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Turkish PM defends his 'duty' to end protests
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Published: 16.06.13, 20:36
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1. Duty, huh?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.16.13)
That would be just like Israel's duty to prevent a breach of its fully legal and internationally recognized blockade of Gaza. I've said this before. Erdogan's colon cancer has metastasized to his brain. It did not have far to travel. At least five Turkish people dead. When is he planning to apologize to the families and fork over some compensation to them? A bucket of disgusting Turkish sweets isn't going to do it, you know?
2. He is desparate!
Mira ,   Vienna   (06.16.13)
A cornered rabid dog! He knows he is going to loose, but refuses to believe it, like Hitler did, whose reincarnation he seems to be in every gesture, every choice of words and every inciting speech! God help Turkey!
3. Got your hands full now, donchya?
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (06.16.13)
You wanted to humiliate us? You wanted to squeeze us for as much money as possible for the so called reparations that you said we owed you? How much money is this mess costing you now? Feeling humiliated Tayip? Rich Turkish Jews conspired against you? RIGGHT.. Try Divine VENGEANCE reigning down upon your miserable head for F'in with Israel. Learn your lesson sweetheart and learn it well. You may be gone soon...
4. Erdogan, the snake of the Mideast!
Benny ,   Iran   (06.16.13)
Erdogan tries to fool everyone with his phoney promises. The time for the arrogant Mr. "1-minute President" is over. "if it looks like a snake and acts like a snake, it is a snake." That is Erdogan in a nutshell. .."A wolf in sheep's' clothing" , ready to bite anytime, anyone. He was buddy,buddy with Assad & Ahmadinejad,not too long ago.
5. 2 million supporters
dogan ,   turkey-istanbul   (06.17.13)
Today, 2 million of people rallied in istanbul-kazlicesme area to support erdogan. that crowd almost 2 times of cyprus population. Mr. Erdogan has 35 million of supporters in all turkey.
6. Erdogan incapable of managing peaceful protestors
Yet he feigns to tell Israel how to deal with Gaza unrest and rockets. One wonders how would react were he in Israels shoes, when he announces Taksim peaceful protestors as "Terrorists"
7. Erdogan: big ego, small head
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (06.17.13)
8. #5-Please Stop Cheating with Figures
Turkey   (06.17.13) you do in elections. 73,000 square meter area can hold maximum 220,000 people. Even not to mention free bus services and other government promotions to restore Erdogan's ego. Protesters in Taksim are much bigger despite the chemical attack of AKP police. I hope you really don't believe that "Erdogan has 35 million supporters in Turkey" BS. Everyone is aware of AKP's cheating in elections.
9. Dogan kardes
David Israel ,   New York. USA   (06.17.13)
1. Kazli cesme is not large enough to hold 2 million people, most can be about 100 - 125 thousand 2. Most of them were carried from other cities and towns using city busses illegally. On the other hand protesters were stopped by the police, on their route all city bus, subway and ferry services stopped.
10. Tayyip, your days are numbered
Dror ,   Haifai, Israel   (06.18.13)
The more you push us around the more your people will push you around. You pretend to be God fearing, when infact you have delussions of greatness. You liken yourself to Suleiman the Great?? You will end up Suleiman the jackoff that thought he could push the Jews around in our most important time in history.
11. #4 I agree 100% but
Abu Yousuf El- Dugri   (06.18.13)
You forgot to add that he was h kissing Assad, Ahmadjihad and Nasrallah and send a boat full of terrorists to Gaza. His first priority before his country is to visit Gaza Hamas and share kisses with them.
12. #5 Erdogan will take Turkey down
Jozef ,   Wroclaw, Poland   (06.18.13)
What kind of a leader kiss Ahmadinajad, Assad, Nassrallah and send help to Hamas then turn against Assad with promises of helping Syrian people, but when Syria shot down a Turkish F-4 fighter jet he was quite. He is a fake leader.
13. Who will demote the dictator ?
georgette   (06.19.13)
It is clear that Erdogan is not anymore the right person as Turkish prime minister. The question is who can be the one who would give him the coup de grace... Apparently there is not such a candidate,
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