Personal trainer: Chief Rabbi Metzger sexually harassed me
Reuven Weiss, Akiva Novick
Published: 24.06.13, 10:24
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1. This claim can be taken two ways :
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (06.24.13)
Rabbi conveniently forgets about it - or witness is making it up. Law needs more witnesses.
2. Well Well Well what a surprise
Zionist forever   (06.24.13)
3. This sounds really fishy to me.
Israeli ,   Haifa   (06.24.13)
Now that the Rabbi is outed for other crimes, this gay guy is taking revenge NOW for th Rabbis anti- gay stand?
4. He is gay..
nadav ,   tlv   (06.24.13)
Actually, another story broke today saying that a French male journalists was harrassed by Rabbi Metzger! This is yet another case of a religious person, who is openly anti-gay, ends up being gay himself. It's the same story with the myriad of priests, ministers, Imams, republican politicians, rabbis (e.g. Elon) who ended being exposed as gays! It just goes to show that being gay is natural and "god intended". Gay people are indeed born that way and so should be accepted as such! It is not criminal, immoral, or insane. Welcome to the 21st century!
5. Just get rid of him already.
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (06.24.13)
He is an embarrassment and the sooner he is dismissed the better. Lashon Hara is destructive to both the person speaking it and to the person being spoken about. This guy is causing great damage to himself and others. He needs to go ASAP...
6. Any witnessses? Can anyone corroborate this story?
Frank ,   USA   (06.24.13)
It not then it is rubbish.
7. wow
Birdi ,   Israel   (06.24.13)
The witch hunt has begun. I dont believe a word of this story. Not one word. Thats my gut feeling.
8. The disgrace to Judaism
Tambour ,   Eilat   (06.24.13)
Rabbis today mostly disgrace Jews Elitist, divisive, sometimes ignorant hypocrites. Teaching Zacharia while worshiping Mammon. Not a bit surprised If Metzger wanted to taste the forbidden . Hedonism, self indulgence is the order of the day. Fear of Heaven, long since forgotten. If not a power play, why would R Obadiah Youssef put down R. Stav? Why would Arieh Derri go to Jail? Why would dogs bark at R. Yuval Cherwell when he showed concern for Jewish assimilation in USA Abolish the posts of Chief, till we grow a Rabbi who can command respect of the majority amongst USA Jews..
9. These Rabbis...
Israeli ,   Haifa   (06.24.13)
They are just men with problems like every body else, and they have not over come their own problems at all, I believe because they are so far from Torah. They should by no means be leaders and teachers of the Jewish community . They study on the studies on the studies, of the teachings of the teachings of the teachings of Torah sages by Torah sages by Torah sages. Get back to the plain, straight pure Torah and get out of the commentaries.
10. Reincarnation of corrupt priesthood
Dror ,   Haifai, Israel   (06.24.13)
This guy embodies a reincarnation of the corrupt priests. He is getting a Tikkun now by being exposed as corrupt and also sexually depraved and degenarte. Accusations of molesting family members have been rampant throughout his career. Get rid of him, he is a degenarate. Let this be a lesson to the naive amongst the religious (which there are plenty).
11. To 7 Birdi
DuH ,   Israel   (06.24.13)
I think your 'gut' need more probiotic. When will you realize this man is a fraud? This is not the first time he's been investigated.
12. You can't judge the quality of..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (06.24.13)
apples by it's rotten apples.
13. These same corrupt guys and talkbackers will also claim
Kalman   (06.24.13)
that Rabbi Ovadia Yosef is gay because he always strokes cheeks of men (as have been seen on many photos online). These are the same smutty people who claim that David and Yonatan were gay.
14. Chilonim are getty nuttier and more bitter by the day
They have nothing to live for except for slandering haredim - their favorite pastime. Anybody believing this story falls in this category.
15. Very fishy funny story by a sad bored man
hadad ,   u.k   (06.24.13)
16. This is sounding more and more like the false accusers
Rivkah   (06.24.13)
against Rabbi Yehoshua of Nazareth. Scriptures says not to accept an accusation against an elder except with 2 or 3 witnesses. I suggest a NO-LIE MRI detector test be given to the accuser(s) since the judgment of HaShem is fearsome if His authority is misused by humans who are empowered with authority.
17. I am not chiloni
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (06.24.13)
I consider myself a traditional believer and practitioner of Judaism, I am not haredi but I am in agreement with the orthodox mizrachi stream of Judaism. This guy is a crook and a degenerate. Very hard for the religious communities to accept this about him, but the stories have been constant consistent and they have come from family members as well. He is a disgrace and a degenerate. Get rid of him . ASAP.
18. To 12 Ora
Israel   (06.24.13)
The saying is: 'one rotten apple spoils the bunch.' You just contradicted yourself like you do in most of your posts.
19. This false report makes me doubt
K.R. ,   Israel   (06.24.13)
the truth about Moshe Katzav's accusation. Like many others, I believe his employee wanted to get at him, just like this trainer here who's out to get at him because he's haredi. The secular courts have no right to judge without kosher witnesses causing innocent peole to suffer. The question is who's kosher? The halakha generally grants observant Jews the status of 'hezkat kashrut', witnesses who have Heavenly fear generally can be trusted. That's for the witnesses not the claimant. That's why we need Orthodox Rabbis who are well versed in the law, unlike self appointed judges who make up a law on the spot. Israel's Judicial court is a shame to humanity.
20. what's wrong?!
ilan ,   israel   (06.24.13)
the man wanted personal training... what's the big deal? this should be on the Onion site. there's nothing weird about this other than the way it's told. the rabbi showed an interest in helping the man's career and looked him in the eye? that's a crime now? try being a little in that world, people do grasp your hand when they're talking to you sometimes. i don't like it but it's how it's done.
21. thats crap.
ralph   (06.24.13)
22. Patting a hand is sexual harrassment ?
miri ,   israel   (06.24.13)
23. Lats Saturday night my gf assualted me
Al   (06.24.13)
she gave gave me a full blown kiss on the mouth. You can guess the rest. I think I'm going to sue. dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb
24. When such accusations are leveled
Robert Blum ,   New Albany, USA   (06.24.13)
When such accusations are leveled, the stature and credibility of ANYONE comes to have a permanent stigma. If this man had to accuse a rabbi of such renown, he should have discreetly gone to a Beit Din. This says much about his terribly flawed character and life style.
25. He stroked my hand HELP PLEASE the heavens have fallen.
jrebecca ,   modiin   (06.24.13)
Sexual harassment? Load of cr... this gay guy is 45 years old and he's harassed by a stroking of his hand???? He's a physical trainer. Does he never touch or look at his clients. This is the biggest load of rubbish we have heard since Anat Kahm's demand for "more space" under house arrest.
26. to #19 KR israel
miri ,   israel   (06.24.13)
Let there be no doubt in yr mind re Moshe Katzav - he was accused by more than one ! A little man with a big ego !
27. Rabbis must be religious
marian ,   Romania   (06.24.13)
Rabbis must be religious and take two wifes with two maids (they must be compelled to do this, by both religious and secular laws), exactly like Yaacob (he was compelled by Laban to take Lea - the prove that this story is true is that the frequency of myopia is much higher among the Jews then both Europeans and Semites). These 4 women will be able to exhaust and control him 24/7/365
28. # 12 Ora
Sagi   (06.24.13)
Out of respect for you I have decided to remain silent this time, at least until there is an expose and the absolute truth is made known.
29. Well,
I was kissed by a rabbi who was a professor at a distinguished university in Israel, but I would have to take this incident with me to the grave i guess. and yeah i'm a dude.
30. # 16 Rivka
Sagi   (06.24.13)
Please tell me where it states the following. Jesus was a rabbi. His name was Yehoshua. He was from Nazareth. This is a genuine enquiry and in no way meant to be facetious. For over 40 years I lived within the environs of Nazareth and I am very familiar with the town and its people, its history and development.
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