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Israelis, Palestinians talk water cooperation
Published: 06.07.13, 09:42
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1. Wonder what the BDS folks think about this
Daniel ,   Tel aviv, Israel   (07.06.13)
Israel should be boycotted, divested from and sanctioned no matter what right? So please, Palestinian and Jordanian hydrologists, go home. Your wellbeing is not as important as the destruction of that darn apartheid state.
2. Israel water facts and the misinformation in this article
Media nonsense ,   Netherlands   (07.06.13)
Israel recycles 70 % of its water. Israel takes more than 50 % of its water from the sea and desalinizes the water. In the next few years this will go to 80% percent of national use. Israel exports water, so we dont need Gazans or jordanians or any body else. But we can help them ( our arab neighbours) if we wish if they behave normal which they rarely fo.
3. Nothing to talk about except "Palestinian" departure.
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.07.13)
"Palestinians" are our mortal foes. Pretending they are our friends is lunacy. It is no different than pretending Neo-Nazis are our friends. Israel has nothing to talk to "Palestinians" about except their permanent departure from our land.
4. #3:No doubt about that, but it seems that we'll have to
tom ,   tel aviv   (07.07.13)
arrive at that goal by being patient& smart. At least that's what I hope our "Dear Leaders" are :-)....
5. # 3 Chaim AMEN
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (07.07.13)
the pals make war let them try their hand at making water and a clean environment for their kids who they use for jihad and death, for a price of $25,000.00 and call it an insurance policy for murder and genocide their own. Not too bright these dim wits with a violent agenda.
6. Cooperation?
Koose E Mack ,   NY USA   (07.07.13)
Since when is total dependence on Israel cooperation? The Palestinians are dependent on Israel for everything..electricity, phone, water, food......... If you have a tapeworm in your intestines, does the tapeworm call it cooperation? No, it's parasitism, plain and simple. So be good little parasites, behave, and you will have your water, electricity, etc.
7. land & water for peace?
zionist forever   (07.07.13)
We are already going to be expected to give land for peace I assume now we will be expected to also give water for peace.
8. You cant give what's not yours
Lynx ,   Palestine   (07.08.13)
The Palestinian water aquafers in the West Bank all belong to Palestine. You are breaching international law - hence your non cooperation will accelerate the path to the ICC case against you criminals. Palestinians cannot and will not beg for whats theirs by right and law!
9. Good Signs
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (07.08.13)
First at last these meetings are being carried out openly and transparently and not covertly so that the PA cannot appear two faced in its dealings with Israel and Palestinians in the West Bank can see that we can work with Israel to our mutual benefit Second Water is a vital issue of mutual interest. It shows how open collaboration can be of mutual benefit for all neighbours in the region A Water Agreement will create a bigger market for Israeli Water Technology and Water together with Water Security for the Region which creates prosperity for all Water is a good place to start...and we can then apply this formula to Tourism Projects, Connectivity, Joint Manufacturing, Sports Projects, Music and Film.....these are the Practical Measures is what will really underpin Peace and promote Prosperity
10. to #8 Its your attitude which makes Palestinians in to the
Andi ,   Israel   (07.08.13)
biggest international beggers of all time, receiving more aid per capita than anyone else anywhere. The land is disputed. Its not yours. You didn't claim it before 1967. Israel is co-operating with its neigbours to make a better future for all. People like you are not co-operating which is why you will continue to be beggers, merely spouting empty rhetoric to make yourselves feel good.
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