Arens: Israel can get by without US security aid
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Published: 19.06.13, 11:06
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1. It is time, I agree.
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (06.19.13)
It would be better for all sides if the military aid ended. The perception of having to always rely on America for permission to defend ourselves needs to end as well. Once the militray aid is ended America will no longer be dictating or "advising" us on how to defend ourselves. We are not ungreatful, thank you very much for all the years of support. We know that America is in financial distress and it would be best to help ease the problem by ending the Military aid. Now lets see if they also stop sending billions to Egypt,Turkey,Jordan, Iraq, etc. The empire is crumbling, Baruch Hashem. The world breathed easier once the corrupt Roman Empire fell way back when. Now is no different.
2. Israel's arms industry
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (06.19.13)
Threatens the American military industrial company monopolies. They do not want us to be too independent, part of the reasons why they continue giving aid in the form of grants with conditions to buy from them only.
3. Restrictions during 2nd Lebanon War
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (06.19.13)
The US government made sure to pressure Israel not to use American made weapons as we saw fit during the 2nd Lebanon War. This is no way to fight wars. Israel needs to develop independent weapons systems without any restrictions from overbearring patron states. Another good reason to start saying thanks, but no thanks.
4. Further restrictions
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (06.19.13)
We are restricted from developing advanced weapons systems in partnership with countries like India which has vast resources, industry, manpower, know how, technology. The Hindus are the majority in India and they are always threatened by the muslims in their country and around their country. We could build advanced fighter bombers, air defense systems, ships, submarines, everything and more without having our hands tied by the Military industrial complex of America.
It's obvious ,Israel would be much freer and less bound and subservient without this "BRIBERY MONEY" because that's what it is. This money has always come at the cost of Israels' political independence and allows hostile outsiders to interfere. SENT THE $$$ BACK.
In this life , one does not get something for nothing. BECOME INDEPENDENT FOR HEAVENS SAKE.
7. Most Israeli MK are clueless about Israel as well
Al   (06.19.13)
America is changing very quickly and the Jews therein will be blamed for its downfall. If they had a brain they would be looking elsewhere, but history teaches us most golus Jews are clueless as to what's really going on.
8. Don't let your fantasizing doom you
Cameron ,   USA   (06.19.13)
The Persian nuke drive & Gaza episodes are testimony enough about the limits of Israeli power and abilities. Without us to back you then you transform into a truly isolated siege-state with a good part of the planet working tirelessly with every form of pressure & punishment that can be summoned up. Alone, the waves will pull you under.
9. #5 a question
Who cares about Israel? What matters is whether Ehud Barak and other decision makers will be better off.
10. Giving back
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (06.19.13)
If most of the foreign aid given by the USA to Israel is used to purchase American defense equipment, Israel is giving back. The EU recently criticised Lady Ashton for giving massive foreign aid to Egypt with little evidence of where it went once it reached Egypt. The Arab world is not known for its transparency. Israel is the better investment!
11. I agree with Dror on everything
Yossef   (06.19.13)
we do not need anymore this kind of control disguised as help. Thanks but no, thanks ;-)
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!! ,   United States   (06.19.13)
and bad for Israel as obama's giving the Arabs more weapons daily. The other good and bad news; Israel is far more adept at warfare. The Arabs crash their planes on their first flight. It will be worth it for Israel's independence from pro muslim obama. Let obama bow to the king of arabia and let Israel defend and protect herself without obama's stupid interference.
13. USA will be busy soon in economic crisis
ghostq   (06.19.13)
amerikans will "focus" in lockal economy rather than forign aid to other countries. I think you r better off, that is if you don't want to be left cut and dry with your security issues.
14. #8 Short memory dude
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!! ,   United States   (06.19.13)
Many thousands of years ago there was no America and Israel WAS a nation including Judea and Samaria. America did nothing to aid a fledgling Israel before her winning independence, in 1948. In fact, she outlawed her US ex soldiers to fight in Israel. ( we know American pilots broke that law and helped win the Israeli war begun by the arab states ) Israel won the war despite being hamstrung by America. America isn't as powerful as she once was, call it obama's revenge and call Israel's independence a nightmare for the US defense industry. G-d bless Israel G-d help America.
15. # 11 I agree
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!! ,   United States   (06.19.13)
Dror said it all.
16. Cameron
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (06.19.13)
You have it the other way around on Iran. Iran is more of a problem for America than it is for us. This administration and previous administrations have been using Israel as a cover for the reasons why they are targeting and sanctioning Iran. "We must defend the Jews" "We must stop another Holocaust from happening" Riggght. America does what it does for her own benefit first and foremost. Iran threatens the PETRODOLLAR MONOPOLY that America has enjoyed since 1971. Iran is not playing ball with the western power dealers. They are not under the grip of the World bank or the IMF, that is what bothers the NWO shadow govt. of the US.
17. Self-Sufficient.
Get Real ,   UK   (06.19.13)
Building towards becoming self-sufficient takes time.Joint research and technical/development of weapons benefits both countries. With the instability in the Arab ME and possible future conflicts with Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria or even Iran that timetable will be put back. Israel needs close co-operation with the US, but must always prioritise its own security and survival. It does no harm to show the US how some in Israel are thinking.
18. Time to stand on our own feet
norbus ,   Jerusalem   (06.19.13)
Arens is absolutely right. Only way Israel has to survive. inflows from energy and technology will support us if only we can collect the dues to the State, eliminate corruption, unfair tax avoidance and evasion,
19. Careful what you wish for
Ron ,   oc us   (06.19.13)
We will need American assistance for the for seeable future. Not to mention the sales of American military equipment to Arab countries has to be offset. 3 billion in military aid is still vital to Israel's security needs.
20. Best news all week
Tex-Mex ,   U.S.A.   (06.19.13)
This is excellent news. I can think of a lot of better ways to spend my tax dollars other than on an ungrateful burden such as you guys. Woohoo
21. All US aid will end within 3 years
Mordechai   (06.19.13)
Obama has bankrupted America. The Republican nominee in 2016 Rand Paul will eliminate all foreign aid because as a libertarian he believes the US has no right to tax Americans and give it to foreigners. The democratic party nominee with will a Jew Hater who will end all aid to Israel because she agrees with Samantha Powers the solution to the Israel problem is ending Israel. Israel needs to cut the wasteful welfare spending that American aid pays for.
22. To the arrogant Cameron
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (06.19.13)
Someone should tell you that you really have an inflated ego. It was the Jewish people that built up Israel from scratch - before, during and after 1948. It was the Jewish people that brought people, labor, manpower, money, knowhow, industries, universities, technology and science into Israel and turned malaria infested swamps and deserts into forests, arable land and modern cities. Israel received little if any military aid from the US prior to 1967. Israel purchased primarily fighter jets from France and weaponry from France and the UK. Israel was even more isolated prior to 1967 since America was no close "friend" of Israel back then. American interest in Israel started after 1967, after the Six Day War, when the Americans realized that Israel is a military powerhouse and therefore a useful American ally. Regarding your comment on Israel's so called "isolation" without American assistance: tell that to more than a 100 nations on this earth that have diplomatic relations with Israel. Israel has an ever growing diplomatic and economic relationship with the rest of the world - Asia in particular. Tell that to India and China, tell that to Japan and South East Asia, tell that to Australia and New Zealand, tell that to Europe and Russia, tell that to Africa and tell that to Latin America and Canada. No matter how difficult it may be for you Cameron to understand this, you have to get this into your head: Israel is not dependent on America, we don't want anyone to be our patron, Israel's successes ranging from winning the wars to building up Israel into an economic, technological and scientific power house,is of course Israel's credit. You Cameron are no friend of Israel and your purported "concern" for Israel's well being is called "obsessive need to control and dominate people through manipulative behavior". You wish to "control" Israel - not to wish us well. Regarding Gaza: if rockets were fired at that close range at USA, it would be hard to stop them too. Military speaking, Gaza is no match for Israel. Why could Israel single handedly defeat Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia in several wars? Regarding Iran: Israeli figter jets can reach Tunisia and Sardinia. Iran is much closer. Israel has nukes - Iran currently doesn't.
23. TeX MEx
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (06.19.13)
Ditto Tex. We feel the same way about you. Good luck getting your government to really care about tax payers. They have destroyed your future and your children's future. They have destroyed the viability of your currency. They have poisoned your food and water. They have squandered the respect of a once respectable nation. You have allot of work ahead of you. Good luck, keep your money....
24. we've tied our defense to US weapons systems
chava ,   yerushalayim   (06.19.13)
Much of our defense systems is tied to US weapons. It will take us some time (and money) to become independent of American weapons and ammunition for our present weapons' systems. But it's time to start working on it.
25. #22 Alexander
Dror ,   Haifa, israel   (06.19.13)
Very well said. I agree %100. Sad that they choose to believe the entire world revolves around them. Foolish of them to think that they are always the good guys. America is deteriorating rapidly and once self made proud Americans are turning into sad creatures controlled by media propoganda and a Big Brother Surveillance state, Police state. So sad, but they did it to themselves.
26. his logic is back to front
zionist forever   (06.19.13)
This guy has got his logic back to front, he thinks that the only way to maintain a qualitative military edge is to stop relying on America for military edge is ridiculous. Military spending is expensive and so the only way to maintain that edge is to be dependent on America. The army relies on military aid for the majority of its budget and without that aid we would not be able to afford to buy or build advanced weapons unless we were willing to substantially raise taxes. We would very soon find ourselves a second rate military power because we would not be able to afford to buy modern equipment. The only reason we have a big and modern airforce is because of aid. The IDF only got the new Namer APC is because a factory was set up in the US to build it with aid. The SAAR 5 missile boats were Israeli designs but they were built in the US because the navy didn't have the money Egypt & Jordan both have very modern militaries because the bulk of the hardware comes from America much of it bought with military aid and just because we decide to end it doesn't mean they will so they are going to be getting modern weapons whilst we make do with yesterdays model. When they take delivery of their new F15s the Saudis will have the biggest and most modern airforce in the region. Iran wants to become the new regional superpower and are spending billions. Support our own arms industry where possible but also accept Israel is not a rich country so we have to accept beggars cannot be choosers and continue to rely in the US for the bulk of our equipment.
27. #22 Alexander, your post is ok :-)
Yossef   (06.19.13)
I do not always read/appreciate your posts because they are in general too long, but this one is ok. Not just because I agree with it but also because it is explicative and well articulated. Congrats.
28. Cameron # 8
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (06.19.13)
Alone, the waves will pull you under. That is not so. God will part the waves. Never underestimate the God of Israel. Pride goeth before the fall and America thanks to Obama and those that support him is falling.
29. Yes, cut the cord...
TaylorT ,   Earth   (06.19.13) the world can laugh at the stillbirth. What Dror and other morons don't take into account when they talk about America 'restricting' Israel is that America is simply agreeing with EVERY SINGLE nation on the planet! If a person is universally hated, perhaps that person should ask himself why this is so instead of attacking their last friend. Talk about ungrateful! America has done much to save you from yourselves, but obviously like a young child who wants to run away from home, you don't know appreciate their help. So, yes, please...let America stop supporting Israel financially. And stop vetoing all UNSC resolutions that seek to condemn Israel. What this will do is embolden Israel's enemies (they will smell blood in the water.) Then they will push through sanctions against Israel in the UNSC and make the ICC indict Israeli leaders. And, of course, continue attacking Israel militarily from all sides (but this time with nukes as Israel is too weak to stop Iran from getting them.) And when this happens, make sure you thank those like Dror....if you can find him, that is. Because cowards like him will be the first to flee Israel when the shit hits the fan.
30. Ron #19
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (06.19.13)
We do understand the situation. I am certain that we will continue to share our technology with America. Am aware that we supply 100% of the avionics for your Air Force and other advanced technologies. We will continue to supply your intelligence as we have in the past. We do not want to cut ties, just the apron strings. Economically it improves Israel, helps the American taxpayers and we hope that the US will stop aiding the Arab fascist trying to kill us. Since the US gives them $4 for every dollar in aid they send our way.
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