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Erdogan vows to continue with Taksim Square redevelopment
Published: 06.06.13, 19:27
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1. Good by Secular Turkey
Tom M ,   Toronto   (06.06.13)
Look out Turkey you will all be wearing burkas in no time. Secular Turkey is dying a death of a million cuts.
2. That's what happens
Alex ,   Minneapolis, MN USA   (06.06.13)
That's what happens when you elect Mulims nazis as leaders. How is Erdogan different from Assad? I actually believe that Assad is secular while Erdogan is Mulism nazi.
3. Erdogan keeps climbing the tree.(End).
Nora Tel Aviv   (06.06.13)
4. no apologies, no compensation
american american ,   istanbul, turkey   (06.06.13)
when turkish police kill rowdy turks. just goes to show that turkish life is only valuable when they want it to be.
5. Will Assad send a Marmara? Flortilla?
Jonathan   (06.07.13)
To aid his Turkish allies? Seriously, poor Lebanese, Syrians, Turkey. People in this area get brainwashed by these dictators... that it's scary.
6. Moderate Islamist
david ,   tel aviv   (06.07.13)
Erdogan is frequently called in the madia as "moderate islamist". This is like being called "moderate nazi"
7. These Erdogan "Terrorists" should demand an apology
They should demand compensation. They should demand the right to freedom to retain their park . They should withdraw all cooperation with any government initiatives until they get it.
8. Burkas in Istanbul?
BazG ,   Canada   (06.07.13)
On a recent trip I saw more niqabs in Toronto's airport than Istanbul's.
9. the court has suspended the park project
Try Diplomacy ,   world   (06.07.13)
Doesn't that mean anything? Let the mayor of the city resolve the park issue after a referendum.
10. Typical Dictatorial Regime syndrome.
BUTSeriously ,   Sydney   (06.07.13)
11. Has Erdogan ever heard of Youtube?
SD Charger ,   San Diego   (06.07.13)
A pictures is worth . . oh, nevermind. Apparently, the Turkish Government is behind in the times, the videos posted to Youtube tell a completely different story then what is being pumped from the politicians. The protesters are not going anywhere and we'll see if they go ahead and scrap the park.
12. Now we will be about to watch
Mira ,   Vienna   (06.07.13)
what means he uses to get the people away from Taksim! This only can end up in violence! and what does he mean by "Majority"? He holds about 50%, which i would not call a majority!
13. erdogan is right
dogan ,   istanbul-turkey   (06.07.13)
That gezi park is not a safe place after 7 pm. All drunkens , junkies , thiefs hide in that park until morning. Every tree in that park belong to a junkie. Also, everyweek a few murder was happining in that park. It also was very dangerous for tourists who visit taksim square. So, I give right to Mr. Erdogan to destroy that park.
14. It seems odd that Erdogen
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!! ,   United States   (06.07.13)
is out of town while his nation is in full revolt. Most leaders would lead by example through such a time. Oh well, Erdogen has proved himself another obama who 'leads from behind' like the others who 'disappear' when the times get tough. Notice how so many Muslim leaders kinds sorta get lost when the fights on?? They're not making leaders like they used to folks.
15. 13
anton ,   istanbul   (06.07.13)
how many glass of ayran have you had before writing that post :) wheter you admit or not public took very good notice of erdo─čans despotic behaviours,he cant be president of country, head of media, chief of staff, basiclly head of everything in turkey, this may be the beginning of end for him
16. #9 Try diplomacy
David Israel ,   New York. USA   (06.07.13)
If you believe this is simpli about the park you are stil sleeping. This is about freedom of speech, freedom to drink a glass of raki or a beer with friends, about the thousands of political prisoners in Silivri and Hasdal, about justice and democracy. And Erdogan is still insisting daring half of his population, the best educated enlightened intellectual and creative half. Unlike the Arab spring this movement is about modernization
17. Goodbye moral canada
Serhat ,   turkey   (06.07.13)
You all will be making sex with everything you find in the streets in no time. You'll wear out all your clothes and wander out naked in the streets. There will be no love, no mercy, no real relationship, no faithfulness, no loyalty.
18. #13 - fix the park, not destroy it
Aydin ,   Turkey   (06.07.13)
Even if what you are saying about Gezi Park were true, the answer is not to unilaterally decide to destroy the park. Rehabilitate it, make it safer, find a way to preserve it. Listen to the voice of the people as opposed to trying to suppress it with tear gas and water cannons. That is what a democratic leader is supposed to do. Erdogan is behaving like an Ottoman Sultan whose words are to be taken as law.
19. Erdogan the Great
Bikerwolf ,   London U.K.   (06.07.13)
Looks like he's starting to act like Margaret Thatcher and believe himself to be invincible. See what happened to her and watch this space.
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