In Israel, Streisand criticizes treatment of women
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Published: 17.06.13, 22:34
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1. Yentl lives
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (06.17.13)
I knew the WOW shmatas would make it into the discussion eventually. We hear you Babs, as long as the shmatas don't go around deliberately provoking incidents than they are tolerable. But they make a stink every time they demonstrate instead of praying at the Wall. Just for the record I really like women, I just don't like yentas. God forbid I don't want you to think I am calling you a yenta. The WOW shmatas are the yentas.
2. Did Streisand get attacked at the wall?
Jake ,   USA   (06.17.13)
No she didn't, because she wasn't there to provoke the worshippers. She wasn't dressed like a Haredi, she didn't act like a Haredi, she just visited the wall, dressed as usual, and treated the area with respect.
3. Ms. Steisand, u traveled all those miles 2 criticize!
Israel ,   Israel   (06.17.13)
Were you Jet-Lagged and stuck in yenta mode? Goodness with all the good things that are going on here all you could do is whine?! Go on then beautiful lady go home, where life is so very good for you!
Go home and kindly mind your business.
5. Babs
Rick S. ,   USA   (06.17.13)
I rarely ever agree with her, but I do this time. The Haredim are parasites feeding off the public, yet they have so much control. They are the "Jewish Taliban". They will not tolerate any thought other than their rabbis'. They must be restrained because they will destroy Israel if allowed to.
6. She don't live here and the must of the
Natan ,   Israel   (06.17.13)
US jewish people are reformist, They are lite jewish so is very hard them to understand.
7. foul mouthed Streisand
Arn ,   Yehud, Israel   (06.18.13)
Evidently those elite academicians and politicos who invited Streisand to Israel never suffered an earful of her vile mouth. This woman is one of those ultra liberal Democrats who think their massive bank accounts give her licence to spew her filth at anyone critical of Obama. Goodness, she has access to a language that would burn the ears off a rabbit. And can her honorary doctorate represent an academic achievement beyond her high school leaving certificate? God gave her the voice of a diva and the brains of a dodo.
9. My fellow stupid religious Jews
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (06.18.13)
Ah well, waddya expect? A bunch of well meaning women want to do their own thing at the wall. Had everybody looked the other way you know what wouldda happened? Nothing. But no, we Jews have more than enough of us filled with stupidity that we have to open our big mouths and show Hashem that the beit hamikdash ain't going back up anytime soon. Nope. 40 women of the wall bring out 4000 hate-filled religious Jews frothing at the mouth, showing just why Tisha B'Av is marked every year. And to top it off, we get the supreme ruler of the sephardim to show what sinat chinam is all about. With Rav Ovadia leading the way and thousands of screaming, rabid womenofthewall haters showing us they are right behind him, there is no way that moshiach is coming in our lifetime.
10. She's right, thats whats burning you..
Moish ,   Israel/Canada   (06.18.13)
Thanks for speaking up Streisand.
11. Democracy Should Breeds Tolerance
Mark ,   Cleveland USA   (06.18.13)
American Jews of different beliefs and affiliations live well together. We respect the rights everyone to live their lives as they see fit. Clearly that's not the case in Israel. Like most theocracies, rational thought has no place because 'experts' who know what G-d wants are always willing to tell everyone else how to live. Israel will never be home to the world's Jews until Israelis learn to be more tolerant, or the Moshiach comes, whichever comes first.
12. Courage !?
Ben ,   USA   (06.18.13)
Dear Ms. Streisand, Your statement is an act of unparalled bravery. Now that you have taken this very courageous step, why don't you follow it up with similar statements in Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia. If they let you in (or out)....
13. Shut up and sing darling
Benoa   (06.18.13)
14. Barb
Ben   (06.18.13)
She does'nt care about judaism she intermarried.She should get lost who wants to see her ugly face.
15. Obama Supporters & Israel Don't Mix.
BUTSeriously ,   Sydney   (06.18.13)
16. Chutzpah Babs not distressed her Obama aids Israel's enemies
Sue ,   Los Angeles   (06.18.13)
Streisand, a big Obama supporter, has said not one word since he helped the anti-Israel Muslim Brotherhood rise to power in Egypt, nor on his failure to stop Iran from producing a nuclear weapon. Streisand (who is not even religious) has a lot of nerve coming to Israel to criticize and take sides.
17. Remember she supports the leftists.
Yanky ,   Washington DC   (06.18.13)
18. Hi Barbara!! WELCOME 2 ISRAEL again.
Israeli 2   (06.18.13)
Guess what? YOU ARE HOME! Why should she not feel free to say what she thinks. Great entertainer -you.
19. Ms Streisand you are terribly misguided
Jenny Bernstein ,   Jeruslaem   (06.18.13)
I practice conservative Judiasm and am one of those who would like to see and experience an egalitarian approach to religion. But for Barbra Streisand to imply that Israeli women are "mistreated" is not only misleading and flat out wrong. The actions of a few nut-cases slinging chairs whilst we were tying to pray is just that - a small bunch of misguided fools. Do you truly think that all women in Israel are mistreated because of that? Or a few women who were asked to move to the back of the bus, which is now illegal? I love your singing Babs, but your superficial Hollywood sound bites have created negative and misguided headlines all over the world. And that is the upshot of your address, wherein you had so much good to say about our beloved country.
20. Barbara - Your Outrage is VERY Narrow Minded and Racist
Doug ,   Rochester, USA   (06.18.13)
When you talk about how horrible it is for Israeli women to sit in the back of the bus. But ignore that Palestinian Christians and Moslems are not allowed on Jewish buses in W. Bank. That they are harrassed and humiliated and delayed daily for hours by thousand of ILLEGAL checkpoints. That they have had their land and water STOLEN and ILLEGALLY colonized. That they can not even drive on certain roads. And if your outrage is religous based, how about your outrage at Israel preventing males under 50 from praying at their most sacred site in Jerusalem? HYPOCRITE!
21. Just another worthless liberal!
Eli Bodie ,   USA   (06.18.13)
22. If you don't want chairs to be thrown at you
Joe   (06.18.13)
go to your own reform synagogue at home. The Kotel is an ORTHODOX place and must be respected the way it is meant to be. If you don't like it, stay home.
23. Barbara, welcome to Israel
lucifer69   (06.18.13)
Dont mind the yada yada in the promised land. We are happy to have you in Israel.
24. Streisand
Ken ,   Monsey ny   (06.18.13)
Has everyone forgotten that Streisand started off Religious? She went to you Yeshiva of Brooklyn. And threw her Judaism in the garbage can. The only time she remembers Judaism is when she can make money off it like in her movie Yentl. Is it any wonder that she criticizes orthodox Jews?
25. Sing and don' t talk about subjects you don' t understand
26. A Miracle! She's Cured of Stage Fright!
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (06.18.13)
Last week Ynet ran an article quoting Streisand as "having stage fright." By these ensuing articles, it seems that she found a miracle cure in the cameras, TV spots, and photo ops w/Peres. Now the yenta can't shut her mouth.
27. Remember she supports the leftists.
Yanky ,   Washington DC   (06.18.13)
28. Jews come home to Israel
Avramele   (06.18.13)
Except if you are secular, leftist, liberal, feminist, GLBT, critical of the occupation, unkosher, hold hands with the opposite sex, reform, intermarried, ride on shabbat or like Harry Potter. Ok, Harry Potter fans can come.
29. Stick to singing Babs
Shira ,   NY BeH YERUSHALAYIM   (06.18.13)
No one asked for your opinion.
30. #5
Shalom Hartman   (06.18.13)
Agree all you like but that is NOT what she said
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