Meretz MK: Detention center for Africans a 'prison'
Associated Press
Published: 24.06.13, 11:08
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1. Economic migrants are now eligible for asylum
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (06.24.13)
These people are illegal immigrants and as economic migrants are now eligible for asylum. Even if they were political asylum seekers they would be eligible for asylum in the first country the enter after leaving their home country, not the 3rd or 4th.
3. So What?
TONY ,   USA   (06.24.13)
They should have been dealt with at the border. They're lucky to still be sucking air.
4. Grow up Meretz
Alon Kleinberg ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (06.24.13)
We have enough savages living in Israel thanks to our lax laws regarding citizenship in the *Jewish State*, allowing our self-declared enemies to set up shop and roam around like they own the place. The elitists will always "feel" for these people because they end up in South Tel Aviv and other places less desirable than Ramat Gan and Herzliya, so they (the leftists/self-centered pricks) are not affected by their barbaric and criminal behavior. Keeping them in a virtual hotel and providing for them is wasting my hard-earned tax money which could be better spent on Israelis (or simply not stolen from me in the first place). These people should be sent back to wherever they came from - they came here illegally, i.e they broke our laws. We owe them nothing.
5. make up your mind
Today, Yehimovitch said that Jewish graffiti artists make a mockery of the "rule of law" and demands that the police use an Iron Fist against them. At the same time, her fellow Leftists demand that immigration, residence and work laws be ignored. Make up your mind already
6. Jewish Pooish
J ,   Tel Aviv   (06.24.13)
I am returning to United States because I cannot stand to live in Tel Aviv any longer. As an American this is the city that fits my lifestyle most and I have really tried to believe the Israeli government when they said 'we are working on this problem' and the 'infiltrators will leave Israel.' After reading this is however, its apparent that the only one leaving will be me. The amount of infiltrators in my neighborhood have quadrupled in the last 2 years and I no longer feel comfortable walking in the streets. I am a Jew and I cannot live safety in Israel, land of the Jews. F*ck you lawmakers who have lost all sight, for making me leave MY home.
7. 'Thousands' is an invasion
David ,   Shiloh Israel   (06.24.13)
The media has a problem trying to play this African invasion both ways. Or maybe it is no problem and just helps stir up public interest to enhance circulation? From an historical perspective, previous waves of people crossing into Israel was regarded as an invasion. Correct me if I'm missing something here, but that rule is generally accepted elsewhere in the world. When such invaders rob, rape, abuse infants, plllage and murder a people, then its a most unwelcome invasion. Individual refugee cases should be examined, but sorry this mass invasion must be reveresed, and soon!
8. Israel is a sovereign country with immigration laws!
EST ,   Miami USA   (06.24.13)
If they don't like their existence while the law is being implemented then they can take the humanitarian action Israel extends to them and leave....On the other hand, these so called activists could better spend their money on looking for alternatives for these people for places "to better their lives" rather than spend huge amounts of money on lawyers and PR firms trying to portray Israel as a big bad wolf!!! Let their actions speak!!!! Hypocrites!
9. Meretz L'Azazel
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (06.24.13)
God help us, please help us. Rid us of these people..and the African invader locusts they are supporting. Rid us of these self righteous pigs that do nothing but harm us.
10. we are a nation of idiots
frank ,   rehovot   (06.24.13)
we cannot come up with ideas fast enough to destroy ourselves. The left is an example of self-hating destruction. Give up land (gaze is working out well). Let every illegal in the world come in (that doesn't work ANYWHERE in the world). The only stipulation, they can't live in leftist neighborhoods, they can work illegally there, but not live....THROW THEM OUT. THROW THEIR CHILDREN OUT. DO IT NOW OR TAKE THEIR PLACE AND LEAVE YOURSELVES! Gov't is a liability. We are not allowed to defend ourselves, the gov't refuses to defend us and we are losing the war of attrition. It is disgusting and I can understand why people leave...frankly they don't have a choice.
11. Inside Israel
Israel is a very poor country. Not in many places you see people eating something next to toilet. In Israel it is everyhere exept N. Tel Aviv. Soon they will move there too because the hotels,and restorants are there too. Now they live among us everywhere. France couldn't take 30,000. So Israel cannot take 80,000. Poor people like us would not invite them to clean our houses, and what else they can do?
12. Just send them all home
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.24.13)
The overwhelming majority suffer from that age-old malaise -- laziness. They are not interested in honest work. They left their home countries not because of persecution, but because they did not want to serve in the military, or because they are alcoholics, petty thieves, criminals and drug abusers. Practices which they brought to Israel, and where they now employ to great effect in places such as South Tel Aviv. Basically, they're junkies, alcoholics, diseased and parasites. They have disrupted the lives of the good citizens of Tel Aviv to the extent where a great many small business owners and shop keepers have had to close their doors -- customers are too afraid to patronize their shops and stores. Rape, theft, burglary, intimidation, murder -- that is all these African migrants have to offer. They steal goods from legitimate enterprises, and then sell them from rickety old -- illegal -- outdoor stands. The drain they have caused to Israeli social service programs has resulted in a great many deserving Israelis having to cope without badly-needed assistance. They bring women (purportedly their wives; no proof to that) who then promptly proceed to conceive and drop so-called "anchor babies." They are parasites. In this time of social service cutbacks, we don't need this criminal element in Israel. Get rid of them. Before it's too late. They are not refugees -- they crossed at least two borders in order to reach Israel -- that means that legally, they are not considered refugees, and have no claim under recognized international treaty or law. They don't belong in Israel and, like the ersatz "Palestinians" in Judea and Samaria, they will never be assimilated -- mostly because they have no interest in becoming part of Israeli society. They are hangers-on, dependent and lazy personalities. The ersatz "Palestinians" have embraced violence and terror, and the Africans have embraced a different form of violence and terror, and are drug and alcohol dependent. It is time that Israel put the welfare of Israelis ahead of the welfare of these anti-social elements -- be they ersatz "Palestinian" or African, they do not belong in Israeli society.
13. No6 - good riddance !!!
14. Convert them to Judaism
marian ,   Romania   (06.24.13)
and put them to bring women from their countries (they are more men than women)
15. Send them back - they will financially strangle us
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (06.24.13)
"Israel's wealthy economy and plentiful jobs in hotels, restaurants and cleaning." This is BS and you know it. Our economy right now is weak and supporting these illegal migrants will only make it weaker. There is a time to be generous and a time to think of our own survival. Add to this that they don't know how to live in a civilized society. If amnesty, human rights and politicians really care - then let them care for migrants from their own pockets.
16. 'Refugees'?
Get Real ,   UK   (06.24.13)
Pity Israel got itself into this problem in the first place by letting so many 'refugees' into the country when they should have been stopped along the border. Now Israel gets criticised for allowing them refuge. At least the new fence should halt the flow and let the UN handle them on the Egyptian side of the border. No comment about what is now happening in South TA.
17. This is the Spirit of Accusation at Work !.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (06.24.13)
All Illegal immigrants and those not given permit to stay/Political Asylum in Sweden, are usually put in detention/Prisonlike facilities, in order for Them not to avoid and escape expultion from Sweden. I think The Author of this article, probably is a Leftwinger as usually in Sweden, regarding the accusation against this practise of foreighners. They are Usefull Idiots destroying Free Nationalism they Hate. God bevere !- Arn.Sweden.
18. To: No. 14
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.24.13)
They are not interested in being Jews and, quite frankly, we are not interested in phony converts. If you're that sympathetic to their so-called "plight," you are more than welcome to them.
19. 56 Islamic countries to take them in
Johnny ,   TA, Israel   (06.24.13)
The Jewish state is too small to solve all of the problems caused by Muslims slaughtering each other. Let them take care of their own. The Jewish state should take of it's own poor and homeless for change.
20. Crime of migrants is asking for better life?
Talula ,   Israel   (06.24.13)
Let's not generalize here. What about the knife wielding psycho who went on the rampage? What about the ones breaking into homes in south Tel Aviv, what about the ones who abuse the system? They all need to be sent back. They are not our problem. I consider myself a humanitarian, but even that title has its limits. The infrastructure here cannot support these people. They need to be sent someplace else.
21. We're not a world government yet
Avi   (06.24.13)
If you want a better life in Israel that's nice and you can apply for staying permit like everyone else. If you infiltrate the border illegally you are a criminal and should expect the immigration police to be on your tail. This isn't rocket science, it's done by every country in the world. Our model is based on the Netherland's.
22. Am I missing something?
Resident ,   Tel Aviv   (06.24.13)
They are illegal immigrants, they broke the law... Where are they supposed to be held if not in prison????
23. They "seek a better life" at the physical,medical & economic
Moshe ,   Usa   (06.24.13)
espense of Jews. They rape,murder, harm & cause an economic diminishment of Israeli Jewish taxpayer. It is a big error to let them in.
24. Knesset members have a duty to citizens
Ron M ,   South Tel Aviv   (06.24.13)
The responsibility of Knesset members is to the citizens of the State of Israel whom elect them. Michal Rozen has a duty to look out for my interests, a citizen of South Tel Aviv - Not migrants who came here illegally from Africa. So far my interests are not being looked out for. I don't care if that makes her uncomfortable, that's her job. If she doesn't like it she can find a new job, maybe with the UN.
25. Expres your enemies on Temple Mount
z ,   UpTown   (06.24.13)
& Judea - Samaria. Be thankful f smiley friendly Afros
26. Ha!
Oren   (06.24.13)
That makes two of us! Because I also live in prison, yes I am a prisoner of my own home because of these criminals circling my apartment building.
27. Not our problem!!!!!!!
Koose E Mack ,   NY NY   (06.24.13)
They are illegal immigrants and any nation with a normal government would deport them!
28. Seeking a better life in Israel? Why????
Harry Wright ,   UK   (06.24.13)
Africa is vast. They can go to any part of that continent to seek a better life. They have a wide choice of African countries. There is no other Jewish state anywhere else in the world but tiny Israel. Israel should pack them in boats and drop them off anywhere along the coastline of THEIR VAST African continent. Just leave some food and water with them.
29. Sorry, but the Dan Tel Aviv was full
30. This is very clear
Zyx ,   US   (07.09.13)
"only crime of migrants held in Negev 'prison' is asking for better life" means that they are NOT political refugees.
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