PM: Recognition of Jewish state not precondition for peace talks
Attila Somfalvi, AP
Published: 12.06.13, 22:00
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1. Two Security Pillars
Zechariah   (06.12.13)
For the Jews in Israel outnumbered the Two Pillars stringent Defense and Horrific Deterrance ought continue obviously.The Jews ought protect the also the Arabs from the Sea to the River from psychgenocidalists who want The Holy Land Destroyed .
2. Bibi betrays all Likud stands for and Israel votes for.
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.12.13)
Likud's Constitution clearly rejects the abominable Two State Final Solution. So do the vast majority of Israelis. As any literate school child can see, it would turn Israel into a 9 mile wide concentration camp. Bibi betrays Israel and everything Israel stands for and votes for when he claims Israel wants this monstrous evil.
3. Of course you do realize ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.12.13)
.... that this means the ersatz "Palestinians" cannot set preconditions, either. And construction in Judea and Samaria will continue. Nice way to put the ball back into Abbas' court. He'll never, ever agree to negotiations without a construction freeze. And then he'll promptly dilly dally, and hem and haw, and be his usual intransigent self. Israel, of course, will be perceived as willing to come to negotiations without preconditions. Abbas will be perceived as the one dragging his feet. Good job, Mr. Prime Minister! VERY good job!
4. Poland and External intrusion
Brod ,   USA   (06.12.13)
Poland is becoming Hussien's tool in trying to manipulate Israel. It is time for Israel to stop this external inflow of Hussien's tools that are beating the wrong horse.
5. recognizing Israel as Jewish country
jan ,   jerusalem, israel   (06.12.13)
This MUST be a precondition! no sense talking otherwise!
6. Looking back from 2050...
Adam Neira ,   Paris, France   (06.12.13)
So looking back from the year 2050 what is the best solution to the Iran/West imbroglio ? What is the divinely mandated scenario ? How can the children of Persia and the Holy Land grow up in a peaceful, prosperous Middle East ? Which parties and groups at the moment are sincere about peacemaking and which ones are just paying lip service to the idea of a reconvened NPT Conference ? Which paradigm should unfold ? Vision, courage and trust building or myopia, cowardice and betrayal of trust.
7. No pre-conditions for peace talks?
Get Real ,   UK   (06.12.13)
First pre-condition should be that any negotiated peace agreement be honoured by Hamas. Cynics might say that Abbas is not negotiating because he cannot guarantee the terror organisation's acquiescence to any agreement.
8. PM: Recognition of Israel not precondition for peace talks.
Elsie. ,   Gush Halav.   (06.12.13)
Now I know I will be blow to pieces by my post, but questions, how can there be no preconditions if the PM says, # 1 demilitarized Palestinian state, #2 recognized Israel as a Jewish State# 3Ironclad secuity arrangements for Israel, it sure smells like preconditions to me. Ok talkbackers, do your worst!
9. #7
Jordan Ariel ,   USA   (06.12.13)
Abbas cant even guarantee Hamas wouldnt kill him after he reaches an agreement.
10. No preconditions ?!
yosef, phd ,   usa israel   (06.12.13)
The moment of Truth is finally here upon Netaniahu: Is he a man of unyelding final principles or a spineless coward ?!
11. Sarah ,what you are saying is...
exUK ,   Tel Aviv   (06.12.13)
that the whole discussion is a charade.If Abbas were to say "OK let's do it",Israel would go deaf.I realise it is not simple,however it should be about PEACE not bluffing and charades.Too many lives are at stake on both sides.
12. Saying 'peace' has become public relations gesture.
Sam ,   Canada   (06.12.13)
Abbas says he wants peace in Columbia and Netanyahu says he wants peace in Poland. It's really meaningless. Jewish state and Palestinian right of return negate each other so peace is going nowhere. For Israel the question is if the status quo is good enough or if some other strategy is needed.
13. #3, sarah, #5, Jan
elke ,   usa   (06.12.13)
The cessation of settlement building and the evacuation of West Bank settlements is NOT a precondition. IT is an obligation under international law, an obligation to which Israel has agreed in signed documents and treaties. Preserving the rights of the native population was a specific condition of Israel's founding and protection of all rights for all citizens is actually a tenant of Israel's declaration of independence. Look it up. Jan, the Palestianians have recognized Israel as a sovereign state FOUR times. No other nation in the world has recognized Israel as a "Jewish" state nor has any been asked to. With a 25 % Arab population, Israel is already a diverse state of Jews, Muslims, Christians and atheists.
14. Saying 'peace' has become public relations gesture.
Sam ,   Canada   (06.12.13)
Abbas says he wants peace in Columbia and Netanyahu says he wants peace in Poland. It's really meaningless. Jewish state and Palestinian right of return negate each other so peace is going nowhere. For Israel the question is if the status quo is good enough or if some other strategy is needed.
15. Hamas is the best guaranty
Raphael ,   Netanya   (06.12.13)
That no solution can be reached, as Meshaal's speech of dec 8th 2012 denies any right to the existence of Israel. As for the P.A. fat cats, give them any reason to give up he UNRWA bonanza and plentiful EU & US yearly billion $ gifts: if nobody is bold enough to disband the nefarious UNRWA, that means Naqba business as usual forever.
16. #8
dan ,   dc   (06.12.13)
the difference is that netanyahu will talk no matter whether the palestinians pre-agree to that. that can allow netanyahu to offer concessions to the palestinians in return for a demilitarized state. the palestinian strategy is that they won't even talk until israel gives in to certain demands. i guess its a form of negotiation...or extortion.
17. What is Wrong with This Picture?
Doug ,   Rochester, USA   (06.13.13)
Bibi demands "a demilitarized Palestinian state that recognizes Israel as the Jewish state and ironclad security arrangements for Israel." When it is Israel that has started more than a dozen wars the past several decades and Palestine has started NONE? How about a demilitarized Israel that recognizes Palestine as an non-Jewish state and ironclad security arrangements for Palestine? Funny how Bibi states unfair Israeli pre-conditions in the very same speach as he whines and whines about Palestine pre-conditions. When Palestine's pre-conditions are simply that Israel STOP INCREASING THE ILLEGAL COLONIZATION. Palestine is not even damanding that Israel stop the colonization, but simply stop making the war crime even worse!!!!!
18. Its a massive precondition
David ,   San Diego   (06.13.13)
This shows how deluded this Israeli government truly is. Israel has already been recognized by the PA within the 1967 borders. However, now Israel wants to be recognized as a JEWISH state before there is even a peace process. Before Abbas even thinks about recognizing Israel as a Jewish state, there needs to be a just solution for the refugees, borders need to be drawn up, and a Palestinian state must be large enough to absorb in refugees too. But to think that any PA government, even a very liberal, pro peace PA, will simply recognize Israel as a Jewish state before the issues of borders or land is brought up is an insane pre condition which the entire world laughs at. Let there be a Palestinian state large enough to take in millions of refugees, with sovereign borders, then maybe you can not talk Israeli Jewish hegemony. However, the Palestinians, unlike Israel, have not called for any preconditions. Stopping settlement expansion isn't a pre condition. Its a basic show of good well for honest negotiations. And its something Israel will never amount to. So we will have to wait for the one state solution Israel is so keen on creating. Get ready! Israel is literally out to destroy itself!
19. To: No. 11
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.13.13)
That's a bridge to cross when we come to it. Let's get Abbas to the table first, shall we? Good luck with that one.
20. To: No. 13
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.13.13)
No, the only international law that prevails here run under the Hague Conventions, because Judea and Samaria are nonsovereign territories. Under all recognized precepts of international law, a country which acquires nonsovereign territory in the course of fighting a defensive war -- as is the case with Israel -- is free to settle, retain and even annex that territory. That's black letter law, and all the posturing by the United Nations and a gaggle of anti-Semitic nations isn't going to change that. Those tenets of international law have even been imposed upon Germany, Italy and Japan following World War II, when sovereign land belonging to those countries was annexed. By the way, it's "tenet," not "tenant." Your ignorance is monumental. You put that ignorance further on display by referencing "native populations." First of all, we will dispense with the popular fallacy that the ersatz "Palestinians" are "native" to anyplace. Did you know that the only Palestinians are the Jews? Go look at some Ottoman and British Mandatory census records, where Arabs are referred to as Arab or Bedouin, and the appellation "Palestinian" is reserved EXCLUSIVELY for the Jewish people. The fact that the ersatz "Palestinians" co-opted that identity from the Jews in 1967 does not make them "Palestinians." They are not. That's what makes them ersatz. Besides the guarantees to which you refer apply to stateless individuals. West Bank Arabs are hardly stateless -- they are Jordanian citizens. They will be repatriated to Jordan. Look it up. Settlement building will continue. If you don't like it -- well, tough.
21. is this Netenyaho?!!!!!
Is this BB says i cant beleave Ok i have new and past imformation to you Palistian and arab beleave it from long time ago they also see its not necessery this procondention they allready recongnetion of giwesh state what is the problem if BB agree and Palistain people agree also tell the true dont lie BB with my best hopes and like Zaina Shehab
22. to #18 Do you want preconditions or peace?
Andi ,   Israel   (06.13.13)
You forget that Israel stopped settlement building for 10 months about 4 years ago as a good will gesture, and the PA rejected it. The fact that the PA recognises Israel de facto, but not as a Jewish state, indicates it still sees the pre 67 land as suitable for Palestinian (non) refugee resettlement ie the PA doesn't recognise Israel's right to exist as a Jewish State-it sees the arrival of 5million anti -Israel foreign immigrants in to Israel as a reasonable solution. BUT in any case Bibi has given up on this issue as a pecondition to talks. And of course all this is irrelevant as you don't even mention Hamas which is just sitting there quietly waiting to fire rockets from the first inch of land that Israel withdraws from.
23. #17 friendly advice
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (06.13.13)
I want to help you out with some friendly advice: if you want to express an opinion you should stick the facts or you make yourself look really stupid. You said "Israel that has started more than a dozen wars the past several decades" Tell me not 12, but one single war that Israel has started in the past 150 years. You can't because Israel hasn't.
24. What's wrong with #17?! The fact that there are individuals
tom ,   tel aviv   (06.13.13)
uneducated/brainwashed enough to brazenly and shamelessly say things like this American Dhimmi has, is in itself unacceptable. Send this Doug to a North Korean re-educational facility and send him fast!
25. #8 Elsie
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (06.13.13)
Why are you always attacking Israel? You should be the most pro-Israel Zionist Talkbacker. Let's face facts Elsie. You live a very good life in Gush Halav in Israel. You are certain that as long as Israel exists, you will get the health care and welfare you need, your property, faith and freedoms will be preserved. If you lived anywhere else in the Middle East this would not be true. You aren't allowed to live in Saudi Arabia. In Iraq, Egypt or Gaza you would lose everything because of your faith. In Syria and Lebanon, at least one of your children would be dead by now, and if you haven't lost your property yet, you probably will in the next year or two. You would be supporting the butcher Assad, because Sunni Jihad is worse. Even once-normal Turkey is going down the drain thanks to Erdo. The only reason Judea and Samaria are pleasant is the IDF protecting the corrupt Abbas. Now explain, what is it with you?
26. To: No. 17
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.13.13)
So, Abbas' demand that Judea and Samaria -- his imaginary ersatz "Palestinian" "state"-- be Judenrein doesn't constitute a war crime? Yet again, I remind you that nonsovereign Judea and Samaria were reacquired by Israel in the course of fighting a defensive war against Jordan. There are consequences to war. One does not reward the aggressor, and one CERTAINLY does not make them a "state." The ersatz "Palestinians" are a terrorist rabble. History speaks rather eloquently to that fact. The State of Israel does not want a terrorist rabble in its midst. Do you have a problem with that? Have you forgotten the riotous celebrations in the Arab communities in Judea and Samaria on September 11, 2001? While Jews wept, and queued on line for hours in the hot sun in order to donate blood? Do you really want to align yourself with people who so relished America's most agonizing day? Do you hate the Jewish people and the State of Israel that much? We have a word for that. It's spelled "traitor." A crime, by the way, punishable by death in most countries -- including the United States. You would do well to keep that in mind.
27. #17
Israel   (06.13.13)
Time to pick up some history books or newspapers and check your facts before you start vomiting garbage out of mouth. Israelis don't go to West Bank and blow up buses, but the Palestinans try to every other day. Why don't you try and visit West Bank or Gaza wearing a kipa and then decide who needs security measures? Or are you only brave behind your computer screen?
28. If the so called Palestinians -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (06.13.13)
- do not want a dialogue without preconditions, ignore them an leave them out in the cold !. Arn.Sweden.
29. #2,#3 I love saying "I told you so."
On the Balcony ,   Akko/NY/Kyiv   (06.13.13)
#2 There is no betrayal. Likud formerly supported the two state solution and maintaining his current majority depends upon it. Such a statement was expected by most of us. Only "True Believers" have difficulty dealing with the reality of the the obvious. #3 Ooops! Abbas has already dropped his demand for a settlement freeze. He has one precondition now: negotiations to one: on the basis of 1967 borders. There should be no problem accepting this since .this is the position being pushed by the rest of the world and it does not determine the outcome. Start collecting those suitcases Sarah. Of course, no one can really say "I told you so" until Abbas and Bibi collect their Nobel peace prizes. And that's a long way off yet.
30. 8: no blow back here
On the Balcony ,   Akko/NY/Kyiv   (06.13.13)
The PM has stated what the outcome should be - that's simply a negotiating stance not a precondition.
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