Lapid calls for public transport on Shabbat
Published: 14.06.13, 00:12
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1. so tired of his hate mongering!
leftist ,   Israel   (06.14.13)
and you know this is a leftist a freedom loving leftist saying that. I would love to ride on a bus on Saturday...but the cost is too great it would divide the Jews too much and so at the end of the day in my view it's not worth it. Capish?!
2. Two state solution?
Dan   (06.14.13)
This division of Israel into Haredi or secular suburbs and towns is religious apartheid. The streets are state property and Israel is a secular state. Haredim who don't believe in weekend leisure are welcome to stay in synagogue without forcing everyone else to do the same, or to form their own theocratic state and get out of Israel.
3. Lapid, like his latye father, wants
Reuven   (06.14.13)
a non-Jewish Israel.
4. Lapid is a neocon
Avi   (06.14.13)
While I think the social agenda is necessary with the haredim, and support most of the cuts I cannot agree with Lapid's economic views. Israel is a socialist country, even if you're not. In the US Lapid would be branded as an extreme Republican neocon. I cannot agree with that. While everyone is entitled to their money, we're all in this together and a country cares for its weaker society. We don't want to be like the most capitalist cities of the US where free basic health welfare is still looked as a sin and commie theft. Where going to the hospital for some basic thing will end up costing you thousands of shekels. The rich do carry a debt to their host country and and all the public wealth should not accumulate in their pockets. We want to be more like Norway and Sweden in socialist policies. Lapid shouldn't change Israel's socialist nature and I fear the deserving agendas he is pushing may be blinding supporters to his shortcomings, and he's taking advantage of it. I personally wasn't aware he's such a conservative.
5. 3. is right, 2. has it backwards
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (06.14.13)
Lapid wants to destroy any semblance of a publicly Jewish country. For his him and his ilk, Jewishness has no national expression. It is a private matter. He wants to undermine the uniqueness of Israel and the uniqueness of the Jewish mission and message. He has no understanding of what it really means to be "Jewish". And there is only one place on Earth where one can express, publicly, his Jewishness - here. If 3. and his friends don't like that, it is they who have the rest of the planet to find a Goyishe home. Leave Israel for the Jewish.
6. Buses are needed
Jerusalemite   (06.14.13)
As one who lives in Jerusalem suburbs and doesn't drive, the weekends are terrible. All i am asking for is a way to go out on Saturday. For those who suggest cabs they are too expensive and that should be irrelevant anyways. My neighborhood has become more orthodox and if that is a problem at least have a bus pass the entrance to the neighborhood if it will be too problematic to enter. I am all for respecting religious but respect goes both ways.
7. this is why I did not vote for him-NO JEWISH VALUES WHATSOEV
Levi K ,   Bet Shemesh   (06.14.13)
He is like one who was raise by goyim. Where are his Jewish values? When do we get politicians that follow just the smallest values of Torah? We seem to generally speaking, have the best politicians money can buy.
8. Oslo accords brought growth
Student ,   Israel   (06.14.13)
In economy cause they brought war upon us u idiot! Its not because it brought peace and quiet... Its because a country at war always increases its expenses. And im not evrn talking about the billions of dollars those oslo shit made us spend on extra security in every corner of israel, and u know... 1500 jews merdered.... But u dont care ah?
9. great news, finally
Zuriel ,   Holon, Israel   (06.14.13)
finally don't need to be reach to go out, hop on a bus,,, I'm with you Mr Lapid, well done!
10. Lapid's Narrow vision
norbus ,   Jerusalem   (06.14.13)
Grandfather should visit his grand childern in the week so his children too can rest and enjoy Shabbat. So sad when Jews do not realise the beauty and depth of keeping the sanctity of Shabbat, with benefits accruing to their families, including staying Jewish for that Matter Moshe was a genius to hold on to the 7th Day, because had he not loved the concept, he would have appealed as he did for Pesach sheni, the daughters of zelohavad, etc Mr Lapid do try to avoid seeing it through narrow slit vision Economy picking up, as you say it did after Oslo is hardly enough of a price to commit Patricide of our Nation. You have much money lying fallow under your nose that could do the same for economy
11. Lapid is an anti-semite
Jake ,   USA   (06.14.13)
12. lapid is decisive but naive on oslo
isi   (06.14.13)
there is no or will ever be peace with arabs,just arrrangements.So lapid should get off this subject especially so as he did not fight in the idf so he is missing a bit of expereience. oslo did not work and it has nothing to do with israel concessions. Arabs want 48 reversed, 50000 israelis killed, most of the rest deported with a few thousand israelis remaining citizens of palestine like olmert, livni and peres and their deciples. And that is it-dzimmis with abbas determining how problems are solved.
13. "oslo boosted economy"
david ,   new york   (06.14.13)
yeah, for the undertakers. what planet is this guy living on??
Shadoil ,   Jerusalem   (06.14.13)
And we all know when it comes to putting their lives on the line for Sabbath sanctity who will go squeeling with his tail between his legs.
15. You Must
grandestgrandma ,   Petach Tikva   (06.14.13)
Mr Lapid has a problem explaining himself its not a must to have buses on shabat its a must to show I will so as I please do you know the price for mistakes Mr Lapid?
16. Lapid and the "rich"
Michael ,   Haifa   (06.14.13)
In the Scandinavian Welfare States, which are non-socialist and based on market economies, the rich contribute to the welfare of the poor. Here in Israel, the rich are greedy and their greed is supported by Lapid and Netanyahu at the expense of the poor. And the stupid electorate vote them in, time after time after time. The only Welfare State ideology here is that of Meretz. One day the penny may drop. Until then, let the fools suffer.
17. Design Prepaid Shabbas Buses
Zechariah   (06.14.13)
Prepaid Tickets Regular Stops or Prepaid Minibuses or Sheruts with a medical exam for elderly and Psyche Exam for Rest ought be
18. Israel is a state of the Jewish people - not of any religoin
Ed ,   #1,3   (06.14.13)
Israel was created to save the Jews from persecution, and give the Jewish nation a national home. In the 1930s and 1940s in Europe your religion didn't matter to the Nazi's. It was the Jewish nation they were after, even if the people were converted to other religions or complete atheists. Today's antisemitism is the same - they don't care how you pray, the fact you have Jewish parents is enough to hate you. Israel will stay a Jewish country even if it is not run by religious rules. And I don't remeber anything about buses in the TANAH. So even from the religious point of view it is all irrelevant. You do way more work by walking to your grand kids than by taking a bus. It is 2013, the religious leaders would attract much more people into Judaism if they weren't stuck in the middle ages.
19. No, Reuven,
Robert Haymond ,   Teko'a, Israel   (06.14.13)
Mr. Lapid wants an Israel which is not dominated by the Charedim, its needs and desires, and a just resolution for those who are not (Charedi). He is not insisting that buses and other measures be installed in Charedi enclaves. I think you are reading him incorrectly. Many of the Traditional Religious in Israel are of one accord with Lapid and Yesh Atid on these matters.
20. Must they be מחלל את השבת
Leib ,   Ny   (06.14.13)
Looks like that the left must מחלל השבת otherwise they will not be happy what a shame that people are still left in Israel
21. Shabbat transportation
Edouard ,   Montreal Canada   (06.14.13)
We r in a democracy Transportation on shabbat is a must The one who wants to us it(83%) of the population should be able to use it The other have no obligation to do it
22. #1 quit it
Avi   (06.14.13)
Asking for public transportation on the weekend is not hate mongering in any dictionary and you destroyed any sympathy there. A rift is already present in case you haven't noticed. Even Ba'eit leomi are evil filthy goyim to them. We're WAAAY past the point of that. Even if there wasn't a rift yet who's at fault for creating it? You who want to visit a mall or your family at the weekend or a bearded guy in Bne Brak who hates you for it? Your compass is broken if you blame seculars for the rift.
23. lapid proves again all he care about is religion bashing
zionist forever   (06.14.13)
Lapid is still trying to be the populist and showing that all he has to offer the public politically is populist anti religion policies. He destroyed his populist image when he made a mess of the budget and made alot of enemies even amongst the people who voted for him last time. Now he is trying to rebuild his image and he knows the best way for that is to go with the tried and trusted antii religion policies which is what the secular voters love to see. Lapids style of populist politics is not in the best interest of the public. We need politicians who are willing to get involved 1-1 in the serious political issues that can make turn off some voter. some voters don't like, instead he gets paid to leave the unknown faces in his own party to do the dirty work while he spends all his time blogging. Time for Bennet to end his unconditional support for Lapid because as Long as Lapid knows he is untouchable thanks to his Bennet insurance policy he can stay out of real politics because there is no need for him to earn his keep. .....
24. These very same buses will drive us to the airport when we
tom ,   tel aviv   (06.14.13)
flee the country when Arab hordes shall finally invade (after we stupidly stripped ourselves almost naked by untold "goodwill gestures"). This Yair Chavez is just like Obama is for the USA: a destroyer from within, while the unwashed mob cheers him on!
25. @good student #8
JGad ,   ISRAEL   (06.14.13)
The jpost journal archives says Rabin goverment received ten billions $ (Before, during or after the Oslo agreements?) maybe the finance minister have contacts to investigate and search where that money was hide . Is not a bad idea to give free public transportation for people of third age during the week so grandfathers and could pay a taxi if they need it on weekends.
26. Look at Europe, the U.S.
PaulD ,   Jerusalem   (06.14.13)
Everyday more and more, the decline of the West is nothing glamorous to emulate. If the elimination of sacred traditions weaken the West, what will it do to Israel, the source of Divine truth, Lapid doesn't have the depth of wisdom to foresee that you take away Shabbat from the land, you take away the peace. Leftist ideology is built on destruction, not on progress.
27. He is a pussycat, so gentle with Haredim.
Michael ,   California, USA   (06.14.13)
Instead of enforcing the law on them like on every citizen of Israel, equitably and fairly, all Lapid is talking about are buses on shabbat. I would have charged every Haredi hundreds of thousands of shekels for the housing and education they have received without giving anything back to the state so far. Come on Lapid, take off your pussycat gloves and show some resolve against those parasites.
28. Respect Seculars
Aharon   (06.14.13)
If the religious want to keep Shabbat, that's fine, however they shouldn't impose the Shabbat on those around them. No one is forcing anyone to ride or break the Sabbath, it's only giving those who want to travel an option.
29. inter-city buses on shabbat would be nice
scott ,   ramat gan, israel   (06.14.13)
In cities like Tel Aviv, there is some sherut service on some routes & a taxi will usually cost 30 shekels. But there is virtually no way to get from Tel Aviv to Beer Sheva, for example without paying hundreds of shekels for a taxi. Limited local service on shabbat would be good. The peace without traffic on shabbat is nice. I don't think it's worth it for the local buses to have a lot of service if most businesses are closed & nobody is working.
30. Agreed!
Mira ,   Vienna   (06.14.13)
Above all it would be fair to the poorer population who have no cars and are therefore not able to ever get to the beach on their free day! If it were for the religious they would stop electricity on Shabbat altogether and more. The country would get into a Sleeping Beauty State from Friday evening to Saturday evening!
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