Arab MKs tear Bedouin settlement bill
Moran Azulay
Published: 24.06.13, 21:35
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1. it is the arab mps who are racist. they don't fool me
ralph   (06.24.13)
2. Yet they had no problem with Jews being forced out oh Gaza
Badbob ,   NYC USA   (06.24.13)
Its not a one way street fools I cant understand why we have the recast Arab MKs in the Knesset in the first place.
3. Details?
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.24.13)
Lousy reporting: What does the bill say? What does 'regularizing' mean? What 'social-economic framework'? One that agrees with their way of life or one that will force them into our way of life?
4. Horrible, simply horrible!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.24.13)
I think all Arab MKs who protested this necessary statute should resign from the Knesset in protest. That will send the message!
5. The Nazis
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (06.25.13)
introduced laws to force jews into Ghettoes so their settlers could land grab in the East We have learnt nothing
6. To # 5
Kobi Martin   (06.25.13)
You don't have to add " Tel Aviv/London". If you just write down U.S.A/Israel you'll be helping to delegitimize Sarah B. By the way, you are totally correct in your analysis.
7. Confusing
Julien ,   Liverpool, UK   (06.25.13)
This report is phrased in such way that it seems like the bill is favourable to the Bedouin population but if so, why would arab MKs go berserk on it ? You need to revise this article to include more details and clarify the contents of the bill and the reasons for which the arab MKs are upset.
8. If Israel was an arab state, the bedouins would have been
deported/kicked out ages ago. Once again Arab MK show they would go against anything the government will try to pass. If they try to pass a bill that says 1 plus 1 equals 2, they'll still object to it.
9. #5 Sarah
Vlad   (06.25.13)
What kind of Jew are you anyway?
10. Arabs cannot steal land - you only get what you buy
Scott ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (06.25.13)
The Beduins, who describe themselves as a nomadic people cannot illegally squat on land & claim it for themselves any more than I or anyone else can. If they want property, they have to work for the money - or get some wealthy emirate to donate it to them & buy it like everyone else. This bill is wrong because it legalizes their theft. It gives away land that belongs to the state of Israel.
11. It is time the Arabs at the Knesset are told: act like...
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (06.25.13)
...parliamentarians in the House, or move your act to the market, where your behavior is much more acceptable (although one wonders if even in the city market the public would buy anything from people who spit at its face, regularly!!)
12. how dare israel uproot arabs from their settlements
Melissa ,   US of Arabs   (06.25.13)
this is a prime example of apartheid. israel has no right to uproot arabs from thier settlements even if they are illegal. once the people are settled, you just cant remove them from their homes. israel is so despicable. you would only do it to the arabs. thank god the arab mk's are standing up to not allowing the arabs to be uprooted from their settlements. how dare you israel!!!! sick sick sick sick
13. unbelievable
marck ,   nyc usa   (06.25.13)
this story brings to mind what america did to the native americans. what a shame. what a crime. a dark stain on a nations history.
14. #5. We have learnt nothing : The Nazis
norbus ,   Jerusalem   (06.25.13)
Oh yes we have learned.plenty There were Jewish traitors that did the Nazi bidding, helping them advance their plans
15. Racist Schmacist
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (06.25.13)
Has anyone else noticed that The R WORD has become The Most Overused Word of The Decade – to the point that those who rant it sound pedestrian, colorless, trite.
16. Number 12 - Only to Arabs???
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (06.25.13)
Really? Once people are settled they can't be removed? Then that should also go for Jewish 'settlers.' But the Israeli govt has torn down Jewish outposts and the residents had no time to gather their belongings. If you built something on land without the legal permits in the U.S. you also would be kicked off the land so take your high and mighty attitude and shove it.
17. # 12 - Look at yourself
Yaara ,   ISR for Red Indians   (06.25.13)
what have you Americans done to the Red Indians. You uprooted them from their land and put them into colonies. At least here in Israel we cannot say that the number of Arab population id declining. However you cannot say the same about the indians.
18. Illegal Bedouin communities? First evict illegal Africans
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (06.25.13)
this country is a mess - such inefficiency in its records - only now it is announced that there are illegal Bedouin communities. There are people reaping welfare from the country and they don't even have citizenship ? No wonder our taxes and national debt is sky high.
19. The Arab MKs are such drama queens!!!
Israeli ,   Haifa   (06.25.13)
20. Same for Jewish settlements?
Wade ,   NYC USA   (06.25.13)
I hope Melissa feels just as strong about the Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria, where many Jews have been living for 40 years.
21. Objections to what?
Wade ,   NYC USA   (06.25.13)
The piece is sorely lacking a description of the provisions of the law. Why are Arab MKs objecting? How can the reader judge the fairness without being told how implementation of the law would impact on Bedouins?
22. re 12
Nigel ,   Woodford Green   (06.25.13)
Melissa why don't you red the bill before jumping to conclusions I am sure that, wherever you live property laws exist. I don't know the detail and nor do you but I am pretty sure you have jumped to conclusions based on speculation and supposition rather than establishing facts.. You have put one and one together and come up with 11. why not spend your energy on helping the population of Syria avoiding genocide ( of do those Arabs not matter to you ?)
23. The plan officially recognizes Bedouin settlements
Nick ,   Sweden   (06.25.13)
I don't know all the details about the plan - there appear to be arguments on both sides - but the Times of Israel report on this story states that the plan calls for Israel "to officially recognize and register the vast majority of the Bedouin settlements throughout the south of Israel and to compensate those whom the state plans to move off state-owned land." Israel, as all democracies do, has a responsibility to regulate planning and development. Although at first sight, the plan sounds relatively reasonable, if there are problems with it, Israel has the legal and democratic means in place to deal with the issues. Whatever the rights and wrongs of this specific plan many of the intemperate comments from Ynet readers here do seem to be wide of the mark (and intended to further another, wider anti-Israel agenda.)
24. Yara no one said America is an example
America at its beginning was a racist colonialist state who did to Native Americans exactly what Israel is doing TODAY to Arabs. We are in the 21st century
25. Seriously now...
Brian ,   London   (06.25.13)
These Arab MKs really need to be nominated for Oscars - they are seriously brilliant performers and the time has come for their recognition.
26. #24 you forget to mention
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (06.25.13)
The United States has come a long way to get from there to here. They have a Black President. I wonder when Israel will have a Muslim President or Prime Minister Until then any comparisons where people say Israel is better than the United States is irrelevant as is the people making that particular argument Afterall even South Africa has had a Black President.
27. #9 Vlad
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (06.25.13)
A better one than you probably
28. Mashiach is near..
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (06.25.13)
Soon there will not be any room for the bedouins in the Negev. So many golus jews will be living in tent cities all around them that they will want to go east to jordan and squat over there.
29. #14 Norbus
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (06.25.13)
And there were Jews who agreed with what the Nazis did because it meant that a state of Israel would be established Your point is? My point is that we are dehumanising and ghettoising a people because of their religion and way of life. The Nazis did the same with Gypsies which is actually a better analogy, but you won't care they are not Jews they are untermenschen
30. #22 Nigel
Ivor Evenbiggergun   (06.25.13)
And what have you done for the Syrians today?
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