents his case the way he sees it now in Israel and does not at all dismiss a good future for our youth anyway.
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