Christian cemetery in Jaffa desecrated
Hassan Shaalan
Published: 13.06.13, 11:28
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1. This is infantile, but
PaulD ,   Jerusalem   (06.13.13)
the truth is that no Jew should forget the torment these people have engaged in to Jews, just for sport, when they had the opportunity.
2. Religious intolerance in Israel is at its
Moses Mafora ,   Johannesburg, RSA   (06.13.13)
highest point but they are quick to point to islamic countries which are far worse than the word itself. Israel was not like this but this right wing government is destroying Israel piece by piece. I suspect Arabs who want to creat animosity between Christians and Jewish.
3. to #1 jews didn't do this, the muslim community
ghostq   (06.13.13)
have long dispute with the orthodox Greek church in Joffa over land, the head of the Greek orthodox church was murdered 5 years ago by muslim. most of the old area in Joffa belong to the GOC.
4. No Siree, I don't care what/when/who did what to whom in the
tom ,   tel aviv   (06.13.13)
past (or ) present. This has to be persecuted and punished regardless of the perpetrator's ethnicity.Juvenile&primitive is not an excuse, only an explanation.
5. Acting like animals.
Serge ,   Montreal, Canada   (06.13.13)
Those who did this are like animals. To graffiti the graves of the dead is something that is just awful. The state must go after them vigorously and set an example. It is not right at all and there simply is no excuse, justification, or other "no you! no you!" reasoning that an adult could take seriously. Israel is a country of laws and these animals who graffitied a graveyard had better be taught that that is so.
6. Moslems ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.13.13)
... have a long and storied history of desecrating graves. So, for that matter, do Christians. Jews do not. Do the fricken' math! This is the work of Moslem Arab provocateurs.
8. Once again another appalling racist attack.
David Clarke ,   Liverpool, England   (06.13.13)
Here we go again, another racist attack on gravestones and religious property belonging to Arab Christians and Muslims by extremists. Those on Ynet talk-backs actually justifying these attacks and thinking up conspiracy theories in order to exonerate the hate fueled fanatics who do these appalling acts of vandalism should be ashamed of yourselves and should look at yourselves, if they are as hate filled and as bigoted, racist and as hate fueled as many on ynet are then of course Jewish extremists are capable of it and they should be abhorred by anyone with a shred of human decency.
9. # 4 Tom Entirely agree
Sagi   (06.13.13)
Apprehension, indictment, prosecution(not persecution) and internment for 10 years with hard labor. The harshest possible punishment is the only way to deter such disgusting behaviour.
10. to #8 and how is your rant got anything to do
ghostq   (06.13.13)
with this case? arabs muslims in Israel also know Hebrew, and it is known fact that Bedouins Arabs steal metal parts from tomb stones of jews in Israel to make easy money.
11. Absolutely Agree
Steve ,   Norfolk Virginia USA   (06.16.13)
Justifying these attacks or whipping up a conspiracy theory is disgraceful.
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