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Rabbinate introduces 'bourekas reform'
Kobi Nachshoni
Published: 13.06.13, 13:23
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1. I love Israel
Sara ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.13.13)
2. Democratic Jewish State
Oblong ,   Triangle, Israel   (06.13.13)
Mind boggling
3. bourekas shapes?
yosef ,   Jerusalem, Isael   (06.13.13)
This just proves some of these people have too much time on their hands and need to get real jobs or serve in the IDF where a boureka is just a snack
4. Reshaping?
Sagi   (06.13.13)
The only thing requiring reshaping is the Rabbanut.
5. Labeling Kosher chocolates
Israeli grandma   (06.13.13)
What about this labeling of Kosher "Dairy" chocolates when there are no dairy ingredients whatsoever in them? I know that the product may well have been manufactured in a facility where proper dairy chocolate is made, but this is an unnecessary stringency.
6. #3 & 4 missed the point
Israeli grandma   (06.13.13)
This is a sensible and practical idea from the rabbis to make it easier for the majority of the population who still keep to the Jewish dietary code to tell which products are dairy or not. They are correct that there is a problem with burekas sold loose with no labelling.
7. I would not eat anything from the rabbanut.
Michael ,   California, USA   (06.13.13)
What do those uneducated bozos know about nutrition, dieting, what is good for us? Nutrition is a huge field, with huge implication on our health. Allowing rabbanut people to participate in national decisions on nutrition is an act of negligence jeopardizing the health of Israelis.
8. You bourekas de rules!
Az   (06.13.13)
This is so far out of line I don't even know what to say. Except that which I am saying right now, that is: To make this Papal-esque pronouncement seems crazy to me. So now if their dairy bourekas are circular discs but their meat bourekas are tetrahedral, and the vegetarian ones are square prisms, then they'll be declared heathens or whatever?
9. Maths and geometry
Raptor   (06.13.13)
are based on pure logic. Religion is based on pure fantasy. The two are strange bedfellows indeed.
10. bourekas
HS ,   BROOKLYN   (06.13.13)
all you talkbackers that are taking advantage of this to degrade the Rabbanim looks like you have nothing better to do ... If there was a label or special shape for dangerous medicine you would praise the idea... If you believe in the Torah like your great grandparents did you would realize that not kosher is poison to the jewish soul...
11. In every serious bakery
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (06.13.13)
they separate dairy and parve products . When at a feast , where religious people come , they will NOT serve dairy cakes or bourekas at a meal . Why those new rules ?
12. I HATE triangles because there is too much dough......
OMG ,   Jerusalem   (06.13.13)
and I only eat parve! HOW REDICULOUS that rabbis make these decisions. And for this they get paid by the state?????
13. shapeconfused
the way to have gone about it is to suggest shapes for the client to recognise the filling .with time nobody would get confused . however the IMPOSITION of ''follow the new shape rules'' or we well say you're not kosher is totally beyond belief and an insult to the Jewish intellect. Rabbis go back to normality and don't give ammunition to those who ridicule Judaism
14. #7
Sane   (06.13.13)
Your hatred for Judaism is so profound you object to kosher supervision? You do know that the Rabbbanate do not make any nutritional judgments, don't you? Stop being blinded by your hate.
15. #4 You took the words out of my mouth!
Idfmom ,   Jerusalem   (06.13.13)
Anther reason to be embarrassed to live in this country! What century are we in now??
16. #12 and they are being paid very well!
No minimum wage for these keepers of dietary laws. And they bring home thousands of shekels of food home for there 10 kids! can the shop owners complain?. Of course not, they will lose their license to sell "kosher". And the difference between them and the mob that asks for "protection money? Lol
17. Kosher bourekas shape, get bent out ...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (06.13.13)
of shape [angry], non-Kosher consumers. My personal advice: mind your own business.
18. # 14, Objection is to give jobs to the incompetent..
Michael ,   California, USA   (06.13.13)
Government is paying salaries. Kashrut is a private affair of believers, like you for instance, but entirely meaningless to me. Government inspection is justified for cleanliness and nutritional value of food (labels, for instance), not for whether the food has been viewed by a religious supervisor. Religious supervisor is qualified to check your talit, for instance, in the privacy of your dungeon. But he is not qualified to rule on food sold in stores serving the general public. Sorry, the name you sign is improper.
19. halachically improper
avi   (06.14.13)
My mother in law shlitah is 89 uears old, in good health, an active mind but a bit forgetful at times. She would be too proud to be reminded which shape is which. However if both looked the same she would ask. Lifne evir li tetain mkshol - the rabbinate is placing an impediment in front of her causing her to potentially sin or more likely starve and threaten her health.
20. Orthoquack judaism has fallen into the abyss of nutjarism
Al   (06.14.13)
Man oh manochewitz there are nuts..
21. different shapes
joemoer ,   iSrael   (06.14.13)
i totaly agree with this different shape idea and i think that it should be rabbis as well that should have to conform to different shapes. orthodox rabbis should only be "large finger " shaped body and reform should be roundish body shapes. this would help when approaching a rabbi as one would know when to give him the finger sign .
22. Mindboggling waste of my money
Taxpayer ,   Hod Hasharon   (06.14.13)
How much of our money has been wasted on this lunacy because a couple of idiots are too pig ignorant to ask what they are eating - or to cut it open and have a look It is symptomatic about how they expect the whole country to conform to their increasingly obtuse demands. Perhaps we should now have a definition of a Rabbi - all Rabbis are to be men orwomen who offer spiritual guidance and not take god's gift tomankind to places he did not intend nor try to speak in his name.
23. #18
Sane   (06.14.13)
No, I read exactly what you wrote, so don't try changing. As to your new rant, if you want a 'Jewish state' you need something Jewish. As regards as being 'meaningless' to you, I am sure many secular cultural things are funded, even when they are not all relevant to all seculars. As to the last thing, we are not talking about ruling about what food is sold to the public, we are talking about what food has kosher certification. If you can't see what Rabbi's have to do with kosher certification you need to learn logic.
24. At first, it sounded like a convenience, but...
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   (06.14.13)
on the other hand, we've never had any problem keeping them separate, nor has any of our friends in the Orthodox community. The crux (sic) seems to be that finding new fences to build creates new regulations to monitor and enforce, new jobs, new money, new power for the rabbis. Ah, THERE'S the key.
25. Only in Israel
B&G ,   Tel Aviv   (06.14.13)
The Rabbinut should not have anything to do with food period. Lets not be like our beloved Arab 'cousins' and mix government and religion. So many children go to bed hungry in this country yet our religious government spends our tax dollars on deciding the shapes of bourekas. It's a freakin' piece of dough!! My G*d is not so pity that if I accidentally eat a non-kosher boureka at a party I will suddenly grow a tail or turn into a serpent.
26. Reshaping
Ellen ,   Arad   (06.14.13)
RabbaNUTS need to be reshaped out of existance.
27. What a load of rubbish!!! John Cleece
Adi ,   raanana   (06.14.13)
28. 17 . what about you in our daily life ?
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (06.14.13)
Mind your own business , don't tell us how to live , how to get married , when to rest , what to eat and so on . It's our business those , "kashrut rules" , because we pay for them too . Have your OWN bakeries , where you , and ONLY you , pay for those "rules" , then we will not have any objection .
29. next reform?
Barbie   (06.14.13)
what those guys on the picture doing with vibrator? Is next reform coming?
30. The long and short of bourekas
Joe Malanti Seymour ,   Very Israeli   (06.14.13)
Hey! You two geezers. Stop looking at the bourekas and start eating them!
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