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Syria rebels kill 60 Shiites; missiles hit Lebanon
Associated Press
Published: 12.06.13, 16:02
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1. WTF
Sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (06.12.13)
Where is the mighty IDF? Where is Jordan? Where is Turkey? This is a crime against humanity regardless of race, gender, religion etc. These countries have the power to put a stop to this senseless bloodshed within weeks if they choose to do so, but they are waiting for the US to spend it's money and spill it's blood as usual. I got news for all. IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, so man-up and get the job done neighbors.
2. #1 SHUT UP
The MIGHTY IDF Is poised in the Glory of Ha Shem! Besides this situation doesn't concern Israel, until they cross Israeli Golan Heights!
3. wtf
A V ,   london - UK   (06.12.13)
hi roll when the US went to irak what happen they screw and damaged that country as much as i like the US when they enter a war they are no good at it they are too spoilt to fight a dirty war ,sorry ..
4. Swedish flotilla
HaCohen   (06.12.13)
I heard Sweden is organizing a flotilla which will be departing which will depart after midsummer ;-)
5. Straight talk, Sheik
Cameron ,   USA   (06.12.13)
Stinkers across the ME yearn and pray the Yanks will jump in and lavish blood & treasure on that barbarian armpit. No. This scenario we going to lean back, and observe how the regional players handle their Syrian business. We may toss a few rifles & bandages Syria way, but this is the chaos & burden of others to get after.
6. #1 Sheik, Rantle and Troll
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (06.12.13)
One day, you'll understand why.... There's no room for your puerile take on the situation here. Let the Sunni and Shia militants sort their problems out for themselves..for the next millennia .. They're going to blame Israel along the way anyway.. Furthermore
7. #1 and where is the Arab League?
Get Real ,   UK   (06.12.13)
See the benefits Hezbollah have brought to both Lebanon and now Syria assisting Assad slaughter his people. Have not seen any calls from Israel asking the US to intervene. Syrian rebellion is not Israel's nor the US problem. Israelis too busy enjoying themselves on the net . Only becomes Israel's concern if hostilities from Syria or Hezbollah are directed against Israel and then you will see the mighty IDF re-act.
8. #1 - relax!
Ben ,   Chutzlaarets   (06.12.13)
Where was your outrage in Darfur or for that matter Kongo. Millions have died in those civilian slaughter fests and you didn't get upset then! This is a nasty internal Islamic battle and neither Israel nor the US should get involved unless their direct interests are threatened. We are hated by both sides! As ugly as it is, sometimes we need to just set sit things out. Certainly Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan Turkey and Russia have gotten involved already. We can't always be the good guys/ world police!
9. #1Only action needed is to wish BOTH sides good luck !
Alan ,   SA   (06.12.13)
10. #1 Protested...
Amicahi ,   Huntsville, US   (06.12.13)
#1, I bet you were one of those who protested when Israel fired on Syria a few weeks ago when Syrian fire fell in the Golan. Now you're begging for Israeli intervention on behalf of mulsims that would see Israel destroyed? The only difference between then & now is that it's a Lebanese town that's been hit instead of a Jewish outpost. I say let the militant factions kill each other. It only means fewer radicals to target innocent Jews. Oh wait, I forgot, in the Islamic world, there are no innocent Jews.
11. The Spillover
Adam Neira ,   Paris, France   (06.12.13)
People forget that Syria is a vast land. 186,000 which is nine times larger than Israel. The nation borders Iraq; Lebanon; Turkey; Jordan and Israel. because of the nature of this brutal conflict spillover unfortunately is almost unavoidable. The key for all the surrounding nations and other concerned nations in the world is to make sure that the violence does not spiral out of control. Ensuring the territorial sovereignty of the country whilst trying to get the various groups and tribes to agree to move towards a peaceful resolution is difficult but not impossible. Yet this must be the ultimate mission.
12. # 1
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (06.12.13)
This is strictly a Muslim problem. Let them solve their own problems. Israel doesn't need your advice or approval.
13. 2
alsky ,   Toronto   (06.12.13)
this situation most certainly DOES concern Israel. Israel has and will do a pre-emptive strike when necessary. It could happen anytime, and thats how Israel has survived G-d bless Israel !
14. 2 state solution is the only solution
zionist forever   (06.13.13)
The only way to bring a quick way to possibly end this war is to divide Syria just like they did to Sudan. Create an Alawite state which Assad can rule over without any challenge to his rule and the rest of the country well they can decide how they want to run things. Assuming Assad will be gone by then give it 10-20 years the Alawite state will want to rejoin the rest of Syria anyway once rebuilding has taken place and wounds have healed. If they don't divide the country when Assad goes there is going to be a massacre of the Alawite population any and probably the Sunni / Shia problems will arise again.
15. 7
zionist forever   (06.13.13)
The sheiks who are the ones with most political influence within the Arab League and Saudi Arabia which has the strongest army well they are to busy counting their $$$$. They are quit happy to condemn but as long as it doesn't involve them having to get involved in anyway. If military intervention of any kind is needed then leave it to the US & Euopeans. It will probably cost about $100 billion to rebuild Syria when the fighting ends I wonder how much the sheiks will be willing to donate and how much they expect the US & Europe to pay.
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