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Mayor: Istanbul protest park 'won't become shopping mall'
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Published: 08.06.13, 19:03
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1. I know it's not a noble attitude
Mira ,   Vienna   (06.08.13)
and I certainly mourn the victims of the brutality, but on the other hand it feels so good to see Erdogan in troubles! There will be no way out of it for him unbruised.
2. Again and again
lucifer 69 ,   Kusadasi   (06.08.13)
Tayyip proves that he is a Dick. Good luck to the brothers in Taksim. As the Gazi said:-) HURRIYET VERILMEZ! ALINIR.
3. Give it two weeks
steve from Raleigh   (06.09.13)
Before the protestors are pushed aside by the Salafists who think Erdogan's Sharia is too tame. Then it starts to get interesting.
4. I have a great idea!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.09.13)
Why not turn the ridiculously ornate Topkapi Palace into a shopping mall? Leave natural greenery alone.
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