6 Gaza rockets hit south; IDF retaliates
Ynet reporters
Published: 24.06.13, 07:30
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1. Send in the drones without delay !!!
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (06.24.13)
2. Totally surprised
Junebug ,   USA   (06.24.13)
I was so sure that peace had finally come to Israel. Especially with the intervention of the UN and with Russia sending in battle cruisers to Syria was supposed to have brought a peace that wouldn't be broken. Please, let's dialogue with the terrorists so we can have a calm.
3. "[...] especially now that the kids are [...]"
Miron ,   USA   (06.24.13)
The military concept of Yahoo.... Ohh wait... after bpmbing Syria Israel is awash in peace, too. Where are doctors looking, those responcible to watch out for advanced dementia in Israeli leaders, in case medical condition prevents them from making sane decisions. *** On the other hand I have this most agly feeling of seeing Israel to experience a bit of what Israel sent to experience Syria. You know, it was all sort of clear, Hamas is terror group, Israelis are good guys... world sat on its proper axis. But on one fine day in May 2013 Israel bombed neighboring Syria after 40 years of peace. What, Syrian children have no right to go on summer vacations without Israeli bombs raigning down on them? How is Israel any better now than Hamas terrorists... While my heart will forever be with Israel my sense of justice calls on Israel to exact justice and put responcible for terror against Syria in the dock, before I do it with my own hand. For my hand will not be gentle or just, but will be hand of vengeance. The innocent souls my nation have taken out of vanity and arrogance are not going to be put to waste.
4. #2 junebug
DavidR ,   USA   (06.24.13)
You don't have a clue!
5. Who cares who fired the missiles?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.24.13)
Israel's position is quite clear. Hamas is responsible. Pound 'em all. They're only trying to test Israel's mettle. Let's test theirs.
6. To Junebug
zbrk ,   Israel   (06.24.13)
As someone who lives here, I can assure you that very few of us thought we would see, for the next few decades, at the very least, ". . . a peace that wouldn't be broken." I don't think folks over hear hold out much hope of dialogue, but if you can make the arrangements, I am sure that the rocket-shooters would be more than happy to visit the USA and dialogue with you.
7. #2
audrey ,   Strasbourg - France   (06.24.13)
Totally suprised ? Not at all ! Just look what happens in Saïda Lebanon last night :{ The terrorist (has you call them) haven't got no other solution but to diverse the Sunite#Shiite conflict! And again to strike ISRAEL !!
8. So . . . .
Mike ,   NZ   (06.24.13)
Either nuke the bastards or barring that load Ms (EU) Aston into a 155mm howitzer and let them have her !!
9. Only Answer . . .
Nahal 4ever . . . ,   NZ   (06.24.13)
Scrap peace talks and start building . . . build baby build !!!
10. Any time I can chuckle, Junebug,
Robert Haymond ,   Teko'a, Israel   (06.24.13)
it's a good one.
11. Moderate Saudi Arabia paid rebel weapons... Liberate Israel!
Miron ,   USA   (06.24.13)
12. "... especially now that the kids ..."
Miron ,   USA   (06.24.13)
The sum of Yahoo military doctrine. Where are Israeli doctors watching. The ones who should watch for signs of advanced dementia in government officials.
13. Rockets
Simcha ,   NYC USA   (06.24.13)
Just their way of celebrating winning Arab Idol competition.
14. time to punish them again !
alsky ,   toronto   (06.24.13)
terrorists have short memories
15. Bibi is time to show your corage before
NATAN ,   ISRAEL   (06.24.13)
an other 12,000 rokets hit our cities and or peole have to live again in panic.
16. No surprise. Islamic Jihad part of Iran/Hez/Syria axis.
Cynic ,   USA   (06.24.13)
17. #13 Or maybe graduation ceremony from summer camp.
A ,   Belgium   (06.24.13)
18. How long -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (06.24.13)
-will Israel tolerate thisTerror- warfare agains its civil population ? Arn.Sweden.
19. To #4,6,7: Don't you realize sarcasm when you see it?
Harry   (06.24.13)
To Junebug (#2) : Heh heh. ;)
20. Are you kidding me?
Roi ,   Israel   (06.24.13)
Peace isn't possible. Muslims want all the lands of Israel and all the Israelis dead. You cant talk them out of terror, our dumb leaders have tried for over 130 years, yet achieved nothing, while constantly giving up lands and obeying stupid commands the UN instructs us.
21. Did anyone check your head !?
DT ,   TA Israel   (06.24.13)
22. #2 Junebug
rom ,   israel   (06.24.13)
Love your wry humor...
23. Arbitrary shelling
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (06.24.13)
Each time they fire at us they need to lose something valuable weapons stores including lives.
24. Close crossings until Hamas (or "donors") pay compensation
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (06.24.13)
The cost of any direct on indirect rocket damage to Israel, plus the cost of firing and operating Iron Domes to hit the rockets, should be deducted from shipments into Gaza. Exports through the crossings should be similarly "taxed". Allowed by international law - Israel is entitled to recover its costs of providing humanitarian aid, protecting its citizens being part of the "cost". No discussion of reopening of the crossings until Gaza rulers reimburse Israel in hard currency for the 2 Iron Domes that were fired (which prevented casualties and damage).
25. #24 You're too nice, Doc
A ,   Belgium   (06.24.13)
The only thing going into Gaza should be Israeli artillery shells and jets. No more aid AT ALL for the terrorists.
26. 'I still hope it was a mistake'
Get Real ,   UK   (06.24.13)
6 rockets by mistake? At least Israel has responded, somewhat, but still needs to make it punitive and painful otherwise it will escalate further if the terrorists believe Isreal is too concerned with Syria and Hezbollah to re-act on another front. No drills needed here against the Gaza terrorists just a sharp military response. #24 Agreed keep the border closed until compensated paid. Exert pressure so Hamas takes responsibility for and stops the terrorists'attacks.
27. hard punishment
bernard ,   munich   (06.24.13)
A harsh and immediate answer is needed and they got it. Those terrorist should definitely know what they risk: their own lifes and ruined houses, poverty and no further delivery of goods an energy. Basically, I have to confess I tend to be a pacifist (seems too easy in Europe having such an attitude), but I have learned you can only be peaceful to other peaceful and civilized people, not to terrorists. They deserv e other measures: they have to be really punished hard, very hard. ZAHAL, mazle tov!
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