46 years of 'no'
Guy Bechor
Published: 07.06.13, 14:41
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1. The reality of "palestine" exists,
A ,   Belgium   (06.07.13)
on the east bank of the Jordan River. However, the reality of a "palestinian" people never has existed and never will.
2. But it is working
Zev ,   Israel   (06.07.13)
Look where they are today against where they were 46 years ago. It may take longer but Israel is giving them everything they want without them having to give anything in return. If Israel does not wake up and change the path it will be over for Israel. Israel must annex now and build quickly to make up for all of the lost years.
3. The conflict, one between the Muslim-Arab world and the...
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (06.07.13)
...sovereign nation-state of the Jewish people, while having a local dimension to it as well, has been going on since April 1920 which is when the Muslim-Arabs commenced the the war-of-attrition-through-terror against the Jewish community of the country, and is yet to cease. And, the rejections of peace offers, proposals, gestures and opportunities have been going on since then: 1920, San Remo conference decisions, rejected 1922, League of Nations decisions, rejected 1937, Peel Commission proposal, 1937, rejected 1947, UN General Assembly proposal, rejected 1948, Israel's stretched out hand for peace, rejected 1967, Israel's stretched out hand for peace, rejected 1978, Begin/Saadat proposal, rejected 1995, Rabin's Contour-for-Peace, rejected 2000, Barak/Clinton offer, rejected 2005, Sharon's gesture, rejected 2008, Olmert/Bush peace offer, rejected 2009 to present, Netanjahu's invitation to peace talks, rejected The common denominator of this patter of more than 90 years of rejections: The sovereign existence of a nation-state of the Jewish people on a parcel of the Jewish people's ancestral homeland. It is this that the Muslim-Arabs - no, not the Christian-Arabs or the Druse-Arabs, mind you!! - can't accept, hence the conflict goes on.
4. Answer is to keep building with political status quo
Sam ,   Canada   (06.07.13)
The only thing that wakes Palestinians up is Jews continuing to move into the West Bank. Either they will make peace to keep the Jews out or they will eventually become a minority there too.
5. Answer is to keep building with political status quo
Sam ,   Canada   (06.07.13)
The only thing that wakes Palestinians up is Jews continuing to move into the West Bank. Either they will make peace to keep the Jews out or they will eventually become a minority there too.
6. 2
zionist forever   (06.07.13)
I agree Israel is loosing this and crossing red line after red line to a degree that even Rabin could have imagined. The problem with annexation is it really is the dream of the PLO come true. Annex Judea & Samaria we basically annex the millions of arabs living there and once we have annexed the land where they live we will have no choice but to give them all citizenship then it really will be all over as the arabs match the Jews in population size and as they have 3 children - every 1 child the average secular Jew does they will soon make up the majority and Israel ( assuming its still called that ) will be an arab state with a Jewish minority and this is why no Israeli government has ever annexed the area before. We need to start playing hardball ourselves but at the same time not fall into the arab trap of annexation to create a binational state.
7. Obama will recognize Palestine on UNSC '67 borders in 2014
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (06.07.13)
8. The people of No
Daniel ,   Baltimore, USA   (06.07.13)
So who knew the Palestinians were all Republicans? Have you ever seen John Boehner and Mahmood Abbas in the same room together?
9. Different viewpoint
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (06.07.13)
This article conflates Fatah with the Arabs. The truth is Fatah is one of many different groups that represent the Arabs. First, Fatah is popular only amongst the non-Arab extreme Left (in Israel and the rest of the world) and Western politicians. Fatah would get 100% support of Meretz votes, but less than 20% support amongst the Arabs, probably somewhere between 5-10% Second, Fatah realize that there is no possible way to get two viable states in "Palestine", and that only people with subnormal intelligence could believe otherwise. Fatah refusal to reach a negotiated settlement with Israel is not stubborness, but because they are smart people. Lastly, Fatah do not lie. No Fatah representative has ever agreed to peace where Israel still exists. They honestly say to everyone who wants to hear that their goal is to destroy Israel. That people (especially Israelis) pretend to hear that Fatah wants an accomodation is not Fatah's problem.
10. Time for unilateral actions
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (06.07.13)
Keep 100% of the tax revenue to pay their bills, once those are paid use the money to pay for the defense that we need because of Arab attacks. Why should we shoulder the bill for their actions? Start adding a zero behind every construction tender. Close off travel over the Greenline for Arabs. There are a myriad of actions that we haven't done. Let's start fighting back
11. Your history of "nos" is short by half!
David Turner ,   Richmond, USA   (06.07.13)
Since Balfour the British several times invited both parties to conferences aimed at a solution, one-state, two-state. Each invitation was declined. Not one taker since the early days of the British Mandate!
12. 46 years of 'NO'
Harold ,   USA   (06.07.13)
Palentinians 46 years of No is for the Israeli 46 years of No. That is going back to the 1967 borders, return of all Palestinian refugees, and East Jerusalem as the future Palestinan State. Very legitimate No expressed by the Plestinians.
13. #11
Harold ,   USA   (06.07.13)
Balfour, Churchill, Lloyd planted problematic and bad seeds in Palestine and they succeeded. This problem NEVER ends until the British problematic bush is uprooted and the two states are created.
14. #10
Harold ,   USA   (06.07.13)
You sound like a freelance dictator. Napoleon, Hitler and Saddam had similar thinking and look what happened to them.
15. 46 years of 'No'
M.C.   (06.07.13)
After 46 years of 'no' why are we still talking about giving away our G-d given inheritance to those who only want to liquidate us!! When will we learn our lesson and reverse our policies?! Israel needs to get serious about this!!
16. #12.Does Harold have anything worthwhile to add
A ,   Belgium   (06.07.13)
to these discussions? NO! For example; "East Jerusalem as the future Palestinan State". Rather like G.W's famous quote: "Amsterdam is one of my favourite countries." No minds think alike.
17. 46 no
lawrence tan ,   singapore   (06.07.13)
Israel is God's given land to all the Jews yesterday today and forever. shalom
18. 46 years of No
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (06.07.13)
Of course, 46 years of No! Humanity at large and the Palestinian people in general were hit with gross injustice ever since Balfour and even when the Ottomans mistakenly allowed Jews to infiltrate the land starting in the 1870s. Peace can come only when the injustice (before God and Man) of the Zionist invasion of Palestine is redressed. There is no other solution.
19. No to peace but yes to more good will gestures
Zev ,   Israel   (06.07.13)
20. One of the Palestinians No
Harold ,   USA   (06.07.13)
When President Clinton and PM Barak presenedt their peace plan to Arrafat his answer was '"THE PERSON WHO ACCEPTS YOUR PEACE PLAN IS NOT BORN YET" The peace plan excluded East Jerusalem, return of the Palestinian refugees and return to the 1967 borders.
21. Any News of Mr President Arafat's Dig and Death Cause?
22. To #18 Graczek
Harry ,   Sweden   (06.07.13)
Peace can come only when the huge injustice (before God and man) of arab conquest of the Holy Land, North Africa and the entire Levant 1300 years ago is redressed. Let all the arabs go back to the Arabian peninsula where they came from and end their shameful occupation of the Middle East and North Africa. There is no other solution.
23. obama
rodolfo kohn ,   BOYNTON BEACH   (06.07.13)
and then you awoke?
24. A spark needed. Civil Society Builduing.
2012   (06.07.13)
Palestinians need an injection to build a kantian-jeffersonian secular civil society. Discard all alliances with the ayatollahs and imams. Israelis are almost there. The haredi communities have to find a way to modernity, even if it means to dump the rabbinical dynasties. Retire them. No more torah-monarchies.
25. To: No. 7
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.07.13)
Good luck with the enforcement part. He'll be impeached so fast, his head will spin. That's why it will never happen, except in your delusional mind. Besides, any such "recognition" is subject to Senate approval.
26. Once Israel takes over all of Palestinian lands
Edithann ,   USA   (06.07.13)
and absorbs all the Palestinian population within it's borders...The the real fun will start...Civil Rights for everyone and one man one vote cannot be denied without Israels delegitimization...... Then lets see how much it becomes a Jewish state for Jews only!! TATA
27. # 7 You sound like a broken record......
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (06.07.13)
can't you come up with something new and original?
28. The 3 no's of the right
Shachar ,   Eilat   (06.07.13)
While the Palestinians have been negotiating with Israel for 20 years now and have officially recognised Israel as a sovereign country, the right have come up with 3 no's of their own. No to peace, No to two states and No to recognising the Palestinians as a people. Have we mentioned the pot calling the kettle black?
29. #28. The 3 "no"s of sane Israeli.
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.08.13)
The left has been dangerously wrong about every major issue since Israel was founded. It's disgusting, but not surprising, to see you take the side of Israel's genocidal foes. These are the real 3 nos of every sane Israeli. 1. "No" to Israel becoming a 9 mile wide concentration camp and the monstrous Two State Final Solution. 2. "No" to any more Israeli concessions and retreats. Every single one is a total disaster. 3. "No" to the release of "Palestinian" terrorists. They should all be executed within 48 hours of capture.
30. 26
you know and must realize that to do so will be national suicide. israel WILL NEVER EVER AGREE TO GIVE CITIZENSHIP TO THE ISLAMIC VIOLENT AND BACKWARD RUBBLE CALLED PALESTINIANS. period. so, forget about it. it is only in your mind. do you think israel is stupid?
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