New IAF pilots mostly math-savvy urbanites
Published: 23.06.13, 08:53
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1. Don't use incomprehensible terms
Baruch ,   Paris, France   (06.23.13)
A large amount of your readers are outside Israel. How to do you expect them to understand: "Community settlements," "service year": "mehina?"
2. What about racial statistics?
David ,   Stockholm, Sweden   (06.23.13)
How many are Ashkenazi? The Airforce tends to be very white. Same is true with the intelligence/high tech operations. This is because of inequalities within Israel. For example, there are far more Mizrahi Jews in the South of Israel than there are in the North. And how many of them were black Jews? Even one?
3. @2 how about your stupid statistics....
Israel ,   Israel   (06.23.13)
For the record all IAF pilots and navigators are ISRAELIS! For the record there are women serving in the IAF! For the record Israelis come in all sizes colors and religions. For the record...the IAF won't give out the information you request because our pilots identities are protected. But those of us in the know, know that IAF is composed of members from all groups of Israeli society. So please do take your racist trash out the door over there. Thank you.
4. @ #3 - Well said
Dee ,   Tel Aviv   (06.23.13)
5. Air force grads
David ,   USA   (06.23.13)
Planes don't stay in the air because of a pilot's ancestery or the amount of melanin in their skin. "Race" has no scientific basis.
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