Police arrest 3 suspects in gay youth center shooting
Eli Senyor
Published: 05.06.13, 21:11
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1. If Chaim wants to do Yankel...who the hell cares?
Al   (06.05.13)
Really...who the hell cares? We moderate Jews must take back our religion from the wack jobs and the uber nutty orthoquacks. Live as you want with whom you want and leave the craziness at home. The point of having Israel is that we Jews can live how we want in our own land.
2. gay etc.
yosef, phd ,   usa israel   (06.05.13)
It truly is fair and most appropriate to be proud of various sexual preferences at home, rather than imposing "in your face" blatant demonstrations in streets and public clubs. Just another abuse of the once great democratic freedoms... now combined with Jewish lore in an unholy alliance
3. #2. It's part of the well financed Culture War
Tom W ,   USA   (06.06.13)
Promoting homosexuality - not as a private affair but a political agenda - is part of "Cultural Marxism": the guiding ideology of the West, U.S.+E.U. There are powerful, immensely rich yet invisible agitators and promoters behind this "identity politics". The goal is to wreck the cohesion of society and establish a "New World Order" led by leftist plutocrats like Soros and his gang.
4. @2, just change the first paragraph...
AY ,   USA   (06.06.13)
to "Promoting Israel" and you will have a classic anti-Semitic rant, complete with behind the scenes cabal. (You already have Soros in the second paragraph anyway.)
5. welcome news
gays4Israel   (06.06.13)
we shall continue our struggle until we are equal. G-d bless Israel
6. "Police believe ...personal dispute"
Lildoobird ,   Jerusalem   (06.06.13)
None the less the LGBT people will continue to stamp it as homophobic in order to cram their agenda, force people out of the closet who don't want to be, and hold society to its agenda rather than just live and let live. A theory they say heterosexual society doesn't give to them and the certainly they do not give the rest of society .
7. Be tolerance
Wang Zuli ,   Shanghai   (06.06.13)
I am really hoping that Israelis and other peoples in this world one day be tolerance. Why are you hating gays? They are human beings also. In this world only in China government and the people tolerate gays. We respect them. Every minority in China have opportunities to success.
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