'Arabs out' graffiti in Abu Ghosh
Noam (Dabul) Dvir
Published: 18.06.13, 08:12
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31. To: No. 21
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.18.13)
Arabs have been caught red-handed -- and filmed -- destroying their own olive groves. They have been caught torching their own cars for the insurance money. It is impossible for Jews to enter an Arab village, spend time defacing whatever it is they are alleged to deface, without raising an alarm? Not so much as a barking dog? Jews do not deface houses of worship, and we do not desecrate cemeteries. Arabs, on the other hand, continue to do so to this day. Did you know, for example, that Arabs used gravestones from the Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives to pave latrines? Did you know, for another example, that they dynamited no fewer than forty-eight synagogues, including the ancient and beautiful Hurva Synagogue? No, I guess you didn't. But what's the odd desecration of a Jewish cemetery or house of worship for people who sell their children to be suicide bombers? You are in dire need of some serious education. Yours is quite lacking. Until you acquire said education, please spare us your ridiculous comments. They constitute an ignorant waste of space. As do you.
32. Abu gosh is circassian NOT arab
AG   (06.18.13)
Arent they supposed to know who they are attacking in the first place? Abugosh is more israeli than any place in israel. The state is above anything. And these racist actions (regardless against who) portray our great state in a negative way. So I hope they catch them. Israel is forever alive, free and secular.
33. #3 + #4 ....and the RAF was responsible for...
Robert ,   Australia   (06.18.13)
....the London blitz during WWII. Shame on them.
34. #19
Bob Cassidy   (06.18.13)
I bet your loss is genuine. My sympathies to you.
35. What Israel means to Abu Gosh people
A Nationalist   (06.18.13)
Abugosh family are Circassians and here is what Israel is to them: Israel comes before our race, before our religion and before anything else!
36. Sarah B. please stop!
Offended   (06.18.13)
State your opinion and provide factual information as you generally do, but please stop degrading and name calling other readers! You have turned into a playground bully on this forum. My mother is Jewish and my father is of Arabic background and your comments are highly offensive!
37. oy vey
Ellen ,   Israel/NYC   (06.18.13)
So much vitriol and so little thinking. In no particular order a. no one knows who is doing this at this point. Before accusing Jews the police need to catch the perpetrators. Irregardless of who they are they need to be prosecuted. b. Abu Gush is an Arab town that has Jews in it all the time. No one even blinks. The community has restaurants, car repairs etc. etc. that are constantly frequented by Jews c. The number of people here who have no idea of what they speak is amazing. The Brit criticizing the American for not living in Israel--who are you kidding???
38. none so blind as they who will not see
Blah blah Sarah ,   Israel   (06.18.13)
So six months in Israel makes you the expert, does it? What, you didn't stay? Couldn't take the heat? Meanwhile we're the ones who live here and whether you like it or not, there is an Arab population that has the right to live here and be counted as citizens. Your blind ignorance is mind-blowing, your hatred perplexing, because the last people on earth who should be advocating hatred of another people are the Jews. Israelis, on the whole, do not feel the way you do, despite the sacrifices they make to keep this country going - and frankly, their opinions about what goes on in the country THEY live in, are worth far more than yours from your armchair in wherever it is that you are in the United States.
39. why
dil ,   new york   (06.18.13)
why is it, when Jews do something immediately a crime and when the arabs nobody wants to talk about it?
40. "Jews Out" Grafitti Found In Crown Heights, NY
World Citizen ,   the world   (06.18.13)
"Jewish Rats Out!" 1933 Berlin. The more thing change the more they remain the same.
41. To 19#, Natacha, Netanya.
David Clarke ,   Liverpool, England   (06.18.13)
I cannot even imagine the pain that loss has brought to you and I pray that time will bring you and has brought you some comfort and peace of mind. You have shown in your comment that you are a far stronger and far better Human being than Sarah B will ever be, as you have not allowed that horrendous loss, perpetrated by vile terrorists who do not represent their people or cause, to consume you with hate of an entire people. It is people like you who give me hope that peace and a two-state solution between the Children of Issac and Ismael is still possible and that the next generation of Israeli and Palestinian Children will live together in peace and in states of their own and will not grow up to be another generation of vile terrorists like Baruch Goldstein and the people who took your child from you, who bring misery and suffering equally to Palestinians and Jews alike. Shalom Natacha and refuah sh'lemah.
42. #19 Natacha
Sarah B never lost a child, that bogus story of hers was proven to be false when she claimed her child was male, 13 yrs old and died in the Sbarro pizzeria attack. No such child of that age died in that terrorist attack.
43. # 18 Speak for yourself, John WE LOVE SARAH B
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!! ,   United States   (06.18.13)
Give 'em hell Sarah!! You go girl !! KEEP BUILDING !!!!!
44. Murder is terror. Maiming is terror. Graffiti is NOT!
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.18.13)
It is utter lunacy to compare murder and maiming with scrawling graffiti. Scrawling graffiti may be obnoxious. It may be mischief. It is certainly NOT terrorism!
45. To: No. 38
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.18.13)
I am an Israeli citizen, and I served in the IDF. The amount of time I spend in Israel in any given year depends a great deal on obligations elsewhere. I have nothing against the residents of Abu Ghosh, a village which is known for its hospitability and its friendly relations with the Jewish people. I have a great deal of rancor for, and animosity towards, Arabs who deface and defile homes and houses of worship, reduce olive groves to nothing, torch vehicles in order to secure the insurance proceeds and desecrate their own (and others') cemeteries, all in order to point the blame at Jews, when Jews have nothing to do with these vile acts.
46. # 11 Shimon
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!! ,   United States   (06.18.13)
I live in America and don't like Arabs/Muslims/pals. So what? Their reputation for terror, assassinations, kidnapping, human rights abuses, lies, murder.... etc. etc. the list goes on and on and none of it good. I don't live in Israel and don't have to, we already have lost nearly 3,000 people in the WTC, Boston etc. Erudite or not, the 'pals' suck. I suspect you are also one. The only solution for the 'supposed pals' is for them to vacate Israel ASAP. They are terrorists. Meanwhile, KEEP BUILDING !!!!
47. "Sarah B. Out"
Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (06.18.13)
Frankly, that is the only graffiti I'd like to see upon reading this article and your comments. Most civilized Israelis will agree with me regarding not needing your a$$ backward support of Israel and rhetorics. Go harass Barack Obama and the Crips and Bloods in New York or are you so brave only behind your computer screen from 6000 miles away?
48. Bob the builder #46
Ami ,   Tel Aviv, IL   (06.18.13)
'Pals'? Wow, you are a creature. Something tells me you're not actually a supporter of Jews and Israel, rather a conflict enthusiast and a Muslim hater.
49. #47 you're an idiot, cojudo, if you were to
Yosi ,   Gilo-Jerusalem   (06.18.13)
at least attak content, you would be higher then a rat, not so. I suppose that you are one of our enemies that helps the arabs riot all the time.
50. When terror is terror
Brynie ,   Tel Aviv   (06.18.13)
Arab stone throwers is real terror but Bibi can't seem to get around to speaking about that.
51. Had victims been Jews...
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (06.18.13)
We all know, had the victims been other jews, these terrorists would all be in jail and crimes would have stopped a long time ago. The fact that the government still had not put an end it, shows the double standard in dealing with crimes against Arabs Vs crimes against jews.
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