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Kim Il Peres
Nahum Barnea
Published: 19.06.13, 19:58
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1. true.
mark ,   ca   (06.19.13)
2. barnea is weak
hy   (06.19.13)
it is inescapble that jews continue to suffer the genetic orientation to weakness and pity. Barnea is an example. Peres not only was a lousy PM, his judgeent was wrong on oslo, on osiraq, on syria, on kana on abbas. Nothing he has done is worhty of any praise. barnea who shoujld not know better has his head buried in the sand. Arabs are unable to make peace ever, understand. Start from there. And stop being so bloody weak.
3. Wow!
Susie ,   Nitzan, Israel   (06.19.13)
A terrific article, which completely expresses my discomfort with this show.
4. Kim Il Peres
Ray DeMarco ,   Portland, Oregon   (06.19.13)
5. I agree it's too much
Yossef   (06.19.13)
and what did he brought to us ? Oslo ? Well...
6. He is the most popular Israeli in the world?
Jake B. ,   Cleveland, OH   (06.19.13)
That's arguable, especially here in the US. Try this: Go to YouTube and enter Bar Refaeli or even Yael Naim. Sort by view count, then check how many 'views' they got. Now compare that to Shimon Peres. In today's world, he's irrelevant to anyone under 50.
7. Poor article
meir ,   new york, usa   (06.19.13)
This article reads like running notes jotted down while angrily watching the event. I really don't understand what it has to offer that would cause it to be posted on this website. Further, it is poorly written, although that could be a translation issue if it was originally written in Hebrew. Also, the article basically spews meaningless venom at Peres, then sums up with vague praise as if this was a comedy roast ended with "...but seriously, I love you from the bottom of my heart" after 20 minutes of jokes about someone's sexuality. Finally, go watch any gala celebrating anybody. Oprah has probably had a dozen events that heap more praise upon herself than was given to Peres, a 90 year old man with deep ties to all of Israel's modern history. The purpose of this article, beyond "Grrrrr me angry," is lost on me.
8. they forgot to mention one very important achievement
This man is responsible for the murder of over 1500 men women and children since the accursed Oslo disaster,Peres started negotiating with the PLO behind the governments back when it was still illegal to negotiate with terrorist organizations,in any other normal country he would have been put on trial for treason,but in Israel he was made president,proves once again,leftism is a mental disease and is suicidal
9. great article
Dennis ,   NJ USA   (06.19.13)
I dont always agree with you, Mr. Barnea, but you hit the nail on the head with this article. As for all the Peres haters (talkbacks) he played an essential role in the defense establishment in the 50's and 60's. His contributions speak for themselves. But for Sharon Stone to call him her mentor? come on.....This whole shindig was way over the top...
10. forgot to add
Dennis ,   NJ USA   (06.19.13)
Peres was at BG's right hand side for many years. But their styles were so dissimilar...Can you imagine the Old Man letting a shindig like this be mounted?
11. Agree 100%
Sergey ,   Tel Aviv   (06.20.13)
What was it??? This is what i felt when i watched tv last evening. I was shocked. It reminded me some sort of communists celebration for their great leader. I was shocked to see that here in Israel.With all my personal respect to mr. Peres i do not think his 90th birthday had to be like a 90th independence day celebration. It was something like that. It i shocking it is not in a spirit of this country.
12. Peres has done infinitely more evil than good.
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.20.13)
I'm sure the thousands of Israeli Jews who were maimed and murdered as a direct result of the Peres/Labor Oslo disaster appreciate the "Good things Peres has done". Peres has done infinitely more evil than good, and he continues to harm Israel with almost every word he utters.
David ,   New York, NY   (06.20.13)
Affectation, ceremonial, glitter, formality, pomp, charade, make-believe, ritual, show,ostentation, pomposity...
14. #12 Yep
Brett ,   Florida   (06.20.13)
Rafi ,   US   (06.20.13)
16. man of good deeds and service
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (06.20.13)
Of all the politicians no one has been in more governments,. served in more posts than Shimon Peres. Although politically I disagree with most of what he believes, yet. I admire this man over all politicians, both in Israel and abroad. A gentile man in public manner well suited to represent our country as president. And remember he never served in the IDF instead he served in every government. Kudos to him.
17. I propose every year we celebrate 6/18 Saint Shimon's Day
Alan ,   SA   (06.20.13)
18. To N 12
Luiz F Haddad ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (06.20.13)
Chaim, don't you really think Peres could foresee Oslo's failure? Why? All word's leaders which struggle for peace must trust, at first, their supposed partners. We, Democrats, friends of Israel, do admire him. He is a patriot and a humanistic man; a symbol of Jewish excellent roots. Sorry.
19. Zero accomplishments!
Benoa   (06.20.13)
Has done nothing except yap yap yap, but as he's a leftist moron, the journos and elites love him.
20. mr peres - president
ch accountant ,   nyc us   (06.20.13)
a cult of personality is harmless when the object of adoration and worship has no power
21. Onoxious, hypocritical, left wing dribble.
Neil B. ,   Haifa   (06.20.13)
This article is nothing but obnoxious, hypocritical, left wing dribble. Not a word of criticism for having forced Oslo down our throats.
22. No. 21. No mention of Peres's ultimate claim to fame...
Jake Gibbs ,   Jerusalem   (06.20.13)
...his bromance with the inventor of modern day terrorism- Arafat!
EM ,   Ra'anana   (06.20.13)
I've been trying for days to express the dissonance between the level of celebration applied to Pere's 90th birthday, and the justifications for it. YOU TOOK THE WORDS RIGHT OUT OF MY MOUTH.
24. Nahum the party pooper...
Shachar ,   Eilat   (06.20.13)
Nahum seems to forget it's the guy's nintieth birthday party....operative word being party!! Parties are to make the person feel good not to make some historically perfect narrative. If someone came to your party and started telling everyone about everything that had gone wrong in your life you would call them a PARTY POOPER! You have 364 days a year to slag him off, one day a year even Shimon deserves a break....
25. #18. Oslo was a despicable example of Nobel Prize chasing.
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.20.13)
Luiz. It is obvious to anyone, of normal intelligence, that making concessions to terrorists can only result in countless innocents being maimed and murdered. That is why America, even under Obama, does not engage in "peace talks" with Al Quada. You are far too generous to Peres. Oslo is nothing but a despicable example of Nobel Prize chasing to the enormous cost and detriment of Israel. Thousands of Israelis were maimed and murdered as a direct result of the criminal negligence of Peres and his Labor Party.
26. what an idiotic title, jesus
27. the "party" suited him
tom ,   toronto, canada   (06.21.13)
as possibly the vainest man in israel, peres has always done extraordinary things for israel - so long as israel's interests coincided with his own. this "birthday party" suited him perfectly: outrageous narcissism, at the expense of israel and israelis, amid a blush of false modesty. "only the good die young"?
28. i'll never forget the time...
oferdesade ,   israel   (06.21.13)
in '76'77 i was among a platoon of glolani soldiers at beit ha-hayal jerusalem and the defense minister came to talk to us. we were tired, hungry, fresh back from some operation or the other. one of the soldiers raised his hand and asked the dear politician how he could fulfil a taks he had no training for - having never actually participated in a battle of any kind (other than that he waged against rabin). Mr peres began screaming like a madman - frothing at the mouth at our impudence. i will never forget that scene and never have anything but contempt for its star.
29. 11 million times NO
Nora Tel Aviv   (06.23.13)
This extravaganza costed 11 million shequels. For what? For a 90 year anniversary? Can you imagine Shimon Peres at his 91st anniversary? And what whould be the cost ? Even if provided by benevolent donors, it will be .......disgusting, no less. Stop Shimon, stop. Maybe you are a megaloman, but you are not a child looking forward for his anniversary.
30. "The indefatigable intriguer": Peres
Rivkah F. ,   Jerusalem   (06.23.13)
PM Rabin called Peres an "indefatigable intriguer" and that is what he is and as Barnea points out, a totally opportunistic chameleon. He is all ego. He will never admit his mistake and that Oslo was a sham. He brought Arafat into this country. When dead bodies of bus bombing victims were strewn in the streets of our cities, he called them "sacrifices for 'the Peace.'" The phony peace which blew up in our faces. I wish we Jews had the equivalent of a Trappist monastery and he would take a vow of eternal silence but instead we have the adulation of the leader, like North Korea broadcast on three channels and it costs a fortune. Shame!
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