Weapons stolen from soldier in northern base
Maor Buchnik
Published: 15.06.13, 15:24
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1. I;ve said it time and time again...the upper echelon in the
Al   (06.15.13)
IDF is incompetent to the point of being criminally negligent. You cant make this up. COS Gantz bears full responsibility for the abject lack of discipline in the IDF. Its too bloody bad that Israel's defense is in the hands of this incompetent boob. It does not bode well for the country. It starts with a PM who is more concerned with how he takes a dump on a plane. It ends with a complete breakdown in the very force that is charged with defending the country. Smarten up, toughen up or you will be history.
2. Stolen rifle.....
Mike ,   Edmonton, AB   (06.15.13)
its a big deal, but transferring hundreds of guns to the PA by the Israeli government and allowing the British army to train the PA military that's OK, go figure!
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