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Israel to export 40% of its natural gas
Avital Lahav and AP
Published: 19.06.13, 20:52
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1. In this case no need to tax the poor.
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (06.19.13)
2. who needs gas in 25 yrs? Maybe we'll be solar powered
EXPORT FEVER   (06.20.13)
If we exported enough, maximized profit, invested in education, maybe just maybe one of those highly educated Israelis will invent the solution to solar power and who needs gas in 25yrs??? THEN AGAIN THE LEFTIES MIGHT SCARE EVERYONE BACK INTO THE FOSSIL FUEL AGE - THANKS FOR GLOBAL WARMING --BYE BYE $100 billion from GAS EXPORTS
3. Piggish Capitalists
Michael ,   Haifa   (06.20.13)
Netanyahu and Lapid look after their tycoon clients and we, in our never ending stupidity, shall undoubtedly vote them in again at the next elections
4. 2 Michael (Haifa)
JR   (06.20.13)
Why dont you buy shares in the companies so you too can profit. And instead of calling them "piggish" why dont you thank them for RISKING their money and time into the risky venture of exploring for oil and gas. Look at the dry holes that Modiin drilled last year - and all the money that went down the drain. If you take risks you are entitled to the rewards.
5. #4 JR
Michael ,   Haifa   (06.20.13)
Why don't we take the example of the Norwegians, who by means of government investment and regulation invested all the oil revenues (that are the natural property of he Norwegian people) into the social welfare and benefit of the Norwegian people ?
6. 3
zionist forever   (06.21.13)
How exactly is exporting some of the gas going to hurt Israel, gas sales will for sure make profits for companies like Noble but how is that affecting Israelis? Noble pay us royalties for drilling for this gas which we are using to buy gas for domestic use and the royalties from exports will be even higher and be pure profit and over the lifetime of the gas fields we will make billions from those 40% exports. Do you seriously want to stop exports by cutting the big companies out the picture in favour of government doing the development. How will you feel when your taxes shoot up so the government can afford to spend billions drilling for the gas so we can keep the big companies out the picture and avoid exporting any gas? If we wanted to do things that way we would save billions if we left our own stuff in the ground and instead imported gas Is your real problem here you believe all the gas belongs to the Israeli public and big companies have no right to get rich through sales of the peoples gas? Like it or not socialism died a very long time ago today and if Israel doesn't embrace the capitalist world Israel will die.
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