Israeli summer... in photos
Published: 12.06.13, 15:37
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1. Why doesnt Y Net offer Cash or Camera Prize for
Tim ,   Brighton   (06.12.13)
10 Best Summer Photos for 2013! We would LOVE to see them published on Y Net!
2. Resolution?
Marcos ,   Austin, USA   (06.12.13)
Nice photos, too bad you post them post-card size. This is 2013! Give us some high-resolution photos!
3. The guy with the watermelon looks like a monkey
4. #3
Jane   (06.12.13)
I have a strange feeling that you are looking at a reflection of yourself.
5. Lovely summer photos
Get Real ,   UK   (06.12.13)
Preferable to pictures of Gaza summer camp children training on how to kidnap an Israeli soldier.
6. Great Stuff
Adam Neira ,   Paris, France   (06.12.13)
Israel is a photographer's dream. So many interesting things to snap. The Summer season weather there is also more reliable than many other nations in the world, and thus more outdoor activities can be planned in advance.
7. Pictures
Josh ,   USA   (06.13.13)
Is it just my imagination, or does Israel actually have a much higher percentage of fit and trim women then in the States?
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