In Israel, Streisand criticizes treatment of women
Associated Press
Published: 17.06.13, 22:34
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31. It never fails to amaze me
Linichka ,   Gdynia, Poland   (06.18.13)
how foreigners feel absolutely in the right to spout their usually limited and misguided opinions about Israel. Who asked for the aging diva's opinion? What does she really know about Israel? Just the usual Hollywood liberal palaver.
32. I grew up in Brooklyn
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (06.18.13)
I grew up where Babs had her childhood. I understand her because I know the mindset of American Jews from all political leanings. For as much as I connect and relate to my fellow Jews in America, I ALSO DEEPLY RESENT THEM for all the excuses they make and complaints they raise against returning to Israel for good. You people have become soft and spoiled in America. THAT IS WHY HASHEM IS DESTROYING AMERICA.
33. another out of touch american
zionist forever   (06.18.13)
The woman reads about a few isolated as a result of the political attitudes of two groups ( radical haredi & WOW ). She seems to be unaware of the fact that WOW are there to provoke because they are a feminist movement using prayer for politics or that orthodox prayer customs are not the same as the reformist ones which is now the dominant jewish group in America. Streisand might mean well but she is just another out of touch American who doesn't understand the first thing about life in Israel for secular or religious women or even the politics behind the incidents she is using as examples of the problems women in Israel have.
34. she's a radical left wing activist
david ,   new york   (06.18.13)
i am well aware of her radical left wing craziness. how she demonized our past president. she wants homosexual rabbis. ok, i know who she is. but why was she invited to come to israel??
35. distressing to hear that she believes
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (06.18.13)
It is distressing to hear that a person of the caliber of Barbara Streisand believes the rubbish that the provocative ladies of the wall maintain as truth. I would have expected Ms Streisand to stick to her great singing and stay out of the BS and side taking that goes for politics in this small country. A shame a person of her stature believes that women of the wall are not provocative. Let her walk in a swim suit in Meah Shariim and then accuse the residents of throwing garbage at her. Moral: don't wave a red flag at a bull and then accuse the bull of aggressive actions unbecoming of a bull.
36. Almost 30 years since your last "visit"
Gingitsavta ,   Israel   (06.18.13)
and that is what you have to say!!! Women in Israel are doing very well, thank you. Don't put the actions of a few very religious on all Israeli women. Your words make negative and distorted headlines. Why not speak about all the positives like our recent female Nobel Prize winner. Go back home. Almost 30 years since your last visit - sorry Yenta, but you are NOT a friend of Israel. Not from such a distance.
37. Buses with separate seating
David G. ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (06.18.13)
What Barbra may not know is that the Haredim in Brooklyn, Babs' hometown, are doing the same thing on bus lines between Williamsburg and Boro Park. Women sit in the back and Jewish communities the private lines past through are upset. The Haredim are still fighting the 18th and 19th century Emancipation war, which they lost, that gave birth to zionism, freedom to get a secular education and freedom from personal rabbinical control in all individual matters. The difference here in Israel is that they have a great deal of political power and don't have to work while they must work to survive in the US.
38. Streisand 100% right
Ehud   (06.18.13)
To all those religious fanatics tack backers who play "offended": since when is being against women sitting in the back and against proscrivingthem where to pray and how 'ultraliberal'? Maybe from a 14th century perspective?
39. Babs is on the plane sayin
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (06.18.13)
Get me outta here. Now I know why I haven't been back for 30 years. Bunch of crazy meshegunahs in this crazy country.
40. et tu brute
Daniel ,   TA _ IL   (06.18.13)
just go back and be the schise that you are and eave us here to deal with our things... selfrightious egotistical and well boringly leftish. I do not tell you how to live your life, please practice what you preach (an impossibility for the selfritious left0 and respect us as well.
41. This is really a non-story
Ezra ,   San Diego   (06.18.13)
There's more interesting things to report about than an old entertainer returning to Israel, but it's nice to know she's still healthy enough to travel and express her liberal agenda. The WOW's are also blow out of proportion.
42. Barbra one word... SHEKET!!!
Yardena   (06.18.13)
43. Good For You Barbra
ilana berner ,   caesarea, israel   (06.18.13)
44. @35
Reuven ,   Netanya   (06.18.13)
Everyone should have the right to walk in a swimsuit wherever they want. I dont own the street so I am not the one who should be saying that someone can not walk in their swimsuit. On the other hand seeing BS in a swimsuit would make these haredim so aroused, I understand why such a thing would happen.
45. Welcome to Israel ! You are certainly getting a thrashing
miri ,   israel   (06.18.13)
for voicing an opinion ! I don't think you deserve these hecklers (TB's) and wish you well.
46. Honour the word of G-D
Reuven ,   Netanya   (06.18.13)
3000 years ago G-D said to Avraham, take the bus to Palestine, make sure you get the front seat and put your wives in the back otherwise my torn will be upon the. As soon as he arrived in this little stretch of land, he noticed there were too many woman. G-D said, listen guys, we need to make sure we have the power otherwise the devil that houses in these woman (remember the apple) will take power and you will have to do the wash/dishes/cleaning and nurture your children for the rest of your lives. The rest is history.
47. Barb..welcome to Israel, but you may not know the two sides
Ann ,   netanya   (06.18.13)
of the story. You should not try to take a side without understanding the other side. The Temple is the most holy place, and need to respect this old place and its tradition. You wouldn't go there in a bathing suit, since you know it would be rude, but these women are also being rude. I also don't like the bus separation and violence, but USA still is much more violent than Israel. Is there any place that has no violence today? The discrimination on buses was ruled ILLEGAL under Israeli law.
48. #2 "worshippers"
Secular   (06.18.13)
Your "worshippers" guys are easy to provoke. They are provocation to the common sense and good taste themselves and violating the basic rights of others. Not much different to taliban, wahhabists, salfists etc.
49. Freedom of speech
Secular   (06.18.13)
Dear Barbra, welcome to Israel and thank you for coming! Please keep expressing your opinion even it's not easy in the land of envy religious fanatics. They don't care about your music either. There are many Jewish people that proud of you!
50. Women
Jo Jo   (06.18.13)
Some women do not feel comfortable rubbing arms with someone elses husand. Let them sit at the back (or front) of the bus for Gods sake. If Israel is a democracy - let people practise their religious freedom by practising gender separation.
51. What sort of people are these critics?
Secular is best ,   Israel   (06.18.13)
Beatrice Hall, who wrote a biography of Voltaire (a man with infinitely greater wisdom than the nasty, narrow-minded women haters who fill the comment columns) once said - and it is a well known saying: I don't agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it. That pretty much outlines the basic principle of democracy but clearly democracy is incompatible for fundamentalist religious "holier than thou types". Sorry to disappoint, but Israel is (or purports to be) a democracy and if YOU lot don't like it, please consider the options available to go take your hate and intolerance to any one of the many non democracies that will take you.
52. own opinion of B. Streisand
madrie ,   spain   (06.18.13)
barbara streisand should stop giving her own opinion in public and cause more trouble yet!
53. #51
Sane   (06.18.13)
typical, the anti-charedi quotes voltaire, the well known anti-semite.
54. 53 - a haredi who clearly can't read
secular is best ,   israel   (06.18.13)
The quote is not from Voltaire, Mr. Sane, as you will see when you learn to read properly. What was said is this: Barbara Streisand has a right to an opinion and you have the right to disagree. It should be possible to disagree without demonizing a person for exercising a basic human right. Anti haredi? No, just anti intolerance and misogyny, which seems to go hand in hand with the haredi cults.
55. real respect for women
It is sad that the behavior of a few unruly men, turns a tradition that allows women to be admired for their intellect and behavior and not their sexual prowess is so poor into something to be publicly criticized.
56. TO #5 - Well said.
Jon ,   USA   (06.20.13)
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