'Arabs out' graffiti in Abu Ghosh
Noam (Dabul) Dvir
Published: 18.06.13, 08:12
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1. Price Tag is a Cancer
Shimon Z. Klein ,   Bat Hefer, Israel   (06.18.13)
The Israeli Government is very soft on Price Tag. They carry out vandalism in practice and paint slogans of hate for Arabs and non-Jews. Why does the government not declare this organization terrorist and racist? Is it because their ideology is the same as Price Tag? Price Tag carries out what the Government dares not utter or do. If it would be Arab vandalism against Jewish property, the police would be more motivated to arrest those responsible.
2. Abu ghosh
Bg ,   Jerusalem Israel   (06.18.13)
Bad choice for such crimes against Arabs. Abu Ghosh is a town which is, generally, supportive of the State and loyal .
3. To: No. 1
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.18.13)
Why are you so certain that these acts are being perpetrated by Jews? Before you rush to judgment, don't you think an investigation into the identity of the true perpetrators are in order? And if they are proven to be Arabs -- and I am beyond certain that that is absolutely the case -- how should we punish those Arabs? Desecrating houses of worship? Defiling gravesites? How "soft" should the Israeli government be on the Arab perpetrators? And there is no doubt that it is, in fact, Arabs who are perpetrating these foul deeds. So, tell me -- when these Arab culprits are found, how should they be punished? You're a dupe, Shimon. An absolute fool. Shame on you.
4. To: BG at No. 2
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.18.13)
Exactly. That is well known, and that is why the work is obviously that of Arabs who have a different political bent. Israelis would never do this in Abu Ghosh (or any place else, for that matter). It is clearly the work of Arabs, and I, for the life of me, do not understand why everyone does not realize this.
5. Find the culperts and punish them !
miri ,   israel   (06.18.13)
6. Animals
Madeleine ,   Israel   (06.18.13)
These people are worse than animals. Thery are worse than cancer, all the more so because they are religious Jews. It's not just the destruction of property, bad enough in itself,, it's the sheer hate and venom with which these acts are portrayed. This will not deter terrorism. These people need to be behind bars for serious time - no fines or community service, no matter how many kids they have to support. That's somethng they should have thought about before they commit these vile acts.
7. Shame on the perpetrators
Raptor   (06.18.13)
but immense shame on our authorities and government who permit these disgusting acts. Yes, they permit, they do nothing to deter, silence is compliance. I want to see a prosecution, one will do, 30 years inside with no parole. Spit on a woman, slash tires, racist graffiti, one and the same thing, all disgusting.
8. Idiots! Residents of Abu Ghosh serve in the army.
Andi ,   Israel   (06.18.13)
9. # 2
haim ,   haifa   (06.18.13)
so, does the place make any difference? Such terrorist acts are always despicable! Regardless if its in Abu Gosh or somewhere else. These incidents have become so frequent that you can't call them just a few acts of crazy people anymore. These guys want to see the region burning. What's the government doing to protect its own citizens?
10. Why is this the MAIN story, yet rocket fire is hardly found
Ann ,   Netanya   (06.18.13)
When rockets go off, it is just by luck if we will see in on ynet. If it is even written, it is usually a small story that stays up for an hour (you need to look for it to even see it) However, when the Jews are the perpetrators of the crime, it is the MAIN story? Why doesn't YNET try to be a bit less political and just write news, the same for Jews, Arabs and all?
11. To Sarah B
Shimon Z. Klein ,   Bat Hefer, Israel   (06.18.13)
It is a known fact that "Price Tag" are fanatic religious Jewish racists no less than it is well known that Hamas is a fanatic Islamist terror group. There is no question of doubt about their identity. You do not live in Israel like I do and I am more aware of these things than you ever will be. What Arab group would burn down their own mosques or burn their own cars and scribble racist gravity against Arabs on walls of their own public property? I am discussing the latest vandalism by Price Tag. I will not stoop to your erudite level on this subject. Calling me names is bad manners.
12. Vandalism is NOT TERRORISM
Ann ,   Netanya   (06.18.13)
Vandalism happens EVERYWHERE in the world, it is not TERRORISM. The demeaning of the word terrorism by this writer is criminal.
13. MR
To Shimon # 11   (06.18.13)
Nobody knows who did it as of now and our justice system won't call anyone guilty until proven so. We are free to speculate either way but seriously Shimon, you live in Israel and you never heard of Arab gorups damaging their own property (and people) to make Jews (or others) look bad?
14. Blind and hatred-ridden
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.18.13)
These blind hatred-ridden racists need to learn history! Abu Ghosh residents are NOT Arabs. They are Circassian and fought on Israel's side in the War of Independence. They have continued to serve in the IDF since then. Not that such raciest behaviour is acceptable even against Arabs, but it is definitely wrong against Israeli citizens and Zionists! For proof, see: 1. Army of Shadows: Palestinian Collaboration with Zionism, 1917-1948, By Hillel Cohen, Page 78 2. No balm in Gilead: a personal retrospective of mandate days in Palestine (1989), By Sylva M. Gelber, page 21 3. Abu Ghosh - The Saga of an Arab Village, Israel Magazine-On-Web (Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs), June 2000
15. Disgusted
Mizrahi   (06.18.13)
I despise reading about any price tag hate crime, but this one is particularly disgusting. The residents have always had great relations with the Jews of the nearby towns, as anyone from that area will testify. The perpetrators must be extremely ignorant of the history of the town during the War of Independence too. I'm not surprised that the government has done little to prosecute those who have committed these acts in the territories, but they must act fast to prevent any further acts in Israel to avoid similar morning news, and reprisals. And if the individuals are caught, I have no doubt they have ties with senior figures in the far-right (ie the dream-team of racists that didn't pass the threshold with their 'party' in the elections)
16. terrorists?
MR   (06.18.13)
Those who slash babies' throats are militants and those who slash tires are terrorists?
17. Isn't "Rock Terrorism" a much worser problem?
Johannes ,   Norway   (06.18.13)
In Samaria women -not IDF - is trying to put an end to deadly stone throwing against Israeli cars...
18. Sarah B
sid ,   israel   (06.18.13)
Your insulting and rude comments to talkbackers are no different from graffiti on walls or slashing tires. Clean up your act please.
19. Sarah B. USA/Israel
Natacha ,   Netanya   (06.18.13)
You are sick and sickening. You are not the only one who lost a child - I lost mine in January 1995 also in a terror attack. My pain, my grief are no less than yours, but I am not driven by such hate against a whole people. You will always find extremists in both Arabs and Jews. So stop it already to be the lawyer of Israeli bastards whose only aim is the same as some Palestinians' one - to bring chaos in our region and our land. Get help, you really need it !
20. To Sarah B.
Kobi Martin   (06.18.13)
Those who support Price Tag like you should have the IP disclosed, taken to Justice and expelled from the country. It is easy. Be careful.
21. Sarah B. These are racist attacks just like Kristallnacht.
David Clarke ,   Liverpool, England   (06.18.13)
If you actually lived in Israel rather than Brooklyn you would know that it has been proven time and time again by the Israeli police that the culprits of these horrendous price tag incidents are the work of fanatically racist anti-Arab right-wing religious extremists who are Jewish. No Christian or Muslim Palestinian Arab with any self-standing in their own community would go out to purposefully desecrate their own Church or Mosque with racist Graffiti or burn their place of worship and their public property to the ground and burn out their cars and destroy their livelihoods and impoverish themselves just to prove a point to the State, even if it was to make a point against the occupation. Besides if you knew anything about the residents of Abu Ghosh you would realize that these people are of mixed Arab-Circassian descent and that they have always had good relations with Jews and the State of Israel and have always supported a two-state solution to end the conflict. Such an Idea that Arabs, let alone the residents of Abu Ghosh, would perpetrate these attacks on themselves are the flights of fantasy of certain individuals on Y-net (you know who you are!) who would seek to exonerate and justify these criminal terrorists in some way and secretly think that these price tag incidents, which are an act of terrorism no better than Kristallnacht in 1938, against Arabs are justified in some way.
22. #19 - Natacha
Devorah   (06.18.13)
So sorry to learn of your loss. Peace to you and yours.
23. To: No. 20
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.18.13)
Ah, yes, but that would apply only to those who support the REAL price taggers, wouldn't it? And when it is proven -- actually, it has already been proven conclusively -- that the perpetrators are Arabs, and the government is reluctant to release the facts because of the Arab predilection to violent uprisings -- people like you, who insist that the perpetrators are Jewish when in fact they are not -- should we expel YOU from the country? Frankly, I'd expel the likes of you in any event. You, sir, are a poor excuse for a Jew. Innocent Jews that you blame so readily for crimes that have in fact been committed by Arabs .... they just might take umbrage. Justifiably so. They might get your IP address. It would be easy. Be careful. Better still, run to Ramallah. I'm sure they'll give you safe haven! Won't they?
24. MR
To Kobi # 20   (06.18.13)
Nowhere in Sarah B's posts is any hint of support for Price Tag. Ynet has no problem publishing all kinds of opinions including hateful ones (against Jews and Israel). It is called freedom of speech. You may find it hard to swallow but it's way superior to the kind of "justice" you propose.
25. To whoever was trying to be racist
Abugosh resident ,   Israel   (06.18.13)
First of all, Abugosh family are NOT arabs but circassians who came here before the state of Israel. Second of all, Abugosh family supported the state during its establishment and are very loyal to the state. Third of all, Racism is unacceptable no matter who it is against. May Hashem bless the state of Israel. Secularism and Security for Israel all the way.
27. Racism is Racism, and this is a manifestation of Jewish
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (06.18.13)
racism toward the other; toward the Arabs in this case. It ought to be condemned, as it is, by all, including all political, educational, community and religious leaders. The perpetrators of this act must be found, brought to justice, and spend time behind bars for an extended period. And, to my fellow Arab citizens of Israel, we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with your condemnation of this and similar acts.
28. To: No. 11
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.18.13)
Arabs who wish to point a finger of blame at Israel would do anything. Haven't they been photographed destroying their own olive groves? Haven't police investigations proven beyond any shadow of a doubt proven that they torch their own cars for the insurance proceeds? Some of the graffiti is clearly written by someone whose hand is used to writing Arab script, and much of the graffiti is written in puerile -- and incorrectly spelled -- Hebrew. You are not being realistic. But thank you for recognizing that I am, indeed, quite erudite. In Europe, little Christian children were killed in order to blame the Jews. I put no vile act past anyone, if the object of the exercise is to vilify the Jewish people. It's happened before. History is a great teacher -- for both the good and the bad. Wouldn't you agree that people who are capable of selling their children to be suicide bombers are capable of anything? By the way -- I live in Israel for roughly half the year. You shouldn't jump to conclusions. But I would truly love to hear you explain how it is remotely possible for Jews to enter an Arab village, scrawl despicable graffiti or torch some cars, and raise nary an alarm; not so much as a dog barking. Has it occurred to you that perhaps the dogs were not alarmed because they recognized the perpetrators? Chew on that for a bit, dear, why don't you?
29. To: No. 18
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.18.13)
Truth hurts, eh? Why are you bending over backwards to vilify Jews when it is in no way proven that Jews are responsible? And rather a great deal of evidence (albeit circumstantial) which proves that Arabs are the culprits? It isn't exactly as if we haven't seen precisely this before, now, is it?
30. To: No. 19
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.18.13)
I am sorry for your loss, but you are wrong. You tell me how it is possible for Jews to enter an Arab village, spend time defacing property, and then escape with raising nary an alarm, and I'll pay attention. As you compose your response, do keep in mind that Arabs have been caught red-handed -- and by cameras -- destroying their own olive groves, torching their own cars for the insurance proceeds, and defiling gravestones in their own cemeteries. But I will entertain any counterclaims you wish to present. Go for it!
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