Deri: 'Arabs out' is the same as 'Jews out'
Noam (Dabul) Dvir
Published: 18.06.13, 13:52
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1. how about arabs out the country
zionist forever   (06.18.13)
If we do eventually create a palestinians state we should do border swaps and those swaps will leave the arab triangle on the palestinian side of the fence so we automatically loose the bulk of the arab population. The others can be encouraged to leave even though we cannot force them. Do our best make Israel an arab free zone. Just think of it no Zouabi, no Tibi, no fifth column it will be a day worthy of annual celebration in its own right.
2. I don't like Deri
Dror ,   Haifai, Israel   (06.18.13)
The grafiti is in bad taste and is not necessary. Jews in America can buy all of Abu Gosh if they wanted to, that is the real travesty. Deri is a politician. That is meant as an insult.
3. Hypocrite
Secular   (06.18.13)
"Russians"out! sounds much more reasonable though, right Mr. Deri?
4. To Dror in Haifa
Annoyed ,   US   (06.18.13)
Enough with the bashing of American Jews already! Your posts have become so redundant and predictable. You sound like a jealous child. When Israeli government makes a few changes such as implementing civil marriage as reformists and conservatives cannot get married in Israel today, some of us may move to the Holy Land. Some may not because we also have non-Jewish family and jobs and lives that were birthed here, in the United States.
5. What did the arabs think?
ACortez ,   Anaheim, CA, USA   (06.18.13)
That the Jews would allow themselves to be attacked forever? The racist anti-Israel lobbies at the UN have continued the war between Jews and arabs so now they are seeing the fruits of their labor. Militarized Jews who are getting closer to using the tactics of the arabs. God bless Israel and all of its people.
6. Abu Ghosh and Deri
Avramele   (06.18.13)
The Israeli citizens of Abu Ghosh contribute to the Israeli mosaic. Their presence should be celebrated not simply tolerated. Deri made the only statement a true representative of Zionism and the Jewish people should make. Kol Hakavod to the Shas MK.
7. It's not the result of a racist policy, but the result of
the Arab world ,   trying to kill us   (06.18.13)
8. Yes indeedy
Gary Westbrooke ,   D. Iowa   (06.18.13)
Its these white Xtian evangical Euro-American turned Jews(no pun) mixed in with the few Zionist indoctrinated M.E. todays Israeli Arab turned Jew,,,,, and their kids doing this sh-t ,,,but mostly the racist cracker. I can't percieve anybody over 40 years of age doing this sh-t, but they put their evil a-- kids up to do this and perpetuate discord. In the Americas this kind of racism and terror was used by the first Euro cracker(no pun) settler towards the indigenous Indians,,, and this period was noted as the "Wild Wild West",, lawlessness and terror for the land grab, ,then latter perpetrated upon the emancipated black slaves that were migrating in the U.S. in search of employment and trying to raise their families,, that would latter be just one of many racist white groups such as the KKK, Aryan Brotherhood etc., etc., etc., and the many more that can be found in America's wicked past,,, but now our present day "Tea Party" that want to go back to the very principles of these "Founding Fathers" who all had slaves and fought violent wars. These are and were the masters of terrorism, shedding blood, playing games of subterfuge domestically and aboad. Its not really who does it but its the all so identifiable technique and pattern when you are foreign to a land and want to extracate a people that are different from yourselves. Once you understand the pattern then you know the intent and the culprits. "Thou Shall not Covet" is a major, major, very major sin and the "Wages of Sin", is always death,,, ,,,,for somebody.
9. Shame on Deri
Joseph ,   Petach Tikva   (06.18.13)
for distorting the torah to flatter the world. what does Rav Ovadia have to say about that. Israel is the land promised by G-d to the Jews. Yes there is a difference between Arabs out and Jews out. Deri is a distorter of Torah if he does not understand that.
10. political lies reek!
yoni ,   jewish homeland   (06.18.13)
of course politicians will say anything to get some points in their sick game. The fact is that the Arabs are causing great danger to Israel and they preach hatred and violence. This is not the case for any Jews in any country in the world. You cannot compare hatred that is based on nothing to hatred that is directed at ones personal and national enemy. The Arabs must leave for this reason and also for the reason that Torah teaches us that Israel is meant to be a country where Jews can live as Jews and one that belongs to Jews. We are not meant to have outside influence in Israel. This is the desire of God for the good of the Jewish people.
11. Bravo!
Mark ,   London, UK   (06.18.13)
I don't normally go with anything to do with Shas (especially the odious "rabbi" Ovadia). Nevertheless, "arabs out" is a repugnant cliche. Not one I would ever like to hear against myself. Contributors to this forum may recall my question. What landswaps does the israeli government have in mind, and what happens to the residents of territory swapped. Will they remain Israeli citizens? What is the process of removing citizenship? Will Israeli residents of S&J retain Israeli citizenship? Will they also have citizenship of Palestine?
12. #1 Your repulsive racism is very telling...
Lynx ,   Palestine   (06.18.13)
But thank you for it...for advertising your racist attitudes to those people reading their monitors from Europe, South America, Australia, and other far away places who will now know for sure that Israel is in fact, an apartheid entity. By the way - it is not possible to create an "Arab free" territory anywhere in the Middle East. Your delusional thoughts will soon crash head-on with reality...That it is in fact Israel that is the ephemeral creation and will not last, thanks to your idiotic settlement enteprise which is accelerating the process of "Zionist free" region.
13. To 1#, 2#, 5#, 7#, 9#. 10#.
David Clarke ,   Liverpool, England   (06.18.13)
Contrary to your racist fantasies Arabs will not be moving out en masse due to your desire to have an ''ethnically pure'' Israel. Although I disagree sometimes with what Shas and the Haredi try to advocate I must wish Khol HaKavod to Shas chairman Aryeh Deri for upholding the true principles of the Torah and Tanakh in condemning this racist terrorist attack on the residents of Abu Ghosh, a peaceful town of Mixed Circassian and Arab heritage whose residents have always had friendly relations with Jews and the State of Israel and have always stood for peace and the two-state solution and have never lain a finger on anybody. The very fact that you are justifying and condoning these racist attacks against innocent civilians and using the Torah and Tanakh to justify them shows what kind of bigoted, racist and mindless individuals you are. The fundamental precepts of the Torah and Tanakh is love, peace and tolerance to others, you desecrate its precepts regularly with your hatred and mindless racism and bile, it is the same Torah and Tanakh that state quite clearly within;. וַאֲהַבְתֶּם אֶת־הַגֵּר: a’ahavtem et ha-ger: You shall love the stranger. 'You shall not oppress the stranger,' (Exodus 22:20;23:9). 'The foreigner residing amongst you must be treated as your native born' (Leviticus 19;33:34). 'You shall have one law only – the same for native born and stranger'; (Numbers 9:14;15:16). 'Have we not all one father? Has not one God created us?' (Malachi 2:10). Regardless of whether people are religious or not these words of scripture are as relevant now as when they were written and some of the so called ''Religious Zionists'' who regularly spew their hatred and racism out on Y-net and justify it by scripture could learn a thing or two if they actually bothered to observe its precepts.
14. How much of this graffiti was arabs?
Yosi ,   Gilo-Jerusalem   (06.18.13)
By the spelling and form, it looks like arabs did this. Once again arabs lying. Just need to film them in the act.
15. Land swaps answer to #11
Avramele   (06.18.13)
There are a few issues here. Land swaps can have standing in international law but a) the citizens of the land in question cannot be stripped of existing citizenship but given the option to retain and move back within Israel's borders; b) forceable population exchanges or transfers have historical precedent but were morally dubious and painful experiences - one million died in the India-Pakistani exchange and the Greeks and Turks have not recovered from their experience 80 years ago. Remember too, that the Babylonian captivity, the Iberian expulsion and the transfer of Jews to the pale was not a win win to say the least. c) It is a terrible distortion of Israel's Declaration of Independence and the idea of a Jewish majority for all it's citizens. In fact Abu Ghosh was probably chosen as a target of the racists particularly because it is a symbol of good neighborly interactions going back to the founding of the state.
16. If,only if, Jews are permitted
Latif abu Samra   (06.18.13)
to inscribe such graffiti with impunity, then I pose that Arabs should be permitted to inscribe similar graffiti and with similar impunity. Only if. I rest my case.
17. OR does this afirm that tenets of judaism
USA   (06.18.13)
support and encourage this acts? Has any price tagger ever been imprisoned?
18. Abu Gosh
Raptor   (06.18.13)
is an island of sanity in a sea of insanity. It is not only colorful in landscape but also in its human content. The inhabitants are Circassians, the founders, Christian Arabs, Moslem Arabs and Jews. Churches and Mosques face each other, Arab owned restaurants are frequented by Jews in very large numbers, it is very difficult to find a place to park on Saturday or any Holiday, usually there is a long wait, and then a long wait again for a table. Why spoil this longed for situation. No.10's post is racism in its most pure form.
19. Arabs
Goy   (06.18.13)
I like Christian and "civilized" Arabs...they are no different than the rest of global population contributing to a better world. The problem I have is with most Islamic Arabs. The Islamic culture is at odds with itself and with others. It is the real danger.
20. Has everyone forgotten
Shalom ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.18.13)
that the inhabitants of Abu Ghosh helped the Jews during the War of Independence? Whoever is perpetrating these attacks is seeking to create enemies to the state, which is tantamount to treason. The authorities must eradicate this phenomenon before it causes the state grave harm.
21. Deri is wrong because
Rabbi Shmuel ,   Lod, Israel   (06.18.13)
Jews next door don't terrorize. Arabs do & arabs got to go.
22. #18 Raptor, there's a lot of truth in what you said.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (06.18.13)
Abu Ghosh could be the most pro-Israel Arab village in the whole country.... Have you ever been there on Independence Day? There's more flags waving there than you see in Jerusalem. I am not necessarily an Arab sympathizer, but there is a time to call it a day on the racism and "price tag" stuff...even I have grown a little weary with it.
23. Poor Dror, jealous and stupid.
Michael ,   California, USA   (06.18.13)
I will soon come home for a visit and bring you a gift from California. It will be monkey doll with a donkey body, neutral gender. Consider it a recognition for your jealousy from this Israeli American.
24. Surprising, but welcomed
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (06.18.13)
As an Israeli Arab, i'm positively surprised this statement came from a Shas leader. When Shas was in government we never heard such condemnation of racisim.
25. Deri: 'Arabs out' is the same as 'Jews out'
George Weiss ,   Teaneck, USA   (06.18.13)
Deri is a little confused. The Jews were never a threat to the existence of the countries they were in or advocated its destruction, as the Arabs of Israel have.
26. #4 Annoyed and Mikey in Cali
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (06.18.13)
I am glad you are annoyed #4. Keep your sh*t flavored American chocolates for yourself Mikey. In all honesty I really do not give a rats ass about most of the Jews in America. I just feel really sorry for them. They are headed for an absolute train wreck. It is hard to watch what is happening and what is going to happen to them.
27. Thanks to all those who wrote supportive comments...
Abugosh resident ,   Israel   (06.19.13)
Abugosh forefathers stood by Israel and its children will stand by Israel too. This is our country, our state. May Hashem bless israel forever and protect it.
28. We love our neighbors in Abu Gosh
tzvi harpaz ,   kiryat yearim   (06.18.13)
I, a resident of Kiryat Yearim, a Jewish neighborhood across the valley from Abu Gosh, write this as an open letter in hopes that it reaches the residents of Abu Gosh. We are a peace loving neighbourhood. And we are people with a long memory when it comes to gratitude. We know that it is because of your community's decisions, sacrifices and bravery in 1948 that we can live in our's today. How I wish there was an annual national celebration of the heroism of your people. How I wish that people treated others based not on their culture but on their choices. My instinct is to shout "It wasn't me, it was't us! No one from our area was involved in the criminal activity that was perpetrated. And that would be %100 percent true. But it would also be %100 self serving, thinking only of absolving myself, my family and my community. Not focusing on joining you, our neighbours who's beautiful lit up homes adorn the hills I gaze at as I fall asleep at night. Not sharing the hurt of being the victims of a crime of racism and hate - something we know too too much about. So instead I offer a prayer that form this crisis we grow more understanding and supportive of each other and that the day soon come when all of our children may play and sleep blessed with harmony and serenity.
29. #26, Nothing bad will happen to American Jews.
Michael ,   California, USA   (06.18.13)
They already donated over 125 Billion Dollars to Israel and they think it was money well spent. Except for sh*theads like you, nobody predicts bad things will happen to American Jews, not even the poor Jews themselves in New York City. These old Jews did shelter you for many years, but not well enough to take the venom out of your crooked brain, drorey.
30. Cheeky Dror
Annoyed   (06.19.13)
For someone who doesn't give a 'rats a** about American Jews' you do a whole lot of bashing them on every other talkback. Even on articles that have nothing to do with the US!! I assume you have a big 'ol red stamp in your passport that bans you from ever entering our country that has only served yours well. Don't spit on us and shame yourself because you wish you were someone else.
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