Yesh Atid MK warns occupation will turn Israel into S. Africa
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 12.06.13, 23:12
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1. But murdering innocent people for a "cause" is just fine!
Riva S. ,   "Occupier!" Israel   (06.12.13)
"The occupation corrupts Israeli society, the IDF , Israeli justice, Israeli media, Israeli psyche and Israeli mode of speech," he claimed. I have to ask, what kind of crazy propaganda is that statement! As a person living over the Green line, i happen to know first hand that not only are these areas populated with some of the finest people you'll ever meet, but we actually maintain GOOD RELATIONS with our Arab neighbors, often engaging in business with them. And i can tell you the Arabs make millions from their business with us! The interference from the world will distroy this! Except for their terrorist leaders who steal their budgets (as has been shown in the news) and forceably make Arabs subdue their will to them on threat of death (and i do not exaggerate as this has also been in the news!), many Arabs would prerfer to live under Israeli rule which is actually fair and kind to them. But G-d forbid an Arab would admit this to some of his people loyal to the thugs on the top, he would most likely be branded as a traitor and murdered! The time has come to tell the truth! The world should stop blaming Israeli citizens over the Green line who care soooo much about the security of Israel, who live on this land so there can be an Israel! And who are mostly law abiding, good citizens of Israel!!
2. Mr. Shelah's mistake
Abraham Nachmias ,   Petach Tikva IL   (06.12.13)
This guy belongs to Meretz or better Jadash! He made a mistake or maybe he was just wanting to get to the Knesset no matter with which party! This comments are the ones that will destroy Israel with Zinat Chinam!
3. No problem, withdraw from Area A, bye bye occupation.
Jake ,   USA   (06.12.13)
Oh wait, the Arabs won't let that happen. They will come crawling to the negotiating table to make sure that doesn't happen. They know that Israel has ALL the cards here. Funny that the distinguished Ofer Shelah is so ignorant of geopolitical realities.
4. or he can choose the Syrian model
eddie ,   London UK   (06.13.13)
what he is inviting is the chaos of syria, lebanon, libya etc. A palestinian state in gaza and WB will be the new focal point for the hizbolla, al qaeda, shiites, iran, jihad, hamas etc. What you see in Syria will be like a tea party compared to what will happen in the palestinian state and in israel.
5. He sounds like...
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (06.12.13)
he should be writing for Haaretz or the New York Times.
6. No comparison with South Africa
Raphael ,   Netanya   (06.13.13)
There are 2 major differences: 1) Jews are the majority 2) Unlike colonial South Africa, Israel does not rely upon non jewish labour: Our palestinian friends can strike or emigrate without disturbing our economy. Our situation is much closer to that of Poland or Czech Republic, who expelled the german minorities further to the defeat of the aggressor Germany.
7. anti-Israel Arabs out - now!
no   (06.13.13)
8. It is always thus
Sane   (06.13.13)
The party that hates the Charedim normally doesn't like many other Jewish things as well. So to YA hate any identification as Jews, with those most self-identified as Jews (the Charedim) hated the most. See also : Meretz.
9. Shelah is fear mongering leftist coward.
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.13.13)
Even someone of MK Shelah's limited intelligence should know Israel is the legal owner of Judea and Samaria. "Occupation" is an insult. It has nothing to do with reality. MK Shelah is a fear mongering leftist coward in a party that is as temporary as Shinnui. Perhaps even more temporary.
10. Ofer Shelah
Arn ,   Yehud, Israel   (06.13.13)
Ofer Shelah has back problems' Instead of a spine he has a weak yellow streak that couldn't support a marshmallow. When did the world ever accept the Jews? Jordan never owned the West Bank and the UN never recognized the WB as Jordanian territory. Would any country have complained had Jordan established settlements and housing projects there? The world had no problem when the Jordanians made the Wailing Wall Jerusalem's garbage dump. The future of Palestine is as a principality in the model of Monaco, Andorra and Lichtenstein.
11. occupying
mike ,   uk   (06.12.13)
No matter how you dress it up, here in the UK it is believed that Israel occupies and subjugates another people. People are not interested about legal niceties, who owns what, you cannot control the destiny of a million people plus. Maintaining the status quo is not an option, its be said before one land for two people or split the land between Jew and Arab, its that simple.
12. Ofer Shelah corrupts intelligence
jay abouaf ,   jaffa israel   (06.13.13)
13. He is a member of Knesset for the salary.
MV ,   Israel   (06.13.13)
What else can you expect from him, he does not look like Mrs Galon but speaks like her.
14. Listen to him!
Harri ,   EU   (06.13.13)
Listen to Ofer Shelah. He is talking of a 100% true danger. The conflict of Israel and Palestinians is an open wound that must be healed or it will be stopped by international community in a way or another. You may believe what you like, but when all the other nations tell you that you must give all Palestinians the citizenship of Israel, you have very limited and uneasy options to choose. I know that you hate all the messengers who try to warn you, but try to think outside your box, and you see yourself that there is only two options left: Build two states for two people now, or face the reality of bi-national state where Arabs are the majority. I hope you all the best but I fear the worst.
15. Occupation will turn Israel into South Africa
Harold ,   USA   (06.13.13)
At least one Israel is talking the truth. Yes Israel will be compared to South Africa very soon and sanctions start from all around the world like they did to South Africa.
16. MK position Judea and Samaria...,
Serge ,   NY USA   (06.13.13)
Fine let do it as Israel did in Gaza... Unilateral withdrawal . And then how about THE ROCKETS???? And this time, the target won't be those "distant" , "not historical " or " not so cool" places like Sderot, Ashkelon ... Probably will be some fancy and fashionable "pad " of the MK in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem , Haifa.....
17. How does a country "occupy" its own heartland?
BH ,   Iowa   (06.13.13)
18. Why Jews are being called occupiers in Judea and not Arabs?
leo ,   usa   (06.13.13)
Everything is upside down.
19. Mr. Shelah: are you prepared to allow
Vardina   (06.13.13)
millions of Muslims to come to Israel as so called "returning" Palestinians? Bacause if your answer is positive you may as well suggest that we drown ourselves in the sea.
20. Clueless...
Jonathan   (06.13.13)
He really doesn't understand what he is talking about. Instead of helping Israel spread out the truth... Sowing seeds of fear again?
21. 1 if that is the case, offer them citizenship
whats fair is fair.   (06.13.13)
with full rights, make them an offer, but as it is at the moment, you only offering wages, and that will not solve the problem.
22. #9 Chaim and the Sicilian Mafia
Michael ,   Haifa   (06.13.13)
The Sicilian Mafia believes that it is the sovereign and legal owner of Sicily. Of course, it has no international legal recognition, but who needs international recognition if one can achieve one's aims by criminal force
23. #11, Palestine was already split between Jews & Arabs
Jake ,   USA   (06.13.13)
Transjordan was lopped off in 1921 for an Arab state. Jews may be peaceful, but we're not stupid. The two state solution is in place, and it has not brought peace. Gaza is the second Arab state in Palestine. There is no need or justification for a third Arab state in Palestine. Regarding the people, Israel could either annex the West Bank and maintain a 2:1 Jewish majority, or Israel can withdraw from Areas A&B, and create a third Palestinian Arab state in the remaining territory of the West Bank. Do the people of the UK consider those two options acceptable, or does the UK support the maximalist Arab demand of 100% withdrawal from the West Bank?
24. Israel vs South Africa
Etienne Prinsloo ,   Sydney River, Canada   (06.13.13)
Never forget the pink liberals in the West - especially the UK, the Scandanavian countries and the Netherlands had a lot of practice in how to manipulate the minds of the masses by using for eg the BBC for whom lies are second nature. Look how many so called Christian churches side with he Palestinians at present. No matter what Israel does it will be right nor enough.
25. He is absolutely right
Andre ,   New Jersey   (06.13.13)
Occupation is not the answer. Although it's understandable that the Israelis have fear based on past experiences, not letting people live freely is never the answer. When one people do not let other people to live freely, both peoples suffer.
26. scare tactics = BS
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (06.13.13)
yesh atid can make up what they want. we live here and must live with the reality. Since yesh atid moved in, the standard of living has plunged and jobs have been lost. that's a future?
27. note how biassed this article is--
pinchas ,   boston   (06.13.13)
99% of the quotes damn Jewish settlement and come from this bald idiot Shelah-- but not a word is quoted from Hotovely or others who make the case FOR retaining Judea and Samaria. Thank you ynet for showing your true color-- an ugly shade of yellow.
28. "The World" is not a single political entity
Vlad   (06.13.13)
The only nations that would realistically start to treat Israel as South Africa are the European nations and possibly Latin America. The US keeps brokering peace talks for it's own interests but doesn't really care all too much how it ends up, Canada is a close friend, while Israel's business with Asia, particularly China and India, are rising, and China and India have Tibet and Kashmir to worry about. There is no realistic chance of a worldwide boycott of Israel. The only real possibility is EU sanctions, but Israel could weather that.
29. He's right: Israel is already a paraiah
Dan   (06.13.13)
Rightly or wrongly, among anyone outside israel and under 35, Israel is already the villain in the Arab-Israel conflict. The main reason is the settlements, which 'prove' the Arab claim that the wars were about expansion, not defence, and justify continued 'resistance'. This is nonsense, but the obvious Greater Israel goals of Bibi & Co prevent anyone seeing the facts about Arab intolerance and aggression. Hear, o Israel: abandon the settlers or die.
30. # 11
Jules   (06.13.13)
The Arab dwellers of Judea and Samaria are Jordanian citizens, who in 1967 were stripped of their citizenship (not by Israel, of course) and locked up, without the right of repatriation to the Motherland. Same with the dwellers of sector Gaza: they are Egyptians, stripped of their legal right to return to the Motherland, i.e. to Egypt. Those great injustices must be resolved, and those Arabs must be allowed to leave.
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