Arabs: Preferential treatment bill 'discriminatory'
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Published: 17.06.13, 19:43
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1. Thank G-d for Arabs in Israel
Sam ,   Yuda veShomron   (06.17.13)
Otherwise the secular racist government would never admit that its discriminatory against charedim, just like they don't admit that penalizing charedim for not doing military service by seizing their benefits is discriminatory, while Arabs get all their benefits even though they don't have to do military service.
2. Support IDF veterans
Get Real ,   UK   (06.17.13)
Not discrimination, but to compensate for the years given up to be available for the defence of the country whilst others can get on with their lives. Let the others be compensated by providing some form of National/Community Service to the State that they live in.
3. End the discrimination- draft Arabs too.
On the Balcony ,   Akko/NY/Kyiv   (06.17.13)
4. I disagree with Haredi draft and agree with this benefits
Yosef ,   Boca Raton   (06.17.13)
Who ever does not like it may go and serve in the army of wherever. It just fair that if you do serve you get veteran benefits. Why not? It is like that every single country I know. All veterans get benefits of some sort that the rest of the population doesnt. Dont like it? Move somewhere else.I am sure the Charedim will do just fine without those benefits. HaShem should help ultimately.
5. Oh please!
Vlad   (06.17.13)
Arabs can easily do alternative national service if they want to. This is just an attempt to have their cake and eat it too.
6. What's racist about veteran's benefits?
Juha Teuvonnen ,   Boston,MA   (06.17.13)
In the good ol' US of A we don't give the veteran's benefits to everybody, only to the folks that served. If you are not a veteran - you are not entitled to veterans' benefits. I fail to see any racism here, just common sense. If memory serves IDF is not an exclusively Jewish army. Druze and Circassians also serve, so do Bedouin and Arabs that choose to volunteer.
7. If the are citizens...
David ,   Rishon Lezion   (06.17.13)
Arabs that are citizens of Israel can choose to do national service and receive the same benefits. If Israel is their country, why do they feel they shouldn't do service? If of they don't believe in their country of citizenship, they are free to emigrate and make a life in another country.
8. #3 Yeah, great idea...
Alex   (06.17.13)
To arm a people whom half would turn against Israel in an armed conflict against the Palestinians or other Arab nations... Universal draft would only work if an oath of loyalty were to be implemented.
9. Army Benefits
DISCHEM ,   Israel/USA   (06.17.13)
10. Wow veteran's benefits to veterans!
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (06.17.13)
Who would have thunk it? Sure is a sign of apartheid - just ask any Arab
11. Yadda, yadda, yadda...Adalah
Sam1am ,   Yehud   (06.17.13)
The Arabs as well as the Charedim need to decide: Being a full TERM citizens including responsibilities as well as benefits...Or continue to be permanent visitors who should get NONE! They cannot have it BOTH WAYS!
12. Benefits ONLY for those who have earned them!!!
EST ,   Miami USA   (06.17.13)
Jew, Muslim, Atheist, Christian...who cares!!! as long they have served in the army or done national service and served their country, Israel, they deserve the benefits. Everyone else can stop was their choice not to serve Israel. They get too much as it is already....
13. Arabs...from Tibi and Zoabi down to the farmer in Tayibe,
A ,   Belgium   (06.17.13)
reject the Jewish state and therefore have no right to recieve any special benefits from it, ESPECIALLY the right of being allowed to sit in the government of the Jewish state they so reject and to collect their fat salaries of 34,000 shekels per month from it. But not all are traitors...there ARE arabs, bedouins, druze, Christians and other minorities who proudly serve in the IDF. These people deserve to recieve stipends from the Israeli government, the same as any Jewish soldier. They should be honored the same as any Jewish soldier, and even more so, because they are serving the Jewish state without being Jewish. Not so the "Israeli arab" on Monday, and the same "palestinian arab" on Tuesday. They can go be "palestinian arabs" in Abdullahs army, along with the traitors who represent them in the Israeli government.
14. Good for Sabrot; Not Olim
David ,   Israel   (06.17.13)
This law is good for native-born Israelis who are bred into the national system from birth. Its not good for adult immigrants who are often told their service isn't required, or are exempt from the outset. The biggest challenge for olim is finding work. The playing field is already slanted towards sabrot. This will only make it even more uneven, and even further reduce the chances of adult olim being able to successfully integrate into Israeli society. The question is: do you want the immigrants, or not?
15. LaLa Land
sg ,   Teaneck   (06.17.13)
How many American vets got their educations under the GI Bill? How many got VA (Veterans Admin) mortgages? How many get medical cares at the VA Hospitals? Rewarding veterans for their national services is not a novelty. It payback for dedication and sacrifice. This article says more about Israeli Arabs and Adalah and their lies and falsehoods. Discrimination, my a**!!
16. # 14 David A solution
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!! ,   United States   (06.17.13)
BUILD MORE HOMES AND CITIES IN ISRAEL. Great for the economy, jobs, schools, businesses, and of course, security in numbers. KEEP BUILDING !!!!!! Over 2,000 years is too long to wait longer.
17. Sharia freaks
Raphael ,   Netanya   (06.17.13)
Find it appropriate to charge non muslims with the Jizyia, a heavy discriminatory tax so as to compensate the muslim warriors from the fact that Jews and Christians were prohibited to bear weapons, and thus were not subject to armed service- and could not even volunteer. Why not apply the Jizyia to any citizen refusing to do his part for the country's defense? While enjoying 3 years to study or earn money while loyal patriots are losing their best years sweating or bleeding.
18. Well, dear Arabs,
Mira ,   Vienna   (06.17.13)
you only have to go and fulfill your duties as citizens and join or the army or the civil service
19. 3
they don't want to be drafted. they don't even want to do national service anywhere. their arab parties encourage them to separate in this way from all the jewish population and from identifying with israel. you know that!
20. jobs that require a degree are racist
Sean green ,   Pasadena ca   (06.17.13)
cause some groups gradute less per capita. Elections are racist as most people in the world are not citizens. it's racist not to let mexican citizens present illegally to vote in the US elections. these are REAL arguments I hear in America. I'm not joking.
21. To#14: Olim get all sorts of benefits sabras do not get...
EST ,   Miami USA   (06.18.13)
Don't adult olim get housing allowances, health insurance, etc., etc when they first arrive? Adult sabras do not get those, please, do not talk about the discrepancies between olim and sabras where this bill is concerned....
22. no need for discrimination, DO THE ARMY or NT'L SERVICE
Ahmad   (06.18.13)
23. Whoever fulfills his duties!
Jusanz77 ,   Vzla   (06.18.13)
Whoever fulfills his duties have rights. Who does not fulfill its duties to mourn the Dead Sea.
24. Salary
Arnaldo ,   Brasil   (06.18.13)
Its simple, just pay more to the soldiers in duty and ind the end of the period
25. Arabs can serve in the army and do National service
Avi   (06.18.13)
So there is no legal barring from receiving the benefits. The exact same logic 1:1 can be used on welfare since there's no legal barrier for anyone to get it yet arabs are the main recipients of it. Is welfare racist towards jews? Cut the crap and go help the elderly or work in a hospital like everyone else in national service. Unlike what your Imam says it won't kill you by lightning strike.
26. The article barely mentions
R ,   Israel   (06.18.13)
National Service. Arabs and Haredim can do national service in their own communities and thus qualify for the benefits. It should not be repugnant to help and contribute to your own communities. Anyone who gives up 2-3 years, especially those who risk their lives, deserve recognition and benefits.
27. In the US, special benefits for veterans well established
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (06.18.13)
When competing for a US civil service job many years ago, my chances depended on how I scored (100 point scale) against other applicants. Veterans were given a 5 point advantage, disabled veterans were given a 10 point advantage. It was our way of acknowledging the sacrifices soldiers have made. Like most Arabs in Israel, I hadn't served, but didn't resent the "disadvantage" I faced. So how did I eventually get that civil service job? I scored a 99.
28. "... encourages incitement.”
Devorah   (06.18.13)
EVERYTHING encourages incitement by the arabs. This objection to the proposed law exemplifies their utter contempt and disrespect for the men and women who put their lives on the line for them as well as the Jews. Shame on them. If they don't like it, they can move to Jordan or Gaza or somplace where they will be among their own without enjoying all the benefits of living in Israel.
29. Arabs CAN SERVE! Veteran Benefits are in Most Every Democrat
Ann ,   Netanya   (06.18.13)
ic country, not only Israel. Why when an Arab goes to university and the Israel goes to the Army for 3 yrs, should the Arab have preference, he has gotten a 3 yr lead. Not to mention after the army most young Israelis need a break and travel for a while. Not to mention the trauma from war. The writer or whomever says that this is against Arabs needs their head checked.
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