Over 100,000 attend Tel Aviv's Pride Parade
Ynet reporters
Published: 07.06.13, 13:13
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1. Like all!!!
Amos ,   Toronto   (06.07.13)
All have freedom of choice. But my freedom to chose does not permit this. Someone has great pleasure in eating chocolate yet he has diabetes Should he still eat chocolate??
2. HaShem does not sleep
Grace ,   USA   (06.07.13)
So heartbreaking to see Israel fall back into the same behaviors that HaShem has condemned. I pray that when He corrects the nation again that eyes will be opened and hearts become obedient to His word. He loves you so much. Don't you know that? Why do you tempt Him to rebuke.
3. Child abuse
JewishHeart ,   Israel   (06.07.13)
It is child abuse for the two ladies who brought their 3 year old kid to see a sensual sexual celebration of any type, homosexual or heterosexual. It's like inviting a 3 year old to see a porno. I don't care if this couple are a gay or straight couple. They need to be arrested for child abuse for exposing their kids to this street porno.
4. Pride
Edouard ,   Montreal canada   (06.07.13)
Why is that people feel inconfortable with gays??? They are normal people and they have the same rights and obligations then everybody els What they do in their bedroom is no one buisness And by the way I did not know that god don't like gays!!!!! I'd god a men??? A women ?? Stupid stupid stupid god is happy when people are happy But for all the homophobes don't fell treaten it's not contagious Lol
5. Great parade!
jezzamy ,   Israel   (06.07.13)
Good stuff for people to celebrate freedom. It has nothing to do with god or porn it's about liberty, fun and equal rights.
6. Marriage and kids
robert ,   antwerp belgium   (06.07.13)
Not only the Bible but also common sense shouldn't allow marriages that go against the natural order which is procreation. It doesn't mean that couples of the same sex can't have a binding contract but it shouldn't be called marriage.
7. Natality
marian ,   Romania   (06.07.13)
This 'pride' movement and propaganda, will it increase the natality of the Yehudim competing with the Palestinians from inside and outside ?
8. It's not your decision...
Ferenc ,   Budapest, Hungary   (06.07.13)
...only her/his. You have no say in this matter.
9. What drugs are you on?
Ferenc ,   Budapest, Hungary   (06.07.13)
This is not a sexual celebration. Do you see any sexual acts happening on the pictures? No. Please grow up!
10. Booing at Lapid?
Al   (06.07.13)
Let those spoiled gay leftwingers (those left of Labour) be sent to Iran and I'm sure they'll have a new mindset regarding politics instead of just the Ramat Aviv hippie bubble they live in. My fullest respect to all other gays though!
11. Belgium was the second country...
Ferenc ,   Budapest, Hungary   (06.07.13)
... in the world to recognize same sex marriages. Why wouldn't you want people to enjoy the same rights in Israel? Equal rights to equal people!
12. Jewish heart? To bring 12 children into the world...
miki ,   tampa   (06.07.13)
In a small 2 room apartment, maybe doors but no real privacy where they all are witnesses and hear their parents' righteous acts of procreation as demanded by HaShem is not a similar act in your definition of pornography?
13. My friend's son here is engaged to marry.
Michael ,   California, USA   (06.07.13)
His fiance is beautiful, smart, not gay, and Jewish. She was brought up by her Lesbian mother and her woman partner. Grew up as "normal" as any other child. Apparently, it made absolutely no difference what the mother's sexual preference was and is. My friend's son loves his fiance and he admires his future mother in law.
14. "son engaged to be married"
Jason ,   Miami   (06.07.13)
Don't you mean "mothers" in-law???
15. Grace 2
John de Frece ,   Ramat Gan   (06.07.13)
As yes Grace. Got a power of Attorney from "Hashem" have we? He rang you up and told you that he disapproves of what insignificant mammals do with the genitals which he was supposed to have provided them( with specific instructions what to do with them) ? And dont forget - this is a god who loves you !!!!!!!And of course is so concerned with his chosen people that he allows 6 million of them to be annihilated !! Grow up Grace. There isnt a fairy in the sky
16. Happy Rainbow Holiday
Dan ,   Jerusalem   (06.07.13)
Its nice to see so many people gather together to show solidarity with the GLBT community and to support equal rights under the law. Its also nice to see all the celebrities and politicians from both the right and the left of the political spectrum. This is the Israel many dream about - one of Democracy and Tolerance, Love and Pride; and Not one of Dictatorship and Intolerance, Hate, and Bigotry as some seem to express in their ignorant religious based and totally uneducated comments. Long live the human intelligent and the light of tolerance. Down with the darkness and mind control of us all. Shabbat Shalom and Happy Gay Days lol!
17. Tolerance
adam ,   Paris   (06.07.13)
where is the tolerance when an elected official, public figure or even an ordinary person is unable to express his/her support because a bunch of huligans chant abuses at the speaker. What is worse is that those who claim to represent enlightenment and tolerance are only willing to hear themselves.
18. 11 Belgium has a gay prime minister
robert ,   antwerp belgium   (06.07.13)
It's not because a country votes a law that it is right or moral. There are countless examples in history, current and past where countries vote bad laws. In this case, it just doesn't make sense. who do they want to protect with such a marriage? The children? They can't have children. The spouse? For that a financial binding contract is enough
19. Haredim: homos ok; WoW & dosim are goyim
Israeili Jew ,   Israel   (06.07.13)
Not TOO messed up!
20. the struggle continues
Twice Blessed ,   Toronto   (06.07.13)
niced to see gay pride events in Israel. Long overdue !
21. Re # 15
Ariel ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim   (06.07.13)
B"H - Don't be so sure what there is and what there isn't, John de Frece. Even physicist, the materialists per profession, say that we live in a universe of not four but eleven dimensions. So, how do YOU know what is in the other dimentions? The issue however is not physical but political: If this State wants to be recognized as “Jewish”, it cannot support the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) community. It’s as simple as that.
22. The worlds gone nuts...white is black..up is down
Al from Montreal   (06.07.13)
Jeez you'd think everyone changed teams.
23. its a natural progression
Henri ,   Montreal   (06.07.13)
gays and lesbians should be treated as equal citizens- just as they are in Canada (at least in theory)
24. What went on there was AMAZING. wow!!
Rotem ,   Israel   (06.07.13)
Tolerance, friendly people, many tourists from all over, much creativity, unique Israeli humor, lousy DJ's, cheap music, expensive drinks and overall great energy. There were a few Left-Wing morons of Meretz, which where probably get payed to Boo Lapid. That is so typical to this party and it's losers... Still, they didn't managed to ruin the fun.
25. Rotem #24 Heckling & interrupting speeches
Jake   (06.07.13)
is neither tolerant nor friendly.
26. 1.
Birdi ,   Israel   (06.08.13)
Yes, he can eat sugarless chocolate! (obtainable in stores)
27. gay pride ?!
yosef, phd ,   usa israel   (06.08.13)
Truly: there there is nothing to be proud about being gay or les. AS a matter of fact, I am proud to be a normal heterosexual man, father and husband, BUT I do not parade it in a ridiculously tasteless, exhibitionist display. What an agressive imposition on normal human decency.
28. We now face a tsunami of sin.
Johannes ,   Norway   (06.08.13)
It is all around us, and in America the collapse of the Obama nation has reached high gear. God is turning nations over to sodomy for the final judgment. Jude 1:7 -7 In a similar way, Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding towns gave themselves up to sexual immorality and perversion. They serve as an example of those who suffer the punishment of eternal fire.
Esther ,   Selkirk Canada   (06.08.13)
30. Parading and partying not life
Eliyahu Konn ,   Rehovot   (06.08.13)
It would be interesting to see the economic level of the participants. It has been said Sodom and Gomorrah was condemned for their selfishness and cruelty and their treatment of visitors. Yekhezkel 16:49:50 And sodomy was their attempt to humiliate their visitors.
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