Jerusalem: 2 vehicles torched in Sheikh Jarrah
Noam (Dabul) Dvir
Published: 14.06.13, 10:14
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1. The rest of the world calls this terrorism here its funny
miki ,   tampa   (06.14.13)
2. Price Tags
jack ,   netanya . is.   (06.14.13)
It remind me ,of the Nazi in the 30th. who wrote "Price Tags" on jewish shops and synagogues . where is the Police ,and on what order ,they allow those crimes to go unpunished.
3. Pass the damn law already!!!!
You cannot condamn Muslim terrorism and not Jewish terrorism
4. The rest of the world calls it vandalism
Dov Hatzafon ,   Hatzafon, Israel   (06.14.13)
Vandalism is a crime that should be stamped out, but burning a car is simply not a terrorist act. Calling this terrorism is like calling sexual harassment "rape". It is only when stupid Jewish kids do stuff like this to Arab property in Israel that anyone would dream of calling it "terrorism".
5. Does YNET-Tel Aviv know Jerusalem?
TelAvivAnotherPlanet ,   Jerusalem   (06.14.13)
The reality of the Jew of Jerusalem is far removed from the reality of the Jew in Tel Aviv or should I say "Israeli" in Tel Aviv, this same neighborhood is one that thousands of Jewish men women pushing baby carriages have to pass through to get to the Kotel from nearby Haredi neighborhoods and they are constantly attacked verbally and sometimes physically which goes on daily and is NOT reported in the press This is NOT a new development but has been going on for years so dear YNET -Tel Aviv come and live with us for a few years and feel the pain of Jerusalem's Jews before you attack us.
6. #4 Dov,
vandalism is just for the sake of destroying things without political motivation, but 'price tag' obviously is political. Is it terrorism? Not more and not less, than the political motivated destruction of Jewish property in Muslim and Christian countries.
7. Is this the Jerusalem Formula 2 Peace Rally?
Jew with Cojones ,   Israel   (06.14.13)
How much did it cost?
8. @1 can I do it 2 ur car & watch u laugh?
9. #6 Vandalism is not terrorism
Bill Stein ,   USA   (06.14.13)
#6 Vandalism is not terrorism it may be free speech it may be a hate crime it may be revenge but it is not terrorism. If the law is passed the Israeli goverment could define both pro and anti Israel speech or vandalism as terrorism. Vandalism and rock throwing should not be compared to suicide bombing.
10. Difference between vandalism and murder is obvious.
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.14.13)
What was done to the cars is vandalism. What was done to Borovsky is terrorist murder. The difference is clear to anyone of normal intelligence.
11. 'Price tags'- despicable not 'racism'.
bobk ,   Orlando US   (06.14.13)
Using the term 'racism' is charging people with the worst label in a nattempt to provoke condemnation. It is a false charge and should always be rejected. Arabs and Jews are both semitic people. It is the cultures and religion that differ so greatly. Torching Arab cars or attacking Arabs, in revenge for what Arabs have done to Jews, is wrong, it is despicable. It is using the logic of Arab culture.- there it is OK to kill a member of another group if wrong was doen to one;s own group. Judaism does not permit this. Justice and morality are th epillars of Judaism. It is also illegal.
12. #4 We Dont Know
Bill Stein ,   USA   (06.14.13)
Some of the so called Price Tag attacks were probably done by Arabs and Leftist such as the ones done against Christian sites some have been caught by video and they were Arabs and Leftist so lets not jump to conclusions yet that all these vandalism incidents is Jewish
13. Excuse me, but ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.14.13)
... can anyone explain to me how it is even remotely possible for "Jewish assailants" to enter Sheikh Jarrah or Shufat undetected, spend time committing acts of vandalism and managing to get away without raising a single alarm? Not even a dog barking? Has it occurred to anyone that the most likely reason is that these acts are NOT being committed by Jews, but rather by Arabs seeking to point an unjustified finger of blame at the Jewish people. People are so hidebound by (i) hatred of Jews and the State of Israel or (ii) self-loathing in the case of left-leaning Jews that they cannot see the forest for the trees. The reason that the police cannot find the culprits is because they are looking in all the wrong places. They need to start investigating Arab communities. That's not racism -- that's just FACT, coupled with a great deal of COMMON SENSE.
14. #9 Bill, #10 Chaim
Terrorism is not defined by *what* is done, but by how it is done and what the intention is. Terrorism is defined as "criminal acts of violence at randomly chosen targets, in an effort to raise fear." (Wikipedia) One can raise fear under the Jewish population in Israel by letting a bomb explode; or one can raise fear under the Arab population in Israel by burning their cars or writing "Death to Arabs" at a wall. No one denies that murder is much worse than burning cars, but that's not important to the question whether something is terrorism or not.
15. refreshing ot see these posts
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (06.14.13)
It is refreshing see several post by Israeli jews condemning this type of hate crime that was also committed against churches. However, it is terrible to see Israeli authorities not doing much about it just cause victims are not jews.
16. @13 Jews LIVE in in Sheikh Jarrah & Shufat!
W. Turner ,   Israel   (06.14.13)
Go check out the number of houses set up by your friend the right wing bingo king Irving Moskowitz. Last Rosh HaShana ynet published a photograph of Jewish residents of Sheikh Jarrah performing Tashlich prayers. This spring on Israeli TV, in Israel HaYom Newspaper and on Y-net there were several articles covering the new phenomenon of young single post national service and/or army right wing Jewish girls moving into apartments in Shufat. In other words these acts are probably being perpetuated by Jewish-Israeli Neighbors of the local residents of these neighborhoods/villages. So do us all a favor since it is clear that you can't keep up or shut up!
17. To: No. 15
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.15.13)
Excuse me, but has it occurred to your dim brain that the perpetrators JUST MIGHT NOT BE JEWS? Contemplate the possibility, why don't you! A little bit of enlightenment should be refreshing.
18. To: No. 16
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.15.13)
Oooooh. Wat Turner, eh? Think you're smart enough to fool a Jew? Think again, baby. Think again.
19. @18 since a personal insult is the best u can do...
light warrior ,   Israel   (06.15.13)
then my money is on #16! Since you can't put up the proof that 16 is wrong then I am with W. Turner. Woman, take your hateful self to the place of silence!
20. Idiots,morons..Throw the book at them
Jarred Sloane ,   London UK   (06.15.13)
Absolute dickheads,they are targeting innocent people who have have done no wrong...These morons need to be jailed where they should be taught how to make friends and influence people......
21. LMAO @ Sarah B @18 she can't compete w/16's facts!
Booyaka! 16 got her! 16 must be a "smart enough Jew" cause 16 "smarted" Sarah B into a semi-silence with only a slight personal attack towards 16. Too Funny!
22. To: No. 19
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.15.13)
Got anything substantive or topical to say? No? Then crawl back into your hole. Should be plenty silent there to suit you, since you are obviously not in the least bit interested in intellectual discourse. No one orders me to be silent. Least of all an Arab. Sink back into your stinking midden and get lost.
23. # 19 Warrior lite
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!! ,   United States   (06.15.13)
save your dime, Sarah B can take you out in one sentence ( pardon the pun ) or less. We be lovin' SarahB. You suck.# 21 Jack ass.
24. Sarah B.
Offended ,   Israel   (06.15.13)
Sarah, you are very articulate and I usually share your opinion on most talkbacks. However, your statement 'especially not from an Arab' is incredibly offensive and prejudicial. I am surprised it was even published. I come from a Jewish mother and an Arab father (crazy I know). Attack Islamic terrorists all day long, I will join you, but please don't disrespect all Arabic race. We/they are not ALL bad.
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