Israel, EU sign 'open skies' deal
Published: 11.06.13, 07:34
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1. Now we have to provide the Attractions for Visitors
Tim ,   Brighton   (06.11.13)
Yes many will want to Sight See...but even more simply want an affordable Quality Family Holiday Resort Eilat is primarily a Winter Holiday Resort Given the lack of locations on the Med Coast..we need to water becomes more available Family Desert Resorts complete with Water Parks, Activities and Entertainment with good access to Beersheba..and beyond The model of Inland Resorts works very well in the UK despite the think how good this could be in Israel with unbroken sunshine?
2. Good. But I love El Al.
2Mad ,   גולה בצרפת   (06.11.13)
I like the feeling of uncompromising security, reliability and efficiency. I'll vote with my wallet, like I always did, and wish a good luck to competitors.
3. plan b
trueblue ,   Austin texas   (06.11.13)
Prepare to evacuate. Half dozen commercial carriers now unwittingly shall provide logistics. viva caucasia.
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