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Syria-linked clashes kill at least 8 in Lebanon
Published: 23.06.13, 22:50
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1. Democracy?
Adam Helberg ,   USA   (06.23.13)
Welcome to the Arab spring.
2. may the syrian civil war last 15 years & spill into Lebanon
zionist forever   (06.23.13)
The longer this civil war goes on the better for Israel and if it spill over into Lebanon all the better have both northern neighbours slugging it out between themselves and Hezbollah is going to be so busy killing arabs they will have no time for Israel and it will weaken Iranian influence in the region.
3. the pic of them hitting each other with clubs is great
zionist forever   (06.23.13)
4. UN
Jeff   (06.24.13)
I am wondering if the UN thinks that if Israel gave more land to the PLO would these Arab miuslims stop killing each other?
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (06.24.13)
they gave power to the monkey of Beirut and Iran. Keeping Muslims fighting is the only way to live a normal life for the rest of the planet. Let them burn each other and waste their efforts and lives while at it. They want war so they shall have one. Am Israel chai!!
6. #3 that pic was actually
David V. ,   Sydney   (06.26.13)
Hezbollah thugs attacking a fellow Shia Muslim who was protesting against Hezbollah near the Iranian embassy. The anti-Hezbollah current among Shia is represented by Ahmed al-Asaad (not to be confused with the Assads of Syria), whose father and grandfather were speakers of Parliament. Anti-Hezbollah clerics have even been arrested on fake charges like "spying for Israel", to show how intolerant the Party of Satan is of dissent among Shias. They are making things more dangerous for Arab Shia.
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