Bennett: Idea of Palestinian state is pointless
Itamar Fleishman
Published: 17.06.13, 12:20
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1. talking clear language! bravo
tiki ,   belgium   (06.17.13)
2. Thanks for speaking the Truth,Mr Bennett
trump   (06.17.13)
Build on
3. don't alwys agree w-Bennet, but this time he said the TRUTH
Paul ,   NJ   (06.17.13)
4. Drop Tsipi and the rest of them into `Aza
Berenj   (06.17.13)
Let's hear it for the truth. The Arabs are always either at one's throat or on their knees, if they do the intifuddy-duddy again, crush their testicles in a vise to make sure it's the latter.
5. The 2-state solution reached a dead end in 1947
DR ,   Modiin   (06.17.13)
The 2-state solution reached a dead end in 1947, when the Arabs rejected it. It was made in 'more dead' when the Arabs attacked us in 1967, and 1973. In case anyone thought it could come back to life, the Arabs made sure it was dead by rejected offers for a state made by PM Barak, PM Olmert, and by now refusing to even come to the negotiation table. Not to mention, the intifadas, rocket attacks, bus bombings, and various terrorist attacks, all carried out in the name of a 'palestinian' state
6. Build for the fools that are coming soon
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (06.17.13)
The poor fools don't even know that they are destined to return to their homeland. You cannot fight the Will of God. Jews of America, the more you insist on being stubborn the more you will lose. Many of you will disappear into the darkness of Egypt that is America. Those that are written in the Book will be coming back whtether they want to or not. So, Bennet is right. BUILD BUILD BUILD.
7. Bravo!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.17.13)
Our land, our home. The ersatz "Palestinians," having forever rejected the hand of friendship extended by Israel, are fresh out of chances. They will have to make their way elsewhere. It won't be the first mass population transfer in history, and it will likely not be the last. Does anyone even remember the hundreds of millions who were forcibly transferred following World War I? How about the forty-seven million who were forcibly transferred following World War II? Of course, let us not forget the millions of Moslems in India who were forcibly sent to Pakistan (East and West). Let us not forget the million Jewish people who were forcibly expelled from their homes in Arab and Moslem lands with little more than the clothes on their backs. So, what's two million terrorists on the losing end of six wars which they started? The world will get over it. It always does.
8. I admire this man for his honesty!
Lynx ,   Palestine   (06.17.13)
Unlike the double faced hypocrits like Olmert, Livni, Peres, Mofaz, and the rest of them cowards who hide behind the two-state lie. The two-state lie has long been dead. Its body has decomposed beyond recognition and this immigrant Bennett is coming back to defecate on it. Absolutely - the two state "solution" is dead. Now Zionists in Palestine will have to deal with the consequences! One citizen, one vote, one country. No bantustans, no apartheid, no racism, no segragation. Israel IS apartheid South Africa and you will soon start reaping what you sowed since the famous lie "A land without a people for a people without a land".
9. Well said, now lets her the same from Bibi.
Wise Saba ,   Western Negev   (06.17.13)
How long will it take for Livni & her leftist arab loving friends to start attacking Bennett.
10. there already is a palestinian state
g.e   (06.17.13)
Not exactly pointless. There already is a Palestinian State and it's in Jordan. Good for you Naftali Bennet. And how appropriate on the eve of Peres' birthday. He got us into this mess.
11. Bennett's clear talk reflects his clear..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (06.17.13)
vision of a Jewish Israel. When Bibi will decide to retire,Bennett will the strong and smart leader ,the leader with vision that Israel urgently needs,with G-Ds help, Meanwhile Bibi with his political experience , can and should reconcile with Bennett ,the go-ahead guy. They might set up an unbeatable and fantastic team.
12. Bennett get lost !!!
Israeli politicians who are in the Parlament should stop acting against the current gouverment or should go to the opposition. Mr Bennett, being part of the coalition you must NOT talk against Bibi gov
13. Bravo, Bennet!
Alf Red ,   Londonistansk   (06.17.13)
Time has come to put paid to "Oslo" and the hideous "idea" of two states on this miniscule piece of land. Judea and Shomron are the heartland of Jewish people, of our history. To part with it (and for whom? The implacable enemy?) is like throwing away cherished family silver. It would be complete madness! Tzipi and her ilk are uncapable of learning from terrible mistakes of South Lebanon and Gaza. For them if the reality doesn't conform to their "ideas" - to hell with reality. But people aren't that bent on self-destruction, their gut feeling goes against "piece now" adepts. Bravo, Bennet. Bravo, Danon. At last politicians with beitsim and devotion to Eretz-Israel! Long-long overdue!
14. Welcome the one state solution
Harri ,   EU   (06.17.13)
With Bennett you are heading for one state solution for two peoples. Israel will not be a Jewish state anymore. It worries me, because it will be very difficult to share power with Jews and Palestinians and Palestinians (even Hamas) will eventually have access to Israeli nuclear weapons. Israelis and Palestinians are not ready to the option that Bennett is offering you. Two state solution would be much safer.
15. From the Sea to the Tigris Euphrates
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (06.17.13)
Manifest Destiny b' Eretz Yisrael: Rebuild the Mighty Nation of Abraham from the shores of the Mediterranean to the banks of the Tigris-Euphrates. Am Yisrael Chai.
16. He has guts. Keep building guys!
Dagan   (06.17.13)
Keren IL-BR   (06.17.13)
Let's build in the West Bank and bring our 2.5 Palestinians brothers to Israel. Let's make them citizens and give them roughly 45% of the Knesset. Let's make Arabic a truly national language as French is in Canada. Let's share our malls, our army, our theaters and culture with brothers Palestinians. Let's intermarriage them and build a model of multinational society. One Palestine Now. One vote, one country for all.
18. Israelis would take peace but there is none to be had
Sam ,   Canada   (06.17.13)
This is almost a silly argument. There is no peace to be had because the Palestinians reject a Jewish majority Israel. On the other hand Palestinians are the first to get outraged when Israelis reject a 2 state solution. Most Israelis still want peace and would take a 2 state solution that was acceptable to them. The Palestinians make that impossible so Jews should continue building the biblical Jewish homeland until Palestinians have a change of heart.
19. Agree with Bennet. Annex now area C
Yossef   (06.17.13)
20. Bennet, you are a clear catastrophy
Dov ben David ,   Eilat, Israel   (06.17.13)
Do you really want 3 milion Pals in you Israel? God will not hold back the knifes pointing at the throats of our children... Like Isaac!
21. You think the world will accept this?
chris (munich)   (06.17.13)
Trampling other peoples' rights, talking about them dismissively, using nice words like "home" only for yourself and not for others who may have lived there for centuries? What kind of morality is that? What kind of effect is that going to have on opinions around the world? Who is damaging the interests of Israel?
22. Thank you, Mr. Bennett, now unlike most Israeli politicians
A ,   Belgium   (06.17.13)
let's see you turn words into deeds.
23. (21) Chris in Munich
tiki ,   belgium   (06.17.13)
If the ''world'' will accept this or not is not one of the priorities of Israel. If you would read some history than you would know that Israel is not ''trampling on other peoples rights, but the ''world" has been trampling on the Jewish rights for centuries. The ""Palestinians"" are the Turks/Marrocans of Germany. They came as 'Gastarbeiter' in the 1920th. from surrounding Arab countries to look for work because the Jews were developing the lands. They are Arabs! The country ''Palestine you are talking about is a phantasy. It never existed. Stop parroting, start learning.
24. @21 the"world" never accepted us anyway
trump   (06.17.13)
and Jews WON deservedly their state at great cost .
25. To 20, 21
Chaim ,   Arad   (06.17.13)
Dov, been in Eilat too long? Sun does funny thing to the brain. Do you think a state for the PALS will keep the knives from the throat of out people? If you think that will bring "piece," then, do I ever have something to sell you. Chris: What do you mean do we think the world will accept this? Did the world care during the Holocaust? Did the world care during the thousands of rockets fired into Israel? Does the world care if we are divided up like a piece of meat? Who cares what the world thinks. Bravo Mr. Bennett. Tell it like it should be told.
26. One state solution
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (06.17.13)
One state for the Jews called Israel and a plethora of Muslim Arab states for the Ersatz palestinians to choose from. You can go back to Egypt. You can go back to Syria (there are allot of vacant appartments waiting for you there) Lebanon? Iraq? Saudia? Libya? Tunisia? Morroco? Algeria? etc...
27. What the World will accept.
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (06.17.13)
Chris in Munich the world is becoming less and less relevant. Soon you will understand just how irrelevant you are...
28. Bennett is not offering any viable solutions
zionist forever   (06.17.13)
Bennett is saying what the solution is not but he is not saying what it should be. If we do not agree to the 2 state idea its the end of Israel because of demographics alone. We will have 4-5 million palestinians + 1.5 million arabs here already. Arabs have about 3-1 the number of children than the average secular jewish family. We will of course need to end things like the law of return because it discriminates so that means no alliyah to boost jewish numbers. Wouldn't surprise me if the first PM after we give them all citizenship will be an arab and the arab government will push pro arab laws and I think its safe to say in an attempt to get the millions of arab voters the mainstream left will become very pro arab. If we do create a palestinian sate what about security gurantees? Some palestinians might be content with 2 states but others believe all of Israel is Palestine and the war doesn't end until all Palestine is liberated. A plane could take off from their state and crash into the Azrieli towers before Israeli pilots can get into their cockpits. The rocket problem won't go away and if we give them Jerusalem as the caapital a sucide bomber can walk into Israel unchaalenged. WHAT IS THE SOLUTION ?
29. To ASTRONAUT, Sarah B, Dror, Ora, Wise Saba. Alf Red, g.e.
David Clarke ,   Liverpool, England   (06.17.13)
You all like Naftali Bennett are all completely and utterly deluded if you think that the imperialist and expansionist vision of an ethnically pure Arab free authoritarian and theocratic Israel extending from the Nile to the Euphrates will ever come true or would be viable let alone survive. What you are advocating sounds allot like Hitler declaring that his expansionist Third Reich will last a thousand years when in reality it only lasted 13 years, that's exactly how long a Greater Israel would last before coming part of an Arab majority state of Greater Palestine resulting in the destruction of a Jewish majority state of Israel and of the Zionist dream, which will be the sad and dangerous ultimate consequence of yours and Bennett's expansionist and racist dreams to settle in the West Bank and rejection of the two-state solution. To all those on Y-net advocating religious and ethnic hatred and supremacy as well as expansionism and expulsion of Palestinians to Jordan and rejection of the two-state solution, don't you realize how allot like Nazis you sound?, its because your ideologies are exactly the same because you certainly are not Zionists.
30. (20) Dov ben David
tiki ,   belgium   (06.17.13)
When Israel can (for political reasons) move (by force) Israeli's from their houses in Yamit & Judea/Shomron than there is no reason she can't move Arab Palestinians from their (many are illegally build) houses into their own country Jordan/Palestine. The 2-state solution is already a reality for a long time, but the Palestinians want a 4-state solution: Gaza/Judea-Samaria/Jordan-Palestine/Israel, with the prospect of blending them into ONE state in the future! Than you will have 3 milion Palestinians but no Israel!
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